Monumetric Vs AdSense – Best Option to Monetize Your Website?

Monumetric Vs AdSense – Best Option to Monetize Your Website?

When it comes to Monumetric vs AdSense for monetizing your website, this picture is the only thing you need to see:

Monumetric vs Adsense

These are my actual earnings from one year of Adsense, to the month after I made the switch to Monumetric on June 4th 2018.

If that's enough for you, then you can fast-track your application for Monumetric below:

Or keep reading if you would like some more detail.

Monetizing Your Website Through Ads [AdSense vs Monumetric]

Adverts are a great way of making some extra money for blog and website owners.

There are numerous credible advertisement programs out there to choose from. Ranking top of the list is the AdSense adverts program by Google and the Monumetric advert program which is relatively a newcomer in this area.

Despite Monumetric being relatively new, however, it is rapidly gaining popularity among site owners and could soon become the number one ad program of choice.

As someone who is considering incorporating ad programs into your site, here is a detailed review on Monumetric vs Adsense.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is the most popular of all advertisement programs claiming over half the share of all websites subscribing to its services.

You can make money with AdSense by adding adverts into your content and site pages. Each time someone clicks on the ads, you make money. This ad program works under the PPC system otherwise known as Pay per Click.

The question begs however if this is the best ad program to use if you want to make real money. Read on to find out.

What is Monumetric?

Formerly known as ‘The Blogger Network’, Monumetric is fast becoming the preferred ad program among blog owners.

By simply placing ads on your site for your viewers to see, Monumetric rewards you. Note that here, there’s no need for clicks. This program works under the PPV system otherwise known as Pay per View.

Let's take a closer look at the picture from earlier:

Monumetric vs Adsense

Pay Per Click

You will see that my AdSense clicks were 386 in one year – which is why the revenue was so low.

But there is another crucial element at play here:

My ad impressions in one YEAR with AdSense – 254,895

My ad impressions in one MONTH with Monumetric – 527,505

So I guess that explains the boost in revenue…I simply had a huge boost in traffic – WRONG.

Monumetric was installed on June 4th 2018.

So I will show you my Google Analytics reports on page views between May 4th 2018 – June 3rd 2018 (which is when AdSense ads were on my site):

Monumetric vs AdSense

21,219 page views with AdSense in a month.

Now let's look at Google Analytics Page Views for between June 4th 2018 and July 3rd 2018 (when Monumetric ads were on my site):

Monumetric vs AdSense

26,794 page views with Monumetric in a month.

So what does this mean?

Yes my traffic increased slightly, but that small increase doesn't reflect such a huge increase in Ad impressions.

My one month Monumetric impressions basically doubled an entire year of AdSense impressions with virtually the same amount of traffic.

So why did switching to Monumetric drastically increase my ad impressions?

Here's the answer:

Monumetric are an ad manager. They install the ads for you and optimise the placement to maximize impressions.

AdSense you are responsible for placing the ads yourself.

So Monumetric corrected my shoddy placement. And my ads were getting impressions thanks to expert help!

The Benefits of Pay Per Impression with Monumetric

Obviously with Monumetric, the more money you make, the more money they make. So this is why they optimize your ads to get as many impressions as possible.

Here is an infographic that compares Pay Per Click (AdSense) and Pay Per Impression (Monumetric):

Monumetric vs Adsense

Click the button below if you want to start earning revenue per ad impression:

Advantages & Disadvantages of Monumetric

In both advertisement programs, it is very easy to be approved in order to start making money. The two, however, have their own unique features that make them preferable to each audience.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages that you should know before getting onto the Monumetrics bandwagon.


  • Once you have been approved, you job will be to sit back and wait for everything to play out. The Monumetrics staff will work behind the scenes to choose the best adverts and help you maximize your revenue.
  • If you have a page viewership of above 80,000 you stand to get the ad program for free.
  • Excellent customer care. You are able to access support at any time of day, all seven days of the week. You have your own agent to help solve your problems.
  • The adverts are versatile. You can have native adverts, video adverts, pre-roll adverts, and mobile adverts.
  • If you have a lot of traffic on your site, you are rewarded with more features.


  • You have to wait for 90 days to access your full payments.
  • You need to have a viewership of at least 10,000 per month in order to be approved.
  • If you have a page viewership of less than 80,000 you have to part with $99 charged to cater for the setup.
  • You have to wait a few weeks before your request to join the ad program is approved.

You have to weigh your options and see which one of the two ad programs is best for you.

If you have a site like an on online gaming website for instance. Here your visitors would are more interested in playing games and very rarely will you find a visitor clicking on adverts. In such a scenario, it would be best to choose Monumetric as the visitors will see the ads without requiring to click on them for you to make money.

People who use Monumetric are reportedly doubling or even tripling the amount of revenue compared to when they were using AdSense.

It's not just me feeling the benefits. Monumetric's ad program deals directly with the companies behind their featured adverts. This is the reason why they have impressively competitive cost per impression ad networks.

Check out my Q3 2018 Monuetric Revenue Report and click the image below:

Monumetric vs AdSense

Now, let us compare the advantages that Monumetric have over Google AdSense

1. While Google AdSense only allows you to place a maximum of three advertisements on your page, you are allowed to place up to six adverts on your page with Monumetric.

2. With Monumetric the dashboard is quite easy to manoeuvre and is straightforward. For instance, you are able to see the specific adverts that give you the most revenue.

On the other hand, some may find it cumbersome to navigate through the AdSense dashboard when they want to inquire or learn more about featured adverts.

Here's an example of data you can see on the Monumetric dasboard:

Monumetric vs Adsense

Click the button below if you want to get your own Monumetric dashboard:

3. With Monumetric, you have prompt customer service agents who are available on call whenever the need arises. In fact, you get frequent emails guiding you and directing you to choose better performing and better-paying ads for your site.

With AdSense on the other hand, you are not guaranteed of 24/7 customer support and you are left to use your own judgment to determine which adverts work well.

This was why my impressions skyrocketed when I switched to Monumetric.

4. Despite earning up to three times the amount of revenue you get from AdSense, you will get your payment on a net 60 basis. This means your first payment will be after 60 days and each one thereafter will every 30 days. This initial wait is a small price to pay considering you will be fetching much more than you did before.

Monumetric vs Adsense

DigiNo and Monumetric

It's safe to say, Monumetric wins over AdSense for me.

I loved Monumetric so much that I partnered with them. This means that when you apply for Monumetric through DigiNo, not only does it improve your application chances…

…but you will also receive extra help to boost your revenue from DigiNo. An example of this is the article below detailing my revenue boosting journeys:

Monumetric vs AdSense

Why the extra help?

DigiNo will earn a commission based on your monthly Monumetric revenue if you apply here.

This means that the better you do, the better I do. So I want to help you earn as much as you can passively…so that I can too!

For anyone who is serious about increasing passive income and optimizing their revenue, it is a no-brainer that Monumetric is the way to go. Ads managed and optimized for you and massively increased revenue without you doing a thing!

I honestly wish I didn't waste a year looking at the pennies on my AdSense app. All I can do now is help you not to make the same mistake as I did.

Apply for Monumetric below:

How DigiNo Can Help You

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