ZEBRA ENGLISH 2023 – Teach ESL Online To Students and Earn

Important notice…

This company is no longer hiring online teachers due to recent changes in China. However, you can choose to look at the helpful links below instead:


zebra english

ZEBRA ENGLISH is an online teaching platform that aims to provide teachers with regular students. This would lead to a much more stable teaching schedule.

ZEBRA ENGLISH is a rapidly-growing ESL company developed by Yuanfudao, the world's biggest EdTech Unicorn. Zebra AI class is the largest online course platform for preschool education in China, with over 2 million paying users learning Chinese, Math, and ENGLISH. As the customer base continues to expand, they have initiated ZEBRA ENGLISH one-on-one classes in 2019 to help ZEBRA AI class students practice what they have learned from their English AI classes. 

Their vision 

They firmly believe that the regular teachers and students teaching model will help teachers better understand their students' learning habits, thereby making teaching more efficient; at the same time, it reinforces the connection between students and teachers, helping facilitate a comfortable learning atmosphere, which plays an important role for children's willingness to learn and muster up the courage to speak a second language.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Teach Chinese students (aged 3-8) for online 1-1 English practice
  • Immersive English classes are 25 minutes in length
  • Maintain a professional physical appearance
  • Use an online classroom software to deliver the classes
  • Provide student feedback reports
  • Guide regularly attending students through customized interactive online classes, helping them to master the course content and learning outcomes


From ZEBRA ENGLISH employers:

From ZEBRA ENGLISH Teachers:

ZEBRA ENGLISH Requirements

  • Speak English at an idiomatic level
  • Legally allowed to work in the United States or Canada
  • Teacher credentials holders(State-issued, TEFL / TESOL/ CELTA certificate holder
  • Bachelor’s Degree or above
  • Online teaching experience is preferred but not required

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zebra english

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ZEBRA ENGLISH Schedule and Bookings

  • Peak time is 6pm – 8.30pm Beijing time.
  • Class length is 25 minutes with a 5 minute break in between each class.
  • Zebra English aims to give teachers regular student bookings.

Each time slot is 30 minutes, while each class needs to be 25 minutes of active teaching, several minutes have been given to possible tech issues and student lateness

ZENRA ENGLISH teaching hours are from 5 pm-8.30 pm (Beijing Time) on weekdays and 8.30 am-8.30 pm on weekends. It's highly suggested that teachers open their time slots in ‘Peak time' and ‘Peak Peak Time' to get more bookings. The spaces with one flame are Peak time slots. The spaces with two flames are Peak Peak time slots (visible on platform).


This company is no longer hiring

ZEBRA ENGLISH Interview Process

zebra english
  • Application:

Fill in an application form, which takes you around 3 minutes.

  • Video Upload:

Upload a 5-min demo video. The video should contain two parts:

  1. For the first 30-60 seconds, use TPR techniques to introduce yourself as if you would when meeting a 5-year old student. Discuss your educational background, current location, and teaching experience.
  2. For the later 4 minutes, teach a lesson based around a set topic Sports, using the lesson plan and slides (cover slide, magnified card, presentation, and conclusion) attached to the email.

Here is an example of a 5-minute introduction video on the given topic: 

  • Live Demo Test
  1. Demo Lesson (19 mins-25 mins): You will teach every slide.
  2. Feedback Session (5 mins): The mentor will assess your ESL teaching skills, classroom tools, and game operation methods.

Download the ZEBRA ENGLISH desktop app followed the instruction from the Demo test invitation email. The demo lesson plan, tips, and everything you need to be prepared can be downloaded in the ‘New Teacher Start-off’ tab on the Resources Section of the ZEBRA ENGLISH app.

zebra english
  • Teacher Briefing

TB is more like a pre-hiring training which includes several parts: Get to know ZE, Conduct excellent ZE lessons, professional development, and Q&A.

  • Info&BC

Collect your diplomas and certifications and conduct a background check.

  • Contract

If your background is clear, they will offer you the IC agreement.

Interview Resources

Video tips:


Demo tips:




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