Acadsoc Hiring Filipino Teachers [Top Jobs in the Phillipines]

Acadsoc Hiring Filipino Teachers [Top Jobs in the Phillipines]


Pay: 30-60K PHP p/m
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Required
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When it comes to online teaching gigs, it can be be problematic finding good opportunities if you are anything other than a North American teacher.

For Filipinos with native-level english speaking skills and teaching experience to boot, it can be almost impossible to find eligible companies to work for due to seemingly arbitrary ideals of ‘the perfect teacher’.

The good news is, there are some companies out there that are open to taking on well-qualified individuals, regardless of their nationality.

One such company, Acadsoc, is growing in popularity, and could offer one of the best opportunities for aspiring Filipinos to break into the online teaching world.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the finer details to help you get informed before you make your application.

Acadsoc Hiring Policy

In terms of online teaching companies, Acadsoc offers one of the most liberal and inclusive hiring policies in the industry.

Instead of worrying about their applicants’ nationalities, Acadsoc judges their potential teachers based on their english skill and teaching experience, which makes it easier for filipinos to secure Acadsoc jobs.

According to the Acadsoc website, the official requirements for teachers are:

  • Have a basic understanding of how to teach ESL courses
  • Be fluent in English with a neutral accent
  • Be Energetic, patient, responsible and cheerful
  • Be open to training and continued professional development as requested
  • Have a reliable internet connection and power supply for completing classes
  • Possess one of the following certificates: TESOL/TEFL/CELTA/IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC/B.A. in English are preferred

It's important to note that teachers are also required to have a stable internet and power supply, which could be problematic for teachers wishing to work from smaller philippine islands.

For teachers wishing to work for Acadsoc Cebu and other major cities may be able to provide more stable conditions for working online, with less power outages and more consistent network coverage.

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Acadsoc Application Process

The Acadsoc application mirrors that of other popular online teaching companies and looks like this:

Step One – Resumé

Go to this page to begin your application:

Apply to Acadsoc

After entering your email address to apply on that page you will receive an email requesting your resumé/CV.

Then prepare your resumé/CV including the requested details to send to the Acadsoc recruiter.

Step Two – Interview

The second step in the process is a short Skype interview with someone from the recruitment team. Acadsoc teachers describe the interview as quick and easy. If you’re successful in the interview, it will be followed by an employment offer..

Step Three – Training

Acadsoc offer training for all their teachers and provide them with an online training kit to complete. Once the online kit is completed, teachers then undergo extensive training with an instructor.

Step Four – Demo Class

Acadsoc requires its teachers to complete two different demo classes: one with the instructors and one with a real student. After each class, the instructors provide feedback.

Step Five – On Board

Once the training and demo classes are completed, teachers become official Acadsoc teachers and are given access to the Acadsoc tutor system and bonus plans.

Acadsoc Salary and Bonuses

Rates of pay for Acadsoc vary based on the candidate, as is the case with many other companies.

From information available from current Acadsoc teachers, the rates seem to vary and can be anywhere between $5 and $15 per hour.

These rates are a little bit lower than the industry standard, which is an unfortunate reality that many Filipino teachers have to contend with when working in the online ESL teaching industry.

Nonetheless, it’s still a highly competitive rate.

It’s also worth noting that Acadsoc also offer bonuses to boost the basic rate of pay. According to their website, teachers can boost their base rate by as much as 25% through performance, completion, and other bonuses.

Working For Acadsoc

Now that we’ve taken a look at what Acadsoc offers in terms of recruitment and pay, let’s look at some other questions that it’s important to ask when choosing an online teaching company.

What are Acadsoc Classes Like?

Classes with Acadsoc are held using their own software. When you’re hired, you’ll be given an Acadsoc tutor login which allows you to access the system and manage your classes.

Classes can be with any type of student, from adults to children. The primary nationality of the students is Chinese, so teachers are paid more to work during Chinese peak hours. Classes last 25 minutes and are one-on-one.

What Materials do Acadsoc Offer?

Acadsoc offer some excellent materials and lesson plans to help their teachers provide a good standard of education to their students. Tutors can use their Acadsoc login and access the materials ahead of the lessons to get prepared.

Do Acadsoc Offer Standby Pay?

Yes – this is one of the biggest benefits of working for Acadsoc, and something many existing Acadsoc teachers praise. Teachers can set their own schedules and will be paid for their scheduled time whether a class is booked or not.

In light of the low pay rate, this is a perk that is reassuring if you are hoping to make a full time income from your online teaching job.

Are They Better Than Other Companies that Hire Filipinos?

Unfortunately, Filipino teachers are often paid less than the industry standard despite having equal qualifications to native english speakers. That being said, native and non-native speakers are treated the same by Acadsoc, and they pay more than many other companies that hire Filipinos. Some companies pay Filipino teachers as low as $2 per hour so, comparatively, Acadsoc is a very good option.

How Often do Acadsoc Pay?

Acadsoc pay their teacher twice and month and they also cover PayPal fees, which is another bonus when you take into account the lower rate of pay.

Final Thoughts

On balance, Acadsoc seems to offer Filipino teachers a much-needed opportunity to get paid fairly to teach English online. Despite the slightly low rates of pay, they still offer competitive rates for Filipino employees and seem to offer good service and training for their teachers.

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