10 Best Teacher Planners

10 Best Teacher Planners

A teacher has a series of essential commitments that they can’t afford to miss.

Those of you teaching in classrooms need to remember times and dates, meeting with parents, covering classes – it’s never-ending. 

Many of you will be teaching online, via webcam-based services to students in far-off countries. For you, timing is even more important. 

You can’t afford to miss a lesson and have your hour’s pay docked. 

That’s why a teacher is only as good as their planner. 

Keeping on top of your days, your weeks and your months has never been easier than it is right now. In today’s world everyone’s phone comes with a calendar ‘app’ that allows you to keep track of appointments.

But when you want your professional life kept separate from your personal one, there’s no substitute for a good planner. 

In this list we’ll take a look at some of the more regularly discussed planners for teachers, and find out which ones are worth spending your time with. 

A word of warning: check to ensure you’re purchasing the most recent edition of a planner, so you don’t throw $10 at something that’s three years out of date… 

1. At-a-Glance 2019/2020 Teacher Planners

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Our first planner comes in two sizes, a large and medium.

The medium being the cheaper of the two, this bargain planner has everything for a teacher on-the-go.

It provides a weekly overview maintaining your ability to micromanage your weeks, splitting them into individual days and hours.

Each day has ruled columns for your more detailed plans, as well as a ‘hot spot’ reminder area for you to prioritise your day.

The monthly layout allows for long-term planning, each moth covering a two-page spread.

This planner affords you the ability to break your day down into manageable one hour appointment slots, but doesn’t provide you this option on weekends.

A ribbon page marker is provided, allowing you to easily jump to the necessary day.

2. 7 Period Teacher Lesson Plan, by Elan Publishing

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This planner comes at a somewhat more conservative pricing. Excellent value for money, this planner provides you with a series of functions.

It gives a teacher the ability to schedule their week day-to-day, lacking the hour-by-hour of our last planner; but for a saving of $20 I think we can agree it’s not an essential loss.

It provides additional overview planning sheets and seating plans, ensuring that your well-equipped for your classes before you’ve even started. The seating plans will prove useful for those who have secured teaching positions in a classroom.

This planner provides areas for supplementary data that you might need to jot down and remember, as well as providing instructions for substitute teachers.

It comes in only one size, but a variety of colour choices and patterns allows you to express your individuality more effectively. 

With up to 40 weeks of planning pages, this planner should be seriously considered before purchasing any alternative. 

3. Lesson Planner for Teachers 2018-2019: Weekly and Monthly Teacher Planner, by Pretty Simple Planners

best teacher planners

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With its low pricing, this planner lives up to the name of Pretty Simple Planners. 

The planner is printed on high quality paper and bound in a cover the creators describe as ‘adorable'.

The planner is broken down into months, containing an overview of each month, a notes section, and small areas devoted to inspirational quotes and fun holidays. 

The weekly layouts allow a teacher room to write lesson plans for up to seven classes a day.

This planner is simple and efficient. No bells and whistles or frills and thrills. It does what it promises: pretty, simple, planner.

4. 2019-2020 Teacher Planner, by Simple print press

best teacher planners

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This planner provides you with a 24 month period beginning in January 2019.

It's helpfully broken down into daily, weekly and monthly sections, providing you with space to flesh out your own notes and jot down important things to remember.

Every page provides you with the ability to write down a ‘To Do List', ensuring you keep on top of your most pressing engagements.

It also provides a handful of inspirational quotes to keep you going throughout the day.

5. Teacher's Planner (Lesson Planner), by Peter Pauper Press

best teacher planners

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This planner is cost-effective and provides you with a whole host of convenient functions.

It will allow you to keep track of students' attendance and grades, as well as providing you with ample space to plan your lessons.

Space for lesson planning is provided for up to 45 weeks for 7 potential classes.

It also provides space for a seating plan, allowing you to allocate seats for up to 35 students. This will be a fantastic function for those of you who have secured places in classrooms.

Extra pages are provided for any notes you might need to keep track of, and the acid-free paper allows you to write with either a pencil or pen.

6. Hardcover Combination Plan and Record Book, by Elan Publishing

best teacher planners

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This particular planner comes in a variety of sizes and colour schemes, so if stylisation is import to you then this may be one to consider. 

Itt’s one of the more expensive planners on our list, but it comes with a variety of features to justify the price tag.

Providing a teacher with 7 classes worth of planning per day, this planner will ensure that you can itemise and categorise each and every aspect of your classes.

The planner offers you up to 40 weeks of potential planning pages, with the ability to list up to 50 student names.

It also includes a handy bookmark, making sure you don’t waste time trying to find the right day.

7. Teacher Planner: For Productivity, Time Management & Peace of Mind, by Megumi Lab Paper

best teacher planners

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This planner is comfortably affordable and provides a teacher with more than just the basic requirements.

It offers you the ability to plan for up to 8 lessons a day, providing you with sections for in-depth note-taking and six 6×6 seating plan charts.

It also allows you to track grades of individual students, as well as their overall attendance.

This planner affords a detailed ‘Personal Goals’ section, allowing you to keep on top of your overarching aims for the academic year. 

It also provides a section to make note of any disabilities or medical conditions your students may have, so as to prevent you from forgetting or overlooking something crucial.

8. Teacher Inspiration Planner, by Scholastic Teaching Resources

best teacher planners

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This planner's cost puts it somewhere in the middle of our list price-wise.

It provides you with planning sections for individual classes, broken down into weekly and monthly chunks.

It also offers a student roster, allowing you to keep track of your classes.

It affords you the ability to keep track of more personal details about your students, such as their birthdays or potential allergies and medical requirements. 

It offers more of a personal touch which our other planners on this list do not necessarily provide.

9. The Stress Less Teacher Planner, by Scholastic Teacher’s Friend

best teacher planners

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This planner is closer to the top of our price range, and has a particular focus on what it considers to be ‘stress-relieving’ qualities.

This planner is closer to the top of our price range, and has a particular focus on what it considers to be ‘stress-relieving’ qualities.

Packed with inspirational quotes and useful tips and tricks to promote mindfulness, its intention is to prevent you from ‘burning out’.

A somewhat more informal choice, this planner does not stick to the traditional day/week/month format we’ve seen from other planners in this list.

Instead, it aims to provide you with a more free form approach to organisation – ideal for those who teach online; but it may prove difficult for a teacher who needs to maintain a class of 30 students.

10. 2019-2020 Academic Planner Weekly and Monthly, by MPP Notebooks

best teacher planners

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This slim volume provides a teacher with all the necessities of a day-to-day teaching planner, at a reasonable price.

It also offers a 12 month ‘at-a-glance’ view before the start of each month, allowing you to keep on track of your progress.

A To Do list is provided inside the monthly planner section, ensuring you never fall behind in your obligations.

It also provides a list of Federal holidays, which will likely prove to be of little use to those not teaching in the United States. 

This smaller planner is easy to carry around and guaranteed to make your life easier – with a particular focus on the needs of individual classes, it proves to be a strong contender for one of the best on this list.

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