4 Best Puppets for Online English Teachers

4 Best Puppets for Online English Teachers

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The use of puppets or plush toys in online teaching makes learning fun across all ages. Puppetry as a teaching aid for educators offers teachers one of the most inexpensive helpful online classroom tools. There are numerous benefits of using puppets in teaching. They include:


  • Children will be able to escape to the imaginary world.
  • It is feasible for them to work out their emotional problems with the use of puppets.
  • They can be used across the curriculum in crafts and projects.


While teaching online, it is highly essential you seek for the best and top puppets to make teaching even more fun and enjoyable. The list of the best puppets for online teachers begins…right now!

1) Melissa And Doug Zoo Friends Hand Puppets:

Best Puppets for Online TeachersThese hand puppets are an excellent means to offer aid to kids that are still growing up to learn how to express themselves. They can be used for both young and old. They are designed for role-playing and story-telling.

The four simple glove puppets in an animal theme offer easy and fun to act out scenes.

They could also allow new vocabulary to be learned…and are excellent for motor skills, and boosting self-confidence of shy students. The material is made of washable fabrics and comes in bright patterns which are designed to last. This set of hand puppets are also very affordable and a great value for money.

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2) Melissa And Doug Farm Friends Hand Puppets

Best Puppets for Online Teachers

These unique puppets come in a set of four; Horse, Cow, Pig, and Sheep.

Online teachers can also use these with children for hand-eye coordination, developing motor skills and building useful communication skills.

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The design makes it possible to spark imaginative play and has soft stuffed-plush heads. Also, the expressive characters that it has will do well in entertaining your students. It could serve as a tool in learning about different animals, places to live and colours…and they are an excellent tool for storytelling and creating characters.

Because they come in a set, they can also be distributed among kids to help them interact with each other while learning new things…in a physical classroom setting of course!

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3) Acekid Adorable Animal Finger Puppets

Best Puppets for Online Teachers

Though these puppets aren't for kids under three years, they have clean and cute animal designs, perfect for bringing in unlimited imagination to your students!

It has ten different types of animals, cows, bear, rabbit, duck, panda, dog, mouse, elephants, to name a few. This will potentially raise a student's curiosity about the animal world.

Each puppet is tiny and soft; it is also a perfect tool in the online classroom. This is because these puppets are perfect for many purposes in the classroom as teaching aids, such as; for demonstrations and for kids to enjoy and learn about fun stuff. The small size belies its efficacy and because it’s so small, you can use several finger puppets at the same time.

Kids love them because they are charming enough to captivate and hold their attention while you demonstrate important concepts and lessons.

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4) Aurora World Hand Puppet Plush T-Rex Dinosaur

Best Puppets for Online Teachers

This puppet is an awesome little dinosaur! It is made of beautiful plush fabrics that are designed to last a considerable number of years. Additionally, it has realistic styling.

You can use it to teach your students about knowing how to growl the right away or play a dinosaur guessing game. Since it fits in an adult hand, you can comfortably wear it as a teacher and thus open it and close the mouth. With it, your student's imagination can also be enhanced, and your student can enjoy the enormous fun!

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A puppet is actually one of my 22 top tools for travelling online teachers. You can check out the rest by clicking the image below:

Best Puppets for Online Teachers

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