Write For DigiNo – Write a Review of Your Online Teaching Company and Earn Referral Bonuses

Write For DigiNo – Write a Review of Your Online Teaching Company and Earn Referral Bonuses
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I shared accurate information to DigiNo about the pay, flexibility, & teaching experience, at iTutorGroup.
In return, my referral link was used on
the article, & 7 people were hired after reading my contribution.


Online Teacher

I've seen a significant increase in my referral rate since linking up with Jason and DigiNo – I'll be writing as many articles as possible from now on.
It's become clear to me this is the top ESL site around!


Online Teacher

Write a Guest Post For DigiNo About Your Experience as an Online Teacher

As you'll see from my DaDa Referral Earnings and How I Created DigiNo pages, online teaching referrals were a big part in the genesis of DigiNo.

That's why I want to continue to use it as a platform to help others find teaching work, as well as earn referral bonuses.

If you'd like to write a 1000+ word review of the online ESL company you work for to be published on DigiNo…you will be able to promote your referral link within the content. This is a chance to get your referral link to DigiNo's thousands of monthly visitors.

What To Write

I know it is tempting to write a completely positive review to entice people to click on your referral link…but the honesty of the review is essential!

Readers can tell when a review is completely promotional…and they are much more likely to want to apply if you give the negatives as well as the positives from your experience.

Also, tips and helpful information is what people seek from an online teaching company review.

If any reviews are seen to be purely promotional, then they won't be approved to publish. 

How To Submit

  • All you have to do is write your post draft within the contact form below.
  • If the post is approved for quality, then it will be published.
  • You may include your referral link of the company you are reviewing
  • Please include a 720x400px dimension image. You could use Canva to find/create the image.
  • And…

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Here are some examples of teachers who have written guest posts for DigiNo in the past:

Write for DigiNo
Write for DigiNo
Write for DigiNo
Write for DigiNo

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