What Young Travelers Do For an Income (Gogokid Review)

What Young Travelers Do For an Income (Gogokid Review)


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So many people have the desire to travel but not the means to do so.

Finishing college I knew I did not want to be stuck in a typical 9-5 (or 7-3 – my case as a teacher). I wanted the flexibility to move around when I wanted, to visit with family, and ultimately to travel the world.

I knew I needed some sort of income to make this happen so I began researching what other young travelers do for an income.

I came across teaching English online and began looking at different companies. After weighing the pros and cons of different companies (I will list mine below) I decided to apply for Gogokid.

Within a few days of sending in my initial information I received an email asking me to sign up for an interview slot. Following the interview I was contacted again via email offering me the job! The whole process took only about a week.

Gogokid Review

The Pros

1. Work remote, anywhere you have a stable internet connection (This was a big one for me as some companies require you to be in the USA or Canada)

2. Good pay, the pay varies a bit depending on experience but you are able to make up to $25/ hour. You are able to work towards a higher base pay as well as other incentives that are offered all the time. After earning 20 points toward your credit score you will make 125% of your base pay!

3. Work from home! I love the ability to work from my own home, no rush to work, no commute or traffic and I get to be comfy!

4. You only need to open time slots when you are available, if you are busy and are unable to work you simply don't open slots to be booked and you don't need to work.

5. The company supplies all lesson plans in a fun and interactive powerpoint

6. All lessons are 1:1 with the student

7. You get to meet super cute kiddos from China! I have met some awesome kids (& parents)

8. You are helping kids gain a very meaningful skill

9. There is no required uniform, just a modest and appropriate top

10. The pay can go straight to your PayPal and the company will pay up to $12USD/ month for any bank transaction fees

The best way to manage your online teaching pay whilst traveling, is TransferWise:

The Cons

1. Early hours depending on where you are located. Because the kids are living in China we work based on Beijing time. The peak hours (hours that get booked most often) are 7pm-9pm Beijing time. In the USA this can be early! I typically work starting at 5am but you can work late nights/ earlier mornings as well for more hours.

2. You need to supply your own props and teaching tools. Being a teacher I had some of my tools but I did buy some new supplies for my online classroom. These things do not need to be expensive. I use the Target Dollar Spot all the time! The Dollar Store has great things too. You can also create props yourself. Whatever fits your budget!

3. You only get paid once a month

What are you waiting for? Make the move to change your life today!

Send me an e-mail if you have more questions. I will send you my guide with more helpful information about the interview process and how to get your classroom started! If you are ready to begin the process now click the link below to apply with your basic information.


Apply to Gogokid

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