Peeqo – Robot That Responds Through Videos & GIFS (Desktop Companion & EduTech Platform)

Peeqo – Robot That Responds Through Videos & GIFS (Desktop Companion & EduTech Platform)

Meet Peeqo – a smart home device that responds to your questions…but in a very different way to Google Home or Amazon Echo. See for yourself:


In this article you will discover:

  • Why this interactive robot is the perfect desktop companion for online workers

  • How Peeqo actually responds to your voice in GIFs and video clips

  • Why it has a huge potential for education technology

I am a huge fan of GIFs…mainly because being an online worker, a huge part of my social interaction is done on social media. GIFs help me to express things that the written word just cannot.

A Desktop Companion and Productivity Bot

Peeqo would be absolutely perfect for DigiNos spending long hours in front of the computer, either online ESL teaching, or any of the other digital nomad jobs.

Peeqo's creator Abishek Singh mentions how he uses the interactive robot to keep him productive when he's procrastinating, as well as remind him to regularly drink water and rest his eyes from the screen.

And the thing that I like the most…a quick encouraging GIF after a long period of brain-melting work…or 3 hour online teaching session.


An Interactive Robot For Sure! But How Does Peeqo Work?

The voice detection within Peeqo operates using Amazon Voice Services, Google Cloud Speech and Snips, as well as various others.

Peeqo's purpose in life is to continuously surf the web for the best GIFs and videos (I know the feeling) to ensure that you get a unique clip for each question you ask. Your own custom responses can also be added.

But surely eventually the clips will start repeating and the novelty will wear off?

Peeqo Open Source Code and Community Contribution

The community contribution to Peeqo's code, will ensure it constantly develops. However, this isn't just about finding the very latest GIFs on the internet. This little robot can perform so many smart home functionalities also…

What Else Can Peeqo Do? The Personal Assistant Robot

Peeqo can be used for such tasks as:

  • Checking the weather
  • Setting timers
  • Controlling room lighting

And so much more, which seems to make this personal assistant robot a competition for other smart home devices, rather than a cheap-laugh gimmick gadget.

A Little More About Peeqo

The robot assistant is currently a Kickstarter project, and will come as a ‘build it yourself' kit.

Peeqo's kit will all things needed to build the personal robot yourself…without needing any special tools or masters in Robotics.

Peeqo's Technical Specifications

  • 7 inches product
  • 4-inch IPS display
  • Dual omni-directional microphones
  • Twin 3W speakers for stereo sound
  • 5MP camera
  • LED ring for notifications
  • Four programmable buttons.
  • Powered by a Raspberry Pi 3B+ 64-bit quad-core processor

Educational Platform – More Than Just a Robot

You can also plug in to Peeqo and explore the more technical aspects of developing the robot. This means it can be used as a platform to educate yourself on electronics, robotics and software.

This GIF bot could turn out to be a revolutionary form of self-education for both old and young.

I know I want to use it as the mascot of my online ESL classes! The student can practice asking it questions and receive relevant video clips responses. The GIF responses can also operate as a universal translator between student and teacher – a technology advancement in Total Physical Response!

More than just a robot, but also a fantastic way for an ESL student to practice their English in a fun and unique way.

Be sure to follow the journey of Peeqo on Kickstarter! And use the social media share bar to let your friends know about this awesome robot.

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