What is ‘ICQ’ and ‘CCQ’ in Teaching?

What is ‘ICQ’ and ‘CCQ’ in Teaching?

So what is ICQ? And…what is CCQ? And what have they got to do with teaching?

Let's get straight to it!

ICQ stands for…

Instruction Checking Question

ICQ Meaning in teaching:

You're just checking the student understands what you've told them to do.

ICQ Questions Examples

So for example, if I show them an apple and instruct them to tell me what colour it is…the instruction checking question would simply be:

‘Do you understand?'

Or, I could give them two binary options, such as:

Did I ask you, ‘What colour is the apple?'

Or did I ask you, ‘What shape is the apple?'

And that's it. An ICQ is simply a question checking that your student has understood the ESL instruction. Hopefully you now have a grasp on an ICQ meaning in teaching.

If you want to be simple and direct, ask ICQs.

But what about CCQ?

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Now, on to the next form of ESL checking.

What is CCQ in teaching?

CCQ stands for…

Concept Checking Question

CCQ meaning:

Now with CCQ teaching, you want to check the student's understanding of the concept after they have completed the instruction.

Vocabulary and Concept Check

So for example, if you have asked the student to read a sentence about someone's weekday routine, you can then use CCQ by asking:

‘What is your routine on weekdays?'

If the student answers this question, then they have definitely understood the concept of ‘routines' and you've done your job as a teacher.

Congratulations! Let's celebrate.

ICQ and CCQ in teaching

Right, that's enough fun. Let's get back to work.

Why is Using CCQ so Important for Teaching English Online?

When teaching ESL online, the engagement of the student within the class is of great importance.

I talk about engagement in more detail below:

icq and ccq in teaching

Many teachers at first are intimidated by correct CCQ meaning in 51Talk or GOGOKID or other online platforms – but look at it this way…

…if you were to simply read the course material like a robot to the student, there is no way of knowing that they are engaged.

It could simply be an endless stream of foreign words flooding their way.

So using CCQ (and ICQ also) is the way to check their engagement and understanding…much like TPR.

Click the image below to read about TPR:

ICQ and CCQ in teaching

ICQs and CCQs are merely forms of explicit instruction

What is Explicit Instruction?

The explicit instruction definition is the act of a teacher frequently monitoring a student's understanding to ensure they are comprehending the meaning of instructions.

Basically a fancy way of saying – ‘Checking they get what's going on.'

CCQs and ICQs are also a wonderful way to keep the interaction flowing in the class. You don't want to be a lecturer. I always endeavour to get the student talking for 90% of the class compared to my 10%.

This is for sure a tough task, but it's always good to have something to reach towards. After all, it's not your English that needs the practice…

So no need to overwork those linguistic muscles!

If you would like to read more about keeping students engaged, be sure to click the image below to check out ‘6 Teaching Methods: How To Teach Online ESL Classes With Ease'…

icq and ccq in teaching

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