How to Draw Anime Eyes with Outschool

How to Draw Anime Eyes with Outschool

Believe it or not, Anime eyes are one of the most requested drawing lessons on the internet right now.

Anime has seen something of an explosion in popularity over the last decade, and I suppose it was inevitable that the explosion of Anime and the explosion in Online Teaching would eventually meet, in some form of internet-based Venn diagram… 

So I guess, really, this isn’t that much of a surprise to many of you. But you might be surprised to learn that lessons on drawing Anime eyes are actually provided on Outschool.

You can now teach genuine, internet course-based tutoring on how to draw specifically Anime eyes.

You can even earn an income from drawing anime eyes for people.

Will wonders never cease?

Why are Anime eyes that important?

I suppose it’s really in the eyes that Anime differentiates itself from typical, more ‘Westernised’ cartoons. 

That distinctive box-like shape which somehow manages to be expressive. It’s iconic, in its own way.

What we’re seeing with Outschool is that many aspiring artists are finding stark differences between male Anime eyes and female Anime eyes. When they want to draw boys, they can’t apply the same techniques they use when drawing girls. 

I’m no artist, but even I can get my head around the superficial differences; longer lashes for the girls, a sharper gleam in the eye of the determined male lead… but it’s more important than that.

Many artists feel like the eyes are the hardest parts of the face to get right, and given we have a history of saying ‘the eyes are the windows into the soul’ it really is essential to get these distinct characteristics perfect. 

How to draw Anime eyes?

There’s no shortage of free ‘how to’ videos available online, but they lack the personal touch of a tutor.

A tutor encourages you to develop your own style. Watching videos like those included in this article is a great way to get the basics; but at the end of the day, you will only be copying someone else’s style.

If you really want to develop your own style then you need to move past the copying stage. This is where you come in. 

It isn’t enough to ape the works of those who have come before. Thankfully, Outschool will allow you to teach classes which will encourage your students to develop their own styles.

What’s the best way to draw Anime girl eyes?

Drawing the eyes of girls in an Anime style is proving to be a real struggle for many aspiring artists. 

Often artists will report that they feel like their girls look similar to their boys, and they’re concerned even the most discerning viewer might struggle to tell them apart.

Luckily Outschool will allow you to provide lessons on exactly this subject.

If students are struggling to get their girls looking as feminine as they’d like, and maybe they want their character’s love interest to start looking like a love interest, then Outschool has what you need to make this happen.

And what about Anime boy eyes?

Alternatively, maybe your students’ boys aren’t looking masculine enough for their liking. 

There’s a real knack in getting the eyes just right, and it’s something that many artists struggle with.

The video above will show you how to get to grips with the basic fundamentals – but if your students are looking to develop their abilities beyond copying someone else, then you really want to be looking at Outschool as a platform for teaching.

There’s no substitute for a good teacher, and no amount of five minute youtube videos will help you develop their own abilities.

So when drawing Anime eyes… 

Anime eyes are the key to getting the whole picture working.

If all the individual parts are perfect, but the eyes just don’t work, then the whole thing falls apart.

Luckily Outschool will allow you to teach the lessons necessary to help students figure out how to keep their Anime characters in one piece (pun not intended) and make sure they deliver their knockout performance with one punch (that one was).

Working with Outschool

Outschool is a fantastic resource for providing lessons on pretty much anything you can think of.

In this case, we want to restrict our searches to drawing Anime eyes.

A great place to get started has to be with their Anime Eyes 101 Drawing Class devoted to understanding what they term ‘the basics’.

These are the sort of classes you will want to be taking inspiration from in your own teaching.

That’s the great thing about Outschool: the classes and teachers are graded seperately. This means that you know what you’re signing yourself up for before you’ve even devoted a second of your time to them.

Outschool is proving to be an unconventional but forward-thinking platform for education, offering classes on everything from Harry Potter to Dungeons and Dragons. And the best part is, signing up to teach has never been easier than it is today.

Signing up with Outschool

Check out our in-depth thoughts on Outschool here. And you’ll soon be teaching classes with a confidence didn’t even know you had, and developing passions you never dreamed you’d be able to pursue.

If all of this is still a little confusing then why not check out our step by step walkthrough which takes you through this process in real time:

And you’ll soon see there’s no reason not to be following your heart.

You’ll soon be teaching students to draw their super strong bald guys with the perfect eyes they always wished they could have (full disclosure: One Punch Man is literally the only one I know… you may have guessed…) and before you know it, they’ll be right up there with some of the best Anime artists of all time; like Hiromu Arakawa, Osamu Tezuka and even Hayao Miyazaki. Unthinkable now, sure – but with practice anything is possible. And no, I didn’t just Google those names. What an unthinkable suggestion. 


Pay: Possible $40 per hour
Certificate: Not Required
Degree: Not Required
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