PalFish Apply 2023 – Earn and Teach English On Your Mobile or Tablet


Pay: $8 – $11 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree: Not required
PalFish Overview

PalFish is an app that allows you to chat and earn with kids and adult ESL learners from all over the world from your mobile device.

What Is the History of Palfish and How Does It Work?

Palfish (伴鱼 in simplified Chinese) launched in 2015 to provide easily accessible online English instruction to learners worldwide. It currently has over 10 million active users. The business operates on a unique model. Instead of treating teachers as employees, Palfish acts as a “digital agent” by connecting students and teachers. It sustains its bottom line by taking a 20% cut from teachers' pay, much in the same way that a sports agent takes a fee from the players he or she represents.

Palfish offers two opportunities for teachers to make money. One is the Official Kids Course (teaching kids), and the other is FreeTalk (teaching adults), which will both explained on this page.

Teach On Your Phone

Palfish is different from other ESL providers in that it allows its teachers to use phones, tablets, or other mobile devices to deliver their lessons. Many other platforms that offer English education require that teachers use their laptops.

Obviously, the ability to use your mobile phone allows greater flexibility in terms of where and when you can log on to do your work. The option to use your phone is one of the features of Palfish that teachers review highly.

PalFish Kid also provides an education platform for you to teach Chinese children from the comfort of your own home to help young students achieve their English goals.

Schedule and Hours:

  • Minimum 3.5 hours per week commitment.
  • The 3.5 hours per week have to be during Beijing peak hours.
  • Peak hours are Monday-Sunday 6pm-9pm, and Saturday-Sunday 9am-10pm in Beijing time.
  • Teachers are not required to work full shifts, just to ensure 3.5 hours during the peak times. 

Class Structure:

One-on-one class for age 3~12 children.

What Are the Technical Requirements For a Teaching Job With Palfish?

You don't need any special technology to start teaching on Palfish. All of the activity on the site is accessible via smartphone or tablet, so you don’t even need a laptop to teach.

Official Kids Course Pay

Make $8 – $11 per hour + Bonuses!


  • $30 bonus when students buy a package after taking your Trial class
  • $15 bonus for buying props when you get started
  • $160 monthly bonus for TOP 10 teachers, $80 bonus for TOP 11-20
  • $45 bonus for referring a new teacher to the Official Kids Course.

Palfish Freetalk Pay

Set your own per-minute rate. Earning uncapped

How to Receive Palfish Pay?

Use Payoneer to get Paid by Palfish

Palfish uses a popular web service called Payoneer to send direct payments to its teachers' bank accounts. Payoneer is an alternative to PayPal, a better-known company that also does online payments.

Anyone with a working email and bank account can sign up for Payoneer, and you can use the services for various financial transactions on the web, not just for getting paid by Palfish.

You can get $35 for free by signing up below:

Sign up to Payoneer Below and get $35 for free

$35 will be credited to you from Payoneer once you receive a total of $1000 payments in to your account.

PalFish Official Kids Course Requirements

If you don't meet these requirements, you can find other teach from home jobs here.

Need a Cheap Teaching Certificate? (TEFL/TESOL)

The TESOL option from International Open Academy is a popular choice for Online English Teachers. Click the button below to read more:

PalFish Freetalk

Freetalk is for teachers who prefer to teach adults instead of children. However, you can also do this as well as the Official Kids Course to do both in tandem as side hustles from home.

Freetalk differs as it is a less guaranteed way to earn income, however it is much more flexible. You set your pay rate, as well as when you wish to make yourself available to be booked by adult learners.

Once you are booked, you will engage in an audio talk on your phone to help an adult learner practice their English. The student will pay your per minute rate, and PalFish will take a 20% cut.

PalFish Freetalk Requirements

Teaching certification (TEFL, TESOL or others)

To apply, simply download the app and make a profile. Your profile will then have to be approved before you can begin making yourself available to teach.

Don't meet the requirements? Plenty more fish in the sea…

Find an Online Teaching Platform

Click below to find online teaching platforms to help you start earning online by teaching kids or adults.

Palfish Alternatives

Palfish Official Kids Course Alternative

Cambly Kids

Pay: $12 per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not required
Cambly Kids Overview

Palfish Freetalk Alternative


Pay: $10.20 per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not Required
Cambly Overview

Along with Cambly and Cambly Kids, there is also Amazing Talker for teaching adults online, as well as other options:

Palfish Application Process

What Are the Different Components of the Palfish Application?

The application for prospective teachers interested in Palfish includes:

  • Choose an “avatar” – a unique profile picture that has your face clearly visible.
  • Write a 100-word introduction (minimum) that includes important information related to the job like your name, your home country, any college/university education and credentials, previous work experience in the ESL field if any, and what you think you will bring to the table if accepted to the position.
  • Record an introduction explaining your English-teaching skills. This video is designed to showcase your English language talents, so make sure you are speaking clearly.
  • Visit the “My Wallet” section of the Palfish platform and enter your personal financial information so that the company can pay you for your work.

Palfish will take 2 business days to review all of this information and get back to you about the status of your application.

What Are Some Tips for Acing the Video Introduction?

Palfish does offer some ways you can make your video stand out from the crowd, as well as things best left unsaid that you shouldn't include:

  • Don't come off as arrogant. It's understandable to want to “wow” potential students with your depth of knowledge and expertise, but if you lay it on too thick, you risk appearing overly “cocky.”
  • Slow down in the recording. Keep in mind that your students will be learning English as a second language (ESL) – many of them beginning from scratch. Talk slowly and annunciate every word so that potential students (or their parents) watching your introduction can grasp the message you are trying to convey – namely, that you are the right instructor for the job.
  • Try to look at your introduction video from the perspective of a Palfish student – do you seem knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic? Are you relatable? Is the vocabulary and terminology that you use in the video appropriate for even beginners? You can create a draft of your video script using a tool like Chatsonic if you are stuck for inspiration.

Palfish Basics – Video Tutorials

Fast On-boarding Process

Another advantage of Palfish is the fast on-boarding process compared to other online teaching applications.

You can be booked as soon as your application is processed. So please note to have an idea of your availability before applying. Here is a series of video tutorials from a Palfish mentor to help:

Palfish Basics – Your First Bookings

Palfish Basics – Send Welcome Messages and Follow-Ups to Trial Students

Palfish Schedule Functions Tutorial

How Long Do You Need To Stay in the Classroom?

Palfish Trial Placement

Palfish FAQ

Apply to Palfish

How To Apply

Simply head to the link below and to see if you qualify. (The application will be done through your mobile device)

Palfish not the right job for you? No problem…

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