10 Best Baby Monitors (For Work-at-Home Parents)

10 Best Baby Monitors (For Work-at-Home Parents)

What are the best baby monitors for work-at-home parents who cannot have their baby at their desk at all times? Baby monitors are especially useful for those working in one of the best jobs for stay at home moms and dads – teaching online.

Deciding to work in teach from home jobs is a fantastic opportunity for stay at home parents. But, it doesn’t make all of your other responsibilities suddenly disappear.

Some of you may be hoping to use online teaching as a means of bringing in a little extra cash to keep your family going.

Your lessons can be up to an hour long, and it’s likely you’ll be conducting multiple lessons in a day if you’re looking to make the most of this opportunity.

So during these lessons, knowing that your child is safe via a baby monitor would be a weight off your mind.

The list below features a collection of the best baby monitors, all working to ensure your loved one is never far from your sight, even when you’re in the middle of teaching a class or in an important Zoom meeting.

1) Baby monitor with remote pan-tilt-zoom, by Hello Baby-US

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This competitively priced baby monitor boasts a remote pan and tilt feature, as well as affording you the ability to zoom in.

The 3.2 inch LCD display comes with the ability to rotate 355 degrees, meaning your view of your baby is never obstructed.

With a ‘plug and play’ set-up, this baby monitor is convenient and easy to operate.

It provides two-way-talk, meaning you can soothe your child from the other room if necessary. 

It will also provide you with a room temperature display, night vision and a ‘lullaby’ function.

2) Campark Video Baby Monitor with Camera

best baby monitors
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This device has a 2.4 inch, high quality LCD display with a 2.4GHz wireless digital transmission.

It has a crystal clear real-time stream of anything within the scope of its lens.

The camera provides a ‘long distance’ transmission, allowing you to be several hundred feet away from your baby if necessary. It will prove more than adequate for anyone hoping to stay within a room’s distance.

Voice control is an option, meaning you can manually adjust settings just by speaking to the machine. It also provides you with noises intended to serve as reminders; feed your baby, check on them, change them, etc.

It provides the ability to monitor via four separate cameras, as well as boasting a battery life of five hours – that's five Cambly classes without charging!

3) Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, by HelloBaby

best baby monitors
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This high definition camera and display will provide you with two-way audio, encouraging you to sing to your baby through the microphone to lull them back to sleep.

It provides in-built lullabies for when you really can’t get away from work, and the long range transmission means that if you can’t physically go to them you’re never out of eye-line.

The night vision function will also allow you to keep an eye on your baby at even the most inconvenient of hours, perfect for when you’re taking a class that’s hosted overseas on Amazing Talker.

This monitor also gives you alerts for temperature, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your baby becoming too warm in your absence.

4) Vtech DM221, by VTech

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This machine provides flawless transmission cutting out all of those irritating background noises.

The display provides a graphical representation of volume, allowing you to see at a glance if your baby is making a lot of unusual noise.

The two way communication allows you to soothe your baby from the other room, without having to cut short your Cambly Kids lesson.

It also boasts an 18 hour battery life, meaning you can keep an eye on your baby remotely for 18 lessons worth of time.

5) Digital Baby Monitor with Camera, by BESTHING

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This wireless baby monitor allows you to work through a 2.4GHz wireless connection, meaning it doesn’t take your wifi away from your crucial lesson time on PalFish.

The 3.5inch screen has a built-in high quality camera, with no blurriness or delay.

Like some of the other devices, it boasts a soothing lullaby feature guaranteed to send your baby back to sleep.

It also tells you on-screen the temperature of the room. This means you don’t have to worry about your baby overheating, and can focus purely on your work.

6) Video baby monitor with Digital camera, by ANMEATE

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This device has a high quality colour LCD screen, with a high resolution display and a 2x zoom magnification. 

It also provides the temperature monitoring we’ve come to expect from devices in this range, as well as the added bonus of a night vision mode.

The transmission is strong and clear up to 960ft away, sustaining the two way audio connection you’ll need to soothe your baby without leaving your desk during your Allschool class.

The ‘plug in and play’ system means that even the most technologically illiterate can establish this high quality set-up without any extra assistance.

7) Vtech DM111, by Vtech

best baby monitors
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This device boasts a five display temperature reading, in order for you to see at a glance the temperature in your baby’s room.

The crystal clear transmission prioritises removing the white noise often associated with connections of this type. 

The system provides an auditory alert via a loud ‘beeping’ from a smaller device which you can clip onto your belt. 

8) Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount, by Nanit

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This device provides a constant livestream of your baby, ensuring you’re never more than a glance away from knowing they’re OK.

This camera comes with a night vision feature as well as providing a substantial zooming function.

Nanit also claims that this device can continue to function through the internet, even if your internet is down.

The temperature and humidity sensors displayed on-screen show you exactly what’s happening environment-wise in your baby’s room.

9) Victure Baby Monitor, by Victure

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This machine supports up to a 64GB Micro SD Card as well as providing Cloud storage. Victure also state that they’ll provide your first month’s storage free.

The 1080p night vision feature will ensure that your view of your child is never obstructed, day or night.

The 2 way audio system allows you to remotely soothe your baby, meaning you don’t have to interrupt your important teaching session on Preply.

This device also provides a motion sensor alert, informing you whenever your child is moving around more than would be expected from a sleeping baby.

10) Infant Optics DXR-8, by Infant Optics

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This device is the 2018 winner of the Popular Mechanics Best Baby Monitor.

It allows you to customise the viewing angle, as well as manually adjusting the zoom of the camera.

It boasts zero loading time, with instant playback and no lag.

With no video or audio processed through an internet connection, you’re guaranteed absolute privacy.

It will consistently function without interruption for up to 700ft, ensuring that even if you need to take your class a little further from the baby’s room you’re still not out of sight-line.

Final Thoughts on Best Baby Monitors…

This selection of best baby monitors should give you some ideas on the products out there suited for your needs. Really, the best baby monitor is the one that gives you peace of mind that your baby is fine, so that you can focus on your work.

And if you'd like to become a work-at-home parent and put your new baby monitor to use, you can explore a list of online teaching platforms below:

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