BlingABC 2022 – Apply to be an Online ESL Teacher

BlingABC 2022 – Apply to be an Online ESL Teacher

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BlingABC Overview

BlingABC is a part of New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU), and over the last 3 years, have built a reputation as a reliable and innovative leader in the online education industry.

BlingABC's mission is to connect Chinese students (aged 3-15) to top educational resources from the convenience of their living rooms. They offer teachers competitive pay across the board with the support they deserve. If you have a passion for teaching children, BlingABC is waiting for you to come on-board.

BlingABC Job Description

• Teaching group ESL online lessons to Chinese students from 3-12 years old

• Group classes with 3 or more (12 to 30) students are available for outstanding professional teachers

• Variety of courses are available including Phonics, Science, STEM, etc.

• Working from anywhere with a well-functioning computer and stable internet connection

• Systematic orientation, on-board training, and teaching guides are provided

• Classes are scheduled termly, allowing teachers to keep track of students’ progress • All classes are scheduled in advance, allowing teachers to plan ahead

• Supportive and professional teams will assist teachers throughout the whole application process

BlingABC Requirements

BlingABC has a specific set of minimum educational and professional credentials that teachers need to land a job at BlingABC. They are:

  • Bachelor's degree (4-year degree) or higher
  • TEFL certification OR teaching license
  • Native English speaker with a neutral accent (“native speakers” generally refers to UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland passport holders)
  • Minimum 1-year teaching experience in Preschool, kindergarten, or ESL experience
  • Wired, high-speed internet connection
  • Punctual, responsible, patient, kids-friendly, good communication skills, and easy- going
  • A demonstrated respect for the values, cultural differences, and expectations of Chinese parents

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BlingABC Work Schedule

Below times are all in Beijing Time (GMT+8)

Availability within the times shown below would be required Mon — Fri: Between 5pm-9pm

Sat — Sun: Between 8:30am-11am; 4pm-9pm

Candidates need to be able to commit to at least 8 time-slots (1 slot is 40mins) of weekly availability

BlingABC Pay (Salary and Benefits)

• $21 – $27/hr start rate depending on qualifications, $23 – $29/hr after the attendance bonus

• $30 – $38 for 1 vs 12+ classes ($9/hr bonus)


What Does a ‘Neutral Accent' Mean in the Context of Teaching English With Bling ABC?

Per the requirements that we laid out in the previous section for teachers who are interested in joining the company, you must have a “neutral accent” to qualify.

By that term, the company means that you must sound like a native speaker. The parents who pay money (sometimes a large portion of their budget) for their children to learn English expect and want them to learn from a teacher who can teach them to “sound like a native speaker.”

In the world of TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language), “neutral accent” is taken to mean coming off as if you were born and raised in a native English-speaking country. This “mother-tongue” quality of speech is what Bling ABC is looking for in its teachers.

If you have a slight accent (due to acquiring English later in life), there are several methods that you can use to improve your accent and make it more “native-sounding” to appeal to online teaching companies like BlingABC. The most important tool is constant practice with native speakers so that you can learn to copy their intonations and pronunciations.  

What Technical Requirements Must Teachers Meet to Qualify for a Position With BlingABC?

Due to the all-online teaching platform that BlingABC relies on, teachers must meet some minimum technical capacities to ensure smooth delivery of online instruction to the company's students.

To qualify, you will need the following:

  • Laptop or desktop computer (no tablets or phones), HD camera, and headset with a microphone and two-way data flow
  • Wired, stable, high-speed internet (at least 20 Mbps) – you can check your internet speed instantaneously for free on the web
  • High-quality core processor (Intel core i5 or equivalent, benchmark score 3500)
  • Modern operating system (Windows7 or MacOS X10.12 or higher)
  • Plenty of working memory (4GB required, 6GB suggested)

Who Are the Students That BlingABC Teachers Will Be Instructing?

Most of the students on the BlingABC platform are Chinese children. China has a rapidly booming economy with a very high demand for English as the “international business language.”

Middle-class Chinese parents are increasingly able to afford to provide their children with one-on-one instruction with native speakers via the web, including through BlingABC.

What Is the Difference Between Teaching Online and Teaching In-Person?

One of the more common questions that applicants to Bling ABC who have never taught online before have is: What is different about teaching online compared to teaching in a physical space?

The digital teaching experience differs from that of the brick-and-mortar classroom in key ways:

  • Classroom management. Whereas in a physical classroom, the teacher has the ability to move about the room, creating a presence where needed, the online teacher is limited in this regard. For example, if a student in a physical classroom is misbehaving, the teacher can physically move to occupy a space in front of the student, which can often be enough on its own to correct the behavior issue. An online teacher cannot do this.
  • For this reason, engaging with students to keep them interested throughout the lesson is critical for the online teacher. A high-quality TEFL course that specifically focuses on digital classroom management can help immensely in creating an effective online learning environment.
  • Depersonalization. As you've likely noticed if you've spent enough time on social media, people tend to interact differently online with their peers than they would in the physical world. This is partially due to the separation that is felt in the digital space. In the context of Bling ABC, you (the teacher) are likely to be thousands of miles away from your students. This could work both as a positive or a negative dynamic – on one hand, your students might be more willing to “take risks” by asking questions and really exploring the content without as great of fear of judgment. On the other hand, ignoring the lesson content is easier if the student is separated physically from the teacher. Effective classroom management can highlight the positive potential of digital separation while mitigating the downsides.

Teaching requirements. Generally speaking, but certainly not always so, the credentials required to land an in-person teaching job at a brick-and-mortar school are higher than the requirements for online teachers. Accordingly, online teaching is a great way to get your foot in the door, gain experience, and begin to climb the ESL ladder to higher pay.

Can I Have Another Job While Teaching With BlingABC?

So long as your other employment engagement does not conflict with your schedule at BlingABC, there is no prohibition against having one or more jobs outside of the platform. In fact, the majority of BlingABC teachers have some type of side-gig or job outside of the platform, and that's okay.

Do I Need Permission From the Chinese Government to Teach With BlingABC?

No. While teachers who physically move to teach English in a school located within China must obtain an appropriate visa from the Chinese authorities, you do not need any such documentation to begin teaching with BlingABC. Most teachers who work with BlingABC have never traveled to China. Also, the Chinese government never withholds taxes from your earnings.

How Can I Apply to Work With BlingABC?

BlingABC's application process is straightforward. Below are the steps required from start to finish:

  • Submit application
  • Pass initial screening
  • Attend Interview (including a 20-min Demo class)
  • Attend Orientation with a device check
  • Participate On-board training
  • Complete Mock class
  • Join DingTalk and submit teaching availabilities
  • Ready for scheduling classes

What Can I Expect From the Required Demo Class?

So-called “demonstration,” or “demo,” classes are common in the ESL field. Employers, especially those working with Asian students, frequently want to see a sampling of the teacher's skills before offering them a position.

BlingABC requires a 20-minute demo class as part of its application process for incoming teachers. If you are careful and prepare appropriately, you can ace the demo class.

The effectiveness of your demo, conducted via Skype, will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Bright, cheery, welcoming, enthusiastic attitude
  • Total Physical Response (TPR) and full-body demonstration
  • Incorporation of supplementary teaching tools into the lesson (provided to you)
  • Deliberate but gentle correction of student errors
  • Clear, easy-to-follow instructions to the student

How Big Are the Online Classes at BlingABC?

The majority of classes that you will be teaching if you work with BlingABC are around 3 students. This optimal class size allows for extensive interaction with each student.

However, some classes on the platform may contain up to 30 students. For these larger groups, teachers must have special qualifications.

Does BlingABC Use a Curriculum or Do Teachers Plan Their Own Lessons?

For maximum effectiveness, consistency across lessons, and convenience for teachers, BlingABC uses its own specially developed in-house curriculum for each lesson. Teachers are not required to plan their lessons, although reviewing the materials before class is a good idea to come prepared.

How Does BlingABC Schedule Classes?

Different online teaching platforms use different methods for pairing teachers and students. As opposed to some platforms that allow students to browse through teachers' profiles and select their own teachers, all of BlingABC's scheduling is handled by the management team.

Many teachers prefer this scheduling process because it frees them from having to market themselves, allowing a focus on teaching alone. Classes are typically assigned at least two weeks in advance, so teachers have plenty of time to plan accordingly.

How Long Do Teachers Instruct a Single Group of Students?

Classes are assigned on a seasonal term basis of the Chinese education system. Accordingly, the length of time teachers will spend with any given group of students is broken down below:

  • Winter term: January to February
  • Spring term: March to June
  •  Summer term: July to August
  • Fall term: September to December

What Is the BlingABC ‘Probation Period'?

Don't worry – you're not going to jail. The “probation period” for incoming BlingABC teachers is the time that the company takes to carefully scrutinize new teachers' performance and make a judgment call moving forward about whether they are a good fit.

The probation period lasts for the first 20 classes.

How Much Do BlingABC Teachers Earn?

BlingABC is one of the higher-paying online ESL companies in operation. There is not a fixed single rate that teachers earn per hour. Rather, compensation depends on the qualifications of the teacher and performance.

The starting rate is $14-$18 per 40-minute class, which adds up to $21-$27 per hour. Compare that to other popular sites that pay a starting rate of $10 per hour or less, and it's easy to understand why many teachers appreciate the pay scale offered by BlingABC.

The highest-qualified, best-performing teachers on the site earn up to $38/hour.


This platform is not currently hiring through DigiNo. Please click the button below to see alternative online teaching jobs…

How Does BlingABC Pay Teachers?

In contrast to other online English instruction platforms, BlingABC pays all of its teachers through direct bank transfer. The good news for teachers is that you can avoid any extra fees associated with popular online payment sites like PayPal or Payoneer.

Does BlingABC Withhold Taxes From Teachers' Pay?

No, BlingABC makes no deductions from the pay for its teachers. However, that doesn't mean that you won't owe any taxes in your home country on the wages that you earn online. Check with your local jurisdictions to discover your personal tax liability.

What Is the Payment Schedule for BlingABC Teachers?

BlingABC makes monthly payments to teachers on the 10th of each month. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will receive the money in your account on that date – some banks take time (generally a few days) to process international payments.

How Do Raises Work For BlingABC Teachers?

BlingABC incentivizes performance by offering pay raises to its teachers who meet or exceed qualifications. The company uses an evaluation tool called TICO to assess performance and decide on whether to offer a raise and/or how much the increase will be.

This ongoing evaluation occurs on a monthly basis, so it's possible to earn a raise each month that you spend working for BlingABC.

Do Teachers Still Get Paid If a Student Cancels?


Schedules are created weeks in advance. But what happens if a student cancels class? Do teachers still collect their normal pay for a missed class if it wasn't their fault?

For classes that are canceled within 48 hours by students, teachers qualify for their regular rate.

Who Owns Bling ABC?

New Oriental Education and Technology Group, NYSE: EDU, a multinational Wall Street-traded education group with a 28-year history in China. In 2006, it became the first Chinese educational company to launch a public offering and take a place on the New York Stock Exchange.

New Oriental Education and Technology Group is headquartered in Beijing, China's capital. As of 2021, it is the single largest educational company in the country.

What Is the History of Bling ABC?

BlingABC's origin story dates back to 1993 with the founding of Beijing New Oriental School, later to become New Oriental Education and Technology Group, by a Chinese English teacher in the Peking region of China.

Since then, the company has expanded to include dozens of schools throughout China and a growing online presence, including Bling ABC.

How Do Current and Former Teachers Rate Their Experience at BlingABC?

Before signing up to teach with any online English instruction platform, it's wise to take a look around the web at what current and former teachers have to say about their experiences.

On Glassdoor, Bling ABC has a 3.7/5-star rating, making it one of the better-reviewed ESL companies on the internet. Respondents said they appreciated most the higher pay rate compared to other platforms while noting the strictness of the company in terms of time requirements for teachers.

70% said they would recommend their friends or family to teach with the company based on their personal experiences.

Similarly on Indeed, another employment review site, Bling ABC has a 3.6/5-star rating. Again, as on Glassdoor, respondents said they appreciated the greater pay but complained about scheduling issues with the company.

However, it's worth noting that some degree of scheduling conflict naturally arises from the fact that most of the teachers (British and American) on the site are in vastly different time zones than Beijing.

When Are Classes Offered on the BlingABC Platform?

Teachers who join Bling ABC are required to be available during specific hours to teach the Chinese students on the platform. These hours are:

Mon-Fri: 5pm-9pm

Sat-Sun: 8:30am-11am; 4pm-9pm

The Bling ABC schedule runs on Beijing time (13 hours ahead of the US East Coast and 8 hours ahead of London). Keeping track of your schedule vis a vis your own local time zone can be challenging. However, once you get used to doing these time zone calculations, they become easier.

How Can I Get TEFL/TESOL Certified to Qualify For a Teaching Job With Bling ABC?

As discussed in a previous section, one of the qualifications that teachers must have to receive a job offer is a TEFL/TESOL certificate or teaching license. The second option, a teaching license, is extremely time-consuming and expensive compared to a TEFL or TESOL certificate. Unless you have very specific long-term goals of climbing the English-teaching professional ladder that require a teaching license to achieve, you are likely better off with a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

In 2021, you have more options than ever to access affordable, fully accredited TEFL/TESOL courses that are offered entirely online.

A high-quality TEFL/TESOL course will prepare you to:

  • Effectively manage the classroom (either digital or in-person)
  • Employ proven teaching strategies that work with ESL learners
  • Design engaging lesson plans that are both enjoyable and educational
  • Navigate sticky cultural issues that often pop up in intercultural settings like ESL classes

What Is the Difference Between TESOL and TEFL and Does BlingABC Have a Preference?

Many newcomers to the wide world of ESL are confused about the acronyms used in the industry.

TEFL stands for “teaching English as a foreign language.” TESOL stands for ‘teaching English as a secondary language.” In theory, these two certifications vary slightly in their intended applications. In practice, though, these certifications are interchangeable.

So long as the course that you took was properly accredited, you will have nothing to worry about in terms of whether you earned the right sort of credentials. Either a TEFL or TESOL certificate will suffice for Bling ABC.

How Can I Ace My Bling ABC Interview?

Interviewing for any position, whether in-person or online, can be intimidating. But it doesn't have to be if you prepare well enough. When Bling ABC interviews a candidate, they are looking for the following signs of a good potential teacher:

  • Good physical posture and appearance (professionally dressed, well-groomed, looking “smart” as the Asians often say)
  • Experience related to teaching English to foreign students
  • Proper motivation and commitment to deliver high-quality instruction (i.e., you're not just “doing it for the money”)
  • Your communication ability (is it easy to follow what you are saying even for young learners with limited English experience)
  • Your vocal intonation (do you sound like a native speaker)
  • The authority/confidence with which you speak
  • Your non-verbal communication (Bling ABC requires teachers to use “total physical response,” or TPR. In the field of ESL, TPR is a popular method of increasing understanding in students by supporting the verbal portion of the lesson with physical gestures.

Accordingly, you can use these strategies to make yourself more attractive in the interview and guarantee you impress the interviewers on the other side of the Skype call:

  • Show up on time to the interview
  • Prepare for your demo lesson before the interview (which demonstrates your commitment and gives you extra material to discuss in the interview if you hit a lull)
  • Speak slowly, deliberately, calmly, and authoritatively
  • Use plenty of non-verbal communication techniques such as facial expressions, hand gestures, etc.
  • Prepare yourself for the ultimate interview question: Why do you want this position? If you can articulate a clear vision moving forward, then you are going to come off as a more valuable long-term asset to the company
  • Relax before the interview. Everyone performs better in any situation when they are fully relaxed and focused on the task at hand. You can prepare in this regard before your interview by practicing deep breathing techniques or meditation. It works.

If I Don't Get the Job the First Time, Can I Apply Again?

Yes. In fact, many of the teachers who work with Bling ABC were unsuccessful on their first attempt. However, they persisted, corrected any errors they may have made in their first application, and then re-applied with success.

If you previously applied to Bling ABC but were not accepted onto the team, you can re-apply after 3 months.

How Does the BlingABC Platform Work?

The online platform is the place where you can communicate with students, review your schedule, and interact with other members of the team.

When you are accepted to join the team, the company provides full, in-depth training on how to use the platform. You can also always ask for assistance by reaching out to the support staff.

Do Teachers Have to Pay for the Bank Transfer Fees?

As we mentioned earlier BlingABC always pays its teachers via direct bank transfer. International bank transfer fees, as anyone who has done business across borders can attest to, can be a heavy burden. Naturally, you might wonder if you are going to have to pay for these fees.

BlingABC covers all of the bank transfer fees so you don't have to worry about not getting your full pay.  

BlingABC Apply

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