How To Create Low Content Books 2022 (And Sell Them on Amazon)

How To Create Low Content Books 2022 (And Sell Them on Amazon)

What are Low Content Books?

To explain low content books, first it is much easier to explain…

What are No-Content Books?

An example of no-content book is a plain lined notebook that you may find on Amazon like the one below:

low content books
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Now imagine you could create 50 pages of this lined interior, create your own simple cover for it, and then begin selling it on Amazon in front of 300 million shoppers just like the one above. This is entirely possible for you to do after reading this article.

The idea is to indicate with the cover that your notebook is meant to be used for something specific, such as calligraphy or be used as a daily journal. This is the simplest book you could publish on Amazon and potentially start earning from sales of your no-content book.

Ok, so what is a Low Content Book?

Now imagine your daily journal has prompts written in it, to make it easier for the reader to concentrate the topic of their journal entries. For example, a daily gratitude journal where each page is arranged for the reader to list things they are grateful for:

low content books
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Other examples include:

Guided journals, prayer books, password log books, fitness trackers, puzzle books, blank recipe books and many other endless ideas. Later in the article, we will look at best selling low content books on Amazon as well as different niches.

Now you understand what a low content book is, time to skip forward to the next section by scrolling down or by clicking here: How to create low content books.

How To Create Low Content Books

low content books

The process of creating low content books requires use of a software called BookBolt. Or alternatively you can use Canva. Both of these softwares includes both cover and interior templates. For a full guide on the process, watch this great tutorial below by Kat Theo:

How To Sell Low Content Books on Amazon

Once you have created your book, you will upload it to be sold on Amazon through KDP.

What is KDP? (Low Content Books & KDP)

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a Print on Demand platform for book publishing owned by Amazon. With KDP you can publish your books directly on the marketplace…and it's 300+ million daily shoppers.

low content books

How Does KDP Work?

Step 1 – Upload cover and interior of your book

Step 2 – Create a listing

Step 3- Wait for Amazon to process your book

And then you're done and your book should be live in a few days. After a customer purchases your book, Amazon will handle all the printing and shipping. This leaves you with a royalty and the endorphin rush of making passive income from an online side-hustle. You can buy author copies for yourself at cheaper rates, that you can re-sell or give away as gifts if you like.

The 3 step process above is a simplified version of the process, so below you will find a tutorial walking you through the process…

Publishing Low Content Books

When it comes to publishing low content books on KDP, the process is quite straightforward, but there are a few minor details that you want to get right. Therefore it is best to follow the tutorial below:

Best Selling Low Content Books on Amazon

3 Low Content Books Examples

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low content books
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low content books
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Low Content Books Ideas

Below you will find two lists – one for types of low content books, and one for niches. The idea is to use these lists to create a book idea with the method explained below.

Types of Low Content Books

  • Regular journals/diaries
  • Notebooks
  • Password logbook
  • Meal planners
  • Workout logs
  • Educational Books and Workbooks
  • Activity books (Puzzle)
  • Games books (Hangman, TicTacToe)
  • Blank Comic Book Pages
  • Accounting Financial Ledger Book
  • Coloring Book

Low Content Book Niches

Below is a list of examples of niches, which you can use to combine with the types of low content books above to come up with an idea:

  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Pets
  • Law of attraction
  • Success
  • Education for kids
  • Spells and Magic
  • Cruises
  • Make up and fashion
  • Vision boards
  • Podcasts
  • Night Sky Observation
  • Sleep
  • Prayer
  • CBD
  • Travel
  • Sudoku

Coming up with an idea

Now to come up with an idea just take one from the ‘Types' list and combine it with one from the ‘Niche' list. For example:

Yoga Workout Logs

Now if you want to make this even more specific to better attract an audience, you can add:

Yoga Workout Logs for Men

Or you can even add in another niche from the list to make it super specific:

Yoga Workout Logs for Travellers

Here we just added in ‘travel' from the niche list, to create an even more specific audience. You get the picture.

However, how can we tell that people are actually searching for these specific keywords to check if it's worth creating the low content book? This is where we would use We will talk about this in the next section, or you can grab a free trial from the button below…

Low Content Book Templates

Once you have your idea in place for a low content book, its time to start assembling templates for interior along with a cover template.

Low Content Book Templates Free?

This can be done on the free version of Canva, however, due to the limited nature of free Canva, you will be better off using a free trial of a dedicated low content books creator.

Low Content Books Creator

The most well known one on the market is BookBolt which includes endless amounts of templates to satisfy a wide array of niches, as well as a keyword research tool for publishing on KDP.

You can read the guide full guide on Book Bolt by clicking the image below:

low content books

Or grab a 3 day free trial from the button below making sure to use the 20% off code digino20 in case you wish to upgrade to the paid version…

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