War Drum – The Wolf and The Moon Story



Story Overview

What happens when the wolf no longer howls at the moon?

When Otsoa, a young Wolf-thread, finds he can no longer howl, a mysterious grey fog appears and begins destroying the world.

Otsoa is then forced into an adventure, along with a rooster that he packed for his lunch, to find the legendary source of natural music – the War Drum.

Will the world be saved if the Wolf-thread can find his howl?
Or is there a deeper mystery behind the destructive fog?

From the Author

Here is my children's fantasy novel that started off as a collection of short stories related to nature (inspired by simple Japanese stories and Chinese short stories for kids). It then evolved into a full-blown animal fantasy story.

This happened after further research into what the wolf represents in native America cultures, Indian wolf proverbs and zoomusicology (the study of animals and music).

Some other themes explored in War Drum:

Wolf and the moon

Why does the wolf howl at the moon?

Rooster and the sun

Why does the rooster crow at sunrise?

Chinese Zodiac – Rooster and dragon friendship

Are the rooster and dragon soulmates?

Chicken, wolf and grain riddle

An expanded interpretation of the famous river crossing riddle.


The cosmic relationship between the sun, moon and earth.

Full moon manifestation

The mysteries behind the effects of a full moon and the eclipse.

Man vs nature

The battle to preserve vs evolve.

Good wolf – Bad wolf

A half wolf-half human's natural animalistic instincts conflicting with human compassion.

The Wolf and The Moon Story


War Drum Review from Amazon

Entertaining and Insightful in equal measure

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Jason has a very professional, yet at the same time easily digestible style of writing. I read the book in one day: it was entertaining and interesting.

I loved how the story continuously teases more and more information about the back-story of the universe and characters. I was desperate to find out the next piece of the puzzle. A lot of the pieces came together in the finale, but there were a couple of “threads” (pardon the pun) that were still loose, and I hope Jason picks up on in future books.

I also enjoyed the little nuggets of wisdom contained within the book. The story explores deeper themes such as inner strength, self-expression and overcoming challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed these aspects, and my only complaint is that I wish the author had scattered more of them throughout the book!

This is a very fine accomplishment for the author's first book, and I look forward to exploring this universe more in his next novels.



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