Apply to DaDa 2020 – Become an Online English Teacher (Updated DaDa Pay Structure Inside)

Apply to DaDa 2020 – Become an Online English Teacher (Updated DaDa Pay Structure Inside)

Unfortunately, DaDa are not currently hiring, please use the Jobmatch tool below:

Requirements for DaDa

  • Teaching certification, such as TEFL, TESL, Celta
  • Criminal background check
  • 1-2 years teaching experience isn't required but is desired

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Complete Video Course on Getting Hired by DaDa and the Application Process:

Here is the course page.

DaDa Schedule

Once you provide your availability, DaDa will allocate your online teaching time slots. DaDa are flexible with their scheduling, but you must commit to a minimum of two days a week not in a row, teaching two hours per day.

Teaching times

(Please note, these times are all in Beijing time).

Current local time in
Beijing, China

Monday to Friday:

6:00pm – 9:10pm

Saturday and Sunday:

9:00am – 12:10pm

2:00pm – 4:06pm

6:00pm – 9.10pm

DaDa pays a starting hourly rate of $15-$22 an hour. This can then rise up to $25 per hour after yearly wage raises. Your starting rate is dependant on experience and your performance in your demo class.

Updated DaDa Pay Structure – From December 2019

A teacher’s salary will be consisted of a base pay and incentive bonuses – these depend on the number of your regular students you have and your attendance performance.

The monthly salary will be based on USD, no more currency exchange loss from RMB to USD.

Base pay will be determined by your:

a) Teaching working experience
b) Mock class interview evaluation 

Incentive Bonus Terms

Base pay: 13.5USD-16.5USD

Potential Payment with base + bonuses: 14.5USD-23USD

1) Step bonus:

You will receive an additional hourly bonus in this new incentive payment scheme. The longer you work, the more you get per hour.

step bonus

2. Student Stability factor:

This is level of stability of you and your students from the previous month. A higher stability factor will give you extra income.

What is a stable student?: 

Regular students who attended more than 15 classes with you are stable students. The more stable students you have, the higher the stability factor.

Student Stability Factor

What all of this means?

Essentially you are rewarded for working more hours, as well as being rewarded for teaching well enough to keep your regular students wanting to learn from you.

Teach a lot + Teach well = More money on top of your base pay.

Other bonuses

a) Cancellation subsidy: 30% of base pay for each class canceled due to absence of Regular Student
b) Trial class conversion bonus: $7
c) Teacher referral bonus: $100 per successful hire

Please note, DaDa reserves the right to change the above incentives, based on business requirements.

The following bonuses have been removed: On-time Bonus, Regular Student Bonus, Substitution Bonus and Re-booking Bonus.

The best way to receive pay from DaDa is currently Payoneer.

Check the guide below:

Apply to DaDa

Apply to DaDa

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