What is Feedback Panda?

What is Feedback Panda?

Feedback Panda – how will it make me a better teacher?

Feedback is an essential piece of the teaching puzzle – you give it and you rely on it. 

But the process could do with being a lot more… simple, right?

Well the people over at Feedback Panda certainly think so, and they've decided to put their money where their mouth is.

Now you can automatically provide feedback on all of your classes, courses and students all at the click of a panda-shaped button.

If you're a teacher working with VIPKid then the FeedbackPanda app is a must, and those of you working elsewhere will need to check out their browser-friendly launcher. 

If you're wanting simplification of feedback all at a reasonable price, then we might just have the answer for you… 

What is Feedback Panda?

If you’ve ever wanted to save some time in writing feedback for your students, then you’re going to want to take a serious look at FeedbackPanda.

FeedbackPanda is a feedback app which provides teachers with thousands of custom templates, meaning you don’t need to waste your time starting from scratch with every student.

Feedback Panda actually estimates that you will save up to two hours a day just by using their preset feedback templates. Think of all the other things you could be doing with that time back.

Why waste your time doing the same thing over and over again, when you can pick up precisely where you want to?

FeedbackPanda will manage your courses, students and feedback records in order to generate these templates for you, without any hassle on your part.

FeedbackPanda aims to help you focus on quality teaching rather than being bogged down in the paper work of it all; and if they manage to save you a little extra time and money along the way? Even better… 

How much does FeedbackPanda cost?

FeedbackPanda will cost you $15 per month or $150 per year. You choose which payment plan best suits you, and feel free to cancel at any time.

They’re providing a service that’s somewhat novel in this field – so while they undoubtedly benefit from lack of competition, that doesn’t mean their prices are unreasonable.


How does FeedbackPanda work?

FeedbackPanda integrates your school’s teacher portal with their own browser extension launcher. 

You are then responsible for generating your own feedback and notes, a service provided with one click of the ‘FeedbackPanda’ button in your school’s teacher portal.

Examples of online schools

What is the FeedbackPanda launcher?

The FeedbackPanda launcher is a small, easy-to-use software that runs alongside your VIPKid app. 

Running both at once will allow them to communicate – but if you’re feeling lazy then the FeedbackPanda launcher will automatically prompt VIPKid to kickstart.

How do I prepare for VIPKID classes?

If you’re looking to prepare for VIPKid classes then you’re going to want to take a look at the templates provided by other teachers. These can be easily accessed in the FeedbackPanda Cloud. 

If you head on down to the ‘course description’  part of your chosen template then you’ll find a great place to start setting out what kind of props you’ll want for your lesson. 

You should also make a note of the reward you will use at the end of the class in the ‘Teacher’s Notes’ section of your app. 

How do I give feedback on VIPKID?

If you use the FeedbackPanda launcher then giving feedback on VIPKid is as simple as it gets. 

Use the FeedbackPanda launcher to launch the VIPKid app, and then select the panda icon next to the specific class you’re looking to log feedback for. 

This will then prompt you to write feedback from scratch or make use of the templates. 

Feedback Panda Hacks for Online Teachers

How to use the FeedbackPanda App

Install the browser extension for PC or the launcher from your app store

The FeedbackPanda app has a native compatibility with VIPKid, but teachers from other schools should be prepared to use the browser extension. 

Those of you working with VIPKid can go right ahead and download the app directly from your app store, though – the two apps will run side-by-side and save you a lot of legwork. 

Open up your school’s teaching portal

Once you’ve finished the installation, head over to your school’s teaching portal and log in. 

You’ll see a little panda icon alongside each class, which will let you know you’re on the right track. 

If you click these little panda icons then you’ll be redirected to FeedbackPanda, at which point you’re free to make use of the features we discussed above.

Start creating feedback

Once you’re ready to start giving feedback, select the little panda icon next to each class. 

You’ll be given the option of starting feedback from scratch or choosing from a variety of templates. 

The templates number in the thousands, with more being added every day. Don't be afraid to check them out for some ideas, or to save yourself some time down the road.

Clicking the icon will immediately launch the FeedbackPanda app and automatically open up the ‘create new feedback’ option, with the correct student and course already selected. 

Import a template from the Cloud

Sometimes you don't have time to create everything from scratch, and it's easier to just have somebody else do it for you. 

You can import templates created by other teachers directly from the FeedbackPanda cloud.

Click the cloud button on the feedback window and the app or launcher will take care of the rest. 

When you find one you like, it’s simply a case of clicking ‘import’ and then customising however you like. It’s that simple.

Submit your feedback

Then all that’s left is to copy and paste your feedback from the FeedbackPanda app or launcher into your school’s teacher portal. 

This works whether you’ve created your own templates or imported them from the FeedbackPanda cloud. 

Submitting feedback has never been so simple.

It's really a no-brainer, isn't it? It doesn't get easier than this. 

FeedbackPanda allows you to provide feedback to your students on a one-to-one level or as a class, and you don't have to jump through a thousand different hoops to do it… 

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