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Online Teaching Tools


Best laptops for teachers guide
A laptop is essential for teaching online. Check out the most popular choices through the Amazon affiliate link below…


Best headsets for teachers guide
A headset is another essential for teaching online. Check out the most popular choices through the Amazon affiliate link below…


Best webcams for teachers guide
A good quality webcam is essential for teaching online if your laptop webcam isn't up to scratch. Check out the most popular choices through the Amazon affiliate link below…


ManyCam Guide
The digital prop toolbox. Make your online classes exciting for students and effortless for you with this webcam software.
15% off paid versions using the affiliate link below and code DIGINO

Feedback Panda

Feedback Panda Guide

Giving feedback to online students is a small part of the job compared to the mountains of marking that classroom teachers have to do…however it can become bothersome if you’re not organised. That’s why Feedback Panda was designed for Online Teachers. Check it out at the affiliate link below…


A free graphic design solution for making so many useful online teaching resources including flashcards, printables and even professional looking resumés.
Try out Canva from the affiliate link below:

Online Teaching Props


Puppets are a great prop for passing online teaching demo classes, showing that you've made an effort to include props.
So easy to incorporate to keep the attention of younger students.
Check out a selection of puppets below….


Ukuleles are a way to easily inject music into your classroom, without having to quickly pick up a big heavy guitar.
They're easy to learn and fun to play, so check out our guide on the best ukuleles to buy below….


It’s important to have a good looking teaching environment when teaching online. As long as it’s bright and fun, a simple poster will do the trick. Have a look through these posters on Amazon to get you through your online teaching demo class…

Getting Started Teaching Online

Online Teaching FAQ

During any application process, it’s natural for lots of questions to arise to make sure you have the knowledge to proceed.
So if you ever got lost in the process of becoming an online teacher, this collection of Frequently Asked Questions is here to guide you to clarity…

Demo Video

During the application process to teach online, you may be asked to create a demo video…but what is it?!
This guide will fill you in on how to make a quick simple trailer for yourself as an Online English Teacher…

DigiNo JobMatch

Use the free tool to find a hiring online teaching company that's perfect for you and your qualifications.
DigiNo only lists companies that are actually hiring, so it is the most efficient and quickest way to find a company to apply for…

Teaching Certification

International Open Academy

The 120 Hour TESOL Certification by International Open Academy is accredited and one of the most affordable courses on the market. This certification comes at a discounted price and helps teachers to apply for online English teaching positions.
Get a discount at the link below:

Magic Ears University

Magic Ears are an Online Teaching company that went ahead and created their own TESOL certification course designed for Online English Teachers at an affordable price.
Magic Ears University TESOL courses are accredited and are sure to get you read to teach your first online class.
Find out more at the affiliate link below:


TEFLHero was created by real teachers to bring you a 120 hour TEFL certification course.
Fully accredited with total tutor support and lifetime access, this new TEFL certification will give you a great chance at becoming an ESL teacher.
Get 20% off with the code digino20 at the link below:

Online Payment Solutions


Read our guide here
Fantastic for receiving international payments with low conversion fees.
The TransferWise bank card holds multiple different currencies, perfect for location independent teachers.
Try it out now with the affiliate link below:


Read our guide here
Organise your online income ready for tax time with one of the easiest accounting softwares to use.
Online teachers are freelancers and therefore are responsible for paying their own income taxes.
So let FreshBooks do all the organizing for you.
Free trial by using the affiliate link below:


Read our guide here
DigiNo's #1 choice for receiving online pay. Low fees and reliable transfers.
Get $35 for free (once you receive your first $1000 in pay) and use the affiliate link below:

Online Teaching Courses

Magic Ears University

Magic Ears University not only offers a TESOL Certification, but also a cheap course dedicated to Teaching English Online.
So if you want to learn how to teach online, from one of the top online teaching companies, the Magic Ears course is a great place to start.
Check it out through the link below…


Skillshare Guide
Skillshare is filled with thousands of courses from experts teaching skills. These skills can be from digital marketing to cooking, as well teaching English online.
You also get a 2 month free trial from the link below for you to absorb as much knowledge as you can for free
Try it out below…


Udemy Guide
Udemy is similar to Skillshare, however it differs in that you pay for each individual course, rather than a subscription model.
There are a wide array of online teaching courses on there, as well as just about everything else you wish to learn.
Check it out yourself through the link below…

Travelling Teacher Tools


Teaching online on the road requires a secure and quiet environment. That’s why hostels simply won’t do due to shared Wifi and potential disturbances.
With AirBnB being your home away from home, you have the ability to rent someone’s home for a short term stay, which you can turn into your temporary classroom!
Grab a $40 discount off your first stay through the link below…


Kiwi is a great place to find some of the cheapest deals for flights. Select your starting and end point and it will automatically find the best flight journey for you.
It also has a great app that will keep your itinerary organised for reduced stress on travel days.
Plan your next trip through the link below…


A great backpack is a must for a travelling online teacher. You not only need to fit your essential items within it, but also your teaching gear such as props and laptop.
That why you need a bag with plenty of storage, that is comfortable on the shoulders despite the weight.
The DigiNo recommended bag is the Osprey Farpoint 40, which you can read about in the review above, or check it out on Amazon through the affiliate link below…

Home Office Equipment

Ergonomic Chair
Ergonomic Chair

Online teaching turns your home into your place of work, which means having a good setup for mind and body is important.

Here's a list of ergonomic desk chairs on Amazon (affiliate link) which is one of the most crucial things in a home office:

Standing Desk
Standing Desk

Benefits of a standing desk guide
Being sat down for long periods of time isn’t great for the posture. An ergonomic desk chair helps this, however, alternating between being sat on your ergonomic chair and standing at your desk is the perfect remedy.
This is why a standing desk is a fantastic bit of gear for your home office, and may even keep you in a high energy state whilst teaching online.
Check out the selection of standing desks through the affiliate link below…


When it comes to being on a webcam, one of the most important things is lighting. Ideally you’d want to have natural light from a window, but as this isn’t always available, a good desk light is a great addition to your online teaching home office.

Here are a list of lights on Amazon through the affiliate link below…

Independent Online Tutor Tools


Groove Funnels Guide
When going independent and finding your own online students to teach, you may find yourself having to sign up to every service under the sun –
Web hosting, email marketing, payment processing…the list goes on and on.
Groove is an all in one solution for starting an online business and is designed to simplify the process so you have everything you need all in one place.
So get started on building your independent tutor business by trying out Groove for free from the affiliate link below:


As an independent tutor you want to both attract students to your service, as well as convey a message. One of the best ways to do both is to create animated whiteboard explainer videos.
Doodly makes it simple to create these great looking videos for when there is a subject you wish to explain in a fun and memorable way.
To see demo video of how it works, click on the button below…


ClassIn Guide
Ever wanted to create your own online teaching platform just like DaDa or Whales English? ClassIn makes this possible.
Specifically designed as a web conferencing tool for teaching English, ClassIn provides you with the capabilities to deliver lesson plans and games on screen to students, as well as managing your online teaching business on the backend.
Try a two week free trial of the Virtual Classroom Software by clicking the button below…

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