7 Non-Chinese Online ESL Companies – Worldwide Teaching Jobs

With the recent changes in regulations with Chinese ESL companies, this had led to online ESL teachers looking for alternatives. Teaching ESL in China will no longer be possible as companies have shut down or are beginning a gradual phase-out of of operations. This means no more hiring of teachers outside of China, or selling […]

18 TPR Examples! Total Physical Response (What is TPR? How To Use it in Teaching)

Table of Contents What is TPR? How To Use Total Physical Response 18 TPR Examples Picture Guide TPR Examples Video Guide How to Enhance your TPR What is TPR? It stands for Total Physical Response. And all this is, is simply over-exaggerated body language. So why is this relevant to Online English Teaching? Well, communicating […]

ManyCam Guide – Free vs Paid, ManyCam Games and How To Use it to Teach Online

Table of Contents ManyCam Overview ManyCam Free vs Standard vs Studio vs Premium (Free vs Paid) How To Use ManyCam for Online Teaching ManyCam Tips & Tricks for Online Teachers ManyCam Games How to Make ManyCam Games What’s new in ManyCam 7? ManyCam Download ManyCam Overview If you work online, have conferences online, play games […]

How to Make Money Hiking (And Make Money Talking about Hiking)

“See I’m so far off the map the sun is shining,While it’s raining and I’m draped in silver lining.And I can row, row, row my boat back to shore someday.So are you coming with me?Anchors away” Alkaline Trio, “Off the Map” One of the biggest challenges of traveling and living overseas is the living part […]

4 Low-Stress Jobs After Retirement (From Home and Outdoors)

Retiring can be one of the more daunting things people will do in their lives. It sounds insane, because you spend so much of your adult life working towards it; but some may find a little loss of purpose in your day to day, which is difficult to get your head around. That’s why fun […]

10 Inspirational Quotes for Students

Inspirational quotes are up there in the list of things that people use to get themselves into the right headspace at the start of their journey. Some of the most viewed blog posts on the internet are compilations of meaningful quotes, designed to give the reader a little boost of self-esteem before setting off. When […]

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