Zebra English – Teach ESL Online To Students

Zebra English – Teach ESL Online To Students


Zebra English is an online teaching platform that aims to provide teachers with regular students. This would lead to a much more stable teaching schedule.

Zebra English Requirements

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Interview Process

  • Basic info (10 mins)
  • Demo Test 1 (30 mins)
  • Demo Test 2 (90 mins)
  • Teacher Briefing (30 mins)
  • Contract

Zebra English Pay

  • Base rate – $8-10 USD + incentive bonuses
  • Total per hour= $16-24 USD

Zebra English Bookings

  • Peak time is 6pm – 8.30pm Beijing time.
  • Class length is 25 minutes with a 5 minute break in between each class.
  • Zebra English aims to give teachers regular student bookings.

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