Nurse Fanny Pack? 5 Best Nursing Fanny Packs

Nurse Fanny Pack? 5 Best Nursing Fanny Packs

Looking for a nurse fanny pack? This article has been created to give you a selection of 5 ideas for nursing fanny packs. Hopefully at least one of them is the perfect match for you.

Why Use a Nurse Fanny Pack?

A nurse on the move requires many tools, including a stethoscope, pens, tape and more. Nursing fanny packs ensure these tools are easy to reach at all times when you need them. The list below has been designed to include a variety of designs as well as the best reviewed.

5 Nursing Fanny Packs:

1) Nurse Fanny Pack with Stethoscope Holder

nurse fanny pack
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This nurse fanny pack comes with a display on the front that reads – “Nursing is a Work of Heart”, designed for nurses that take pride in their career. Showing pride in being a nurse is something that really makes you stand out in the nurse recruitment world.

The bag fits close to the body, designed to not be a nuisance while you work. It holds your daily equipment, such as:

  • stethoscope
  • scissors
  • pen
  • band-aids
  • tape
  • and more

The belt is adjustable, extending from 34-54 inches, with a quick-release buckle for ease of use. This nurse fanny pack is made of polyester and PE foam and is water-resistant.

Other noteworthy features:

  • Velcro stethoscope holder
  • 11 utility pockets
  • Velcro closed pocket
  • surgical tape loop holder

This could be a perfect gift for RNs, LPNs or any kind of nurse.

2) SITHON Nursing Organizer Belt / Nurse Fanny Pack

nurse fanny pack
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This next entry on this list is slightly more minimal in design, yet still provides all that you may need.

This fanny pack for nurses is made of lightweight, tear resistant material with premiup zipper and heavy-duty quick release buckle.

The nurse fanny pack comes with two straps:

  • 10.5 inch removable tape strap
  • 24 – 45 inch adjustable waist strap

Like the one listed above it holds your required nursing tools as well as having a slot for your ID card for visibility – removing the need to take it out.

However, if you find the design of this one to be too plain, the next nurse fanny pack on the list will add some variety.

3) Nurse Fanny Pack Pattern – Medical Organizer Belt

nurse fanny pack
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If you prefer your nurse fanny pack patterned, this entry on the list has a cactus design. Designed by a pharmacist to give you easy access to everything a nurse may need.

It has six small pockets to hold:

  • pens
  • markers
  • thermometer
  • penlights
  • flush syringes

The bag can also hold:

  • Mini iPad
  • pager
  • sterile gloves
  • stethoscope
  • calculator
  • wipes

So if you are want to bring a bit a sense of nature to your work, this cactus patterned nurse fanny pack will do just that…while giving you access to everything you need.

4) Nurse Fanny Pack “Trusted To Care”

nurse fanny pack
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This is another fanny pack with a slogan designed to resonate with nurses – “Trusted To Care”.

It comes with:

  • 9 pockets
  • Zipped pouch
  • Concealed elastic band for 5 syringes
  • 2 carabiners
  • Tape holder
  • Badge holder

The material is made of polyester, oxford and nylon – this creates its durability as well as its waterproof nature. The nurse bag is convertible, so there is no need for extra straps to switch from across body to fanny pack.

5) Kit Practical Waist Bag for Nurses

nurse fanny pack
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This nursing has comes in a variety of colors including:

  • Purple (displayed above)
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Light blue
  • Sky blue
  • Black
  • Patterned

It has two adjustable and detachable belts for switching between shoulder or waist wearing. The belt for shoulder usage adjusts 60-105cm. The second belt for waist adjusts 55-110cm.

This bag has 12 pockets for storing nursing supplies.

Final Thoughts on Nurse Fanny Packs…

Hopefully you now have some ideas on the perfect nursing fanny pack for you, or maybe you are browsing for a gift for someone you know. This selection of 5 bags are designed to give nurses everything they need to exceed efficiently at their very important job.

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