Apply to GOGOKID 2020 – Teach English Online From Your Laptop To Chinese Students

Apply to GOGOKID 2020 – Teach English Online From Your Laptop To Chinese Students


Pay: $14 – $20 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree Required: Bachelor's
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Gogokid Online Teaching Overview

Gogokid offers 1-1 lessons with ESL Chinese students looking to learn English.

How long are Gogokid ESL classes?

  • 1-1 lessons lasting 25 minutes.
  • 5 minutes between classes to fill out a short evaluation form.
  • The lesson plan is laid out for you and has songs and interactive activities
  • No extensive lesson planning is needed.
  • Option to download teaching materials from the Gogokid teaching portal.

Gogokid Requirements – do you need a degree for Gogokid?


Pay: $14 – $20 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree Required: Bachelor's
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Don't meet the Gogokid requirements? Don't worry, more online teaching jobs here!

Gogokid Pay

  • Pay range is from $7.00-$10.00 for a 25-minute lesson.
  • Earn more by increasing your credit score.
  • Your credit score starts at 100. Once it increases to 110, you will get a 10% increase in pay.
  • Your credit score increases as you teach more classes.
  • Pay is once a month via PayPal.

Gogokid Credit Score

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New Bonus for New Teachers – $300!

Here is the full information:

1.1 $300 New Teacher incentive is back for a limited time!

Please note that this $300 New Teacher Incentive only applies to teachers who sign their first contract with GOGOKID between Oct 1st, 2020 and Nov 30th, 2020 Beijing time and meets the related requirements. 

New Teacher Incentive Requirements: 

  1. Successfully complete 3 “As Scheduled” classes within 30 days from the day the teacher signs their first contract with GOGOKID; 
  2. Open at least 75 peak time slots (7:00 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm Beijing time) at least 72 hours before each class start time, and leave them open until they are either booked or expired during the first 30 day period. 
  3. A Teacher No-Show, Teacher Cancellation, Teacher Cancellation 2H, Teacher Cancellation 24H, Teacher IT finish type, valid parent reviews with 1 to 3 stars, or valid user complaints within 30 days from the day they sign their first contract with GOGOKID will disqualify them from receiving the New Teacher Incentive. 


  • This $300 New Teacher Incentive will be sent to you along with your next scheduled payment following the end of your 30 days period. 
  • Teachers sign their contract between Oct 28th and Nov 30th, 2020 Beijing time must meet all the requirements mentioned above in order to qualify for the $300 new teacher incentive.

For teachers who signed their contract between Oct 1st to Oct 27th, 2020 Beijing time, their 30 days will start on Oct 27, 2020 Beijing time and will end on Nov 25, 2020 Beijing time, and other requirements remain the same as above.

Gogokid Hours and Schedule

Monday-Friday 6-10pm, and Saturday-Sunday 9am–10pm.

You can choose your regular availability within this time frame.

Class Scheduling

Teachers have control over what hours they choose to teach.
Parents book classes when you have openings. For example, if you only have free time on Mondays, you can choose to teach only on Mondays.

Communication with Gogo kid

You will receive an email reminders of your teaching time one day before your lessons begin. You will also receive e-mails informing of programs, upcoming events, or teaching suggestions.

Gogokid Teacher Portal

Gogokid Jobs – Career Development with Gogokid

Have the chance to be an interviewer/recruiter/trainer/mentor/social media specialist and even work as a full-time staff in their office.

What makes a good Gogokids teacher?

  • Lesson Preparation
  • Teaching Attitude
  • Student Engagement
  • Classroom Management
  • ESL Techniques

View the online teaching methods guide here.

Gogokid Introduction Video

Your introduction video is what will attract students to your classes:

How Do I Apply for Gogokid? – Head to the Gogokid Teacher's Portal Below:

Gogokid Application Process 2020

Here is the new Gogokid hiring process for 2020:


Pay: $14 – $20 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree Required: Bachelor's
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