How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class [Requires ManyCam]

How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class

With the new DaDaClass update being without a timer in between classes, this made it very difficult to make sure you enter the class the right time.

You don’t want to be too early, and you don’t want to be late and miss out on the attendance bonus (or reward points).

So here is a method for ensuring that you are never late for your DaDaABC class.

Please note: The new update now has a timer, but this method is still a great tool for other reasons I will explain in this article.

Use ManyCam To Create a DaDaABC Screensaver

Here is my video on the method if you would prefer to watch it in action:

Using ManyCam you can select a blank screen after right clicking on one of the activations. Then on top of the blank screen you can add a DaDaABC image.

Here’s the one I use:

How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class

If you want to use it too, then simply right click it and select ‘Save Image As’.

Now you need to convert it into the right format for ManyCam and add it into the virtual webcam software. Below is a video where I show how to do this simple process:

Now that you have it in ManyCam, just click on it from your ‘Effects’ panel and it should appear on top of your blank screen.

Click the banner below to download ManyCam for your classroom!

Now you can simply transition to this before you enter each class. This means you can enter the class during your 2 minute break and the student will see the screensaver and not think that the class has started yet.

I also enter 5 minutes early doing this method for my first class.

Now I can really make the most of my 2 minute breaks and take a half a sip of tea without frantically checking a timer on my phone.

Other Great Uses For The ManyCam DaDaABC Screensaver

I also transition to the screensaver for when the student hasn’t turned up for class. This allows me to block out the camera whilst I have a break…I mean prepare for my next class!

If there are technical difficulties, I transition to the screensaver, rather than me and the student just making funny faces at each other whilst I frantically try and adjust my settings.

Finally, I transition to it at the end of class so that I can say goodbye to the student and not embarrassingly linger for about 5 seconds whilst I click away at tabs trying to set the bookmark.

Always remember to transition to it the screensaver at the end of class, otherwise you will come to your class early whilst visible in the camera…which pretty much defeats the object!

If you would like to read some more ManyCam Tips and Tricks, then click the image below:

How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class

ManyCam ‘Simon Says’ Game For Teaching ESL Online

ManyCam 'Simon Says'

‘Simon Says’ is an absolute classic game for ESL teaching.

But with ManyCam, it just got an upgrade!

This version of the game where you instruct student’s to copy your movements after saying ‘Simon Says’ is perfect for keeping DaDaABC students engaged mid-class…or can be used as a warm-up or warm-down game as well!

Here is a video demonstrating how you can play ‘Simon Says’ using the virtual webcam software, ManyCam:

Click the banner below to download ManyCam for your online classroom:

 How Does ‘ManyCam Simon Says’ Work?

So it begins as the game would normally be played – ‘Simon says run, Simon says touch your nose’…

…but you can then spice it up a bit by using ManyCam effects, such as growing a moustache or even face masks like a cat…or Donald Trump.

‘Simon says grow a moustache!’

‘Simon says be a cat!’ etc

The end result of this, is simply to get the student to laugh, or to get them to wake up a little bit more for class.

Asking them to grow a moustache is all just part of the fun (I don’t actually expect them to grow a real moustache instantly…I’ll give them about ten years for that).

Read more about using ManyCam for your DaDaABC classroom here!

How To Get More Fun Out of ‘ManyCam Simon Says’

You can then tell them to shave their moustache. This can then be a funny little game of shaving your ManyCam moustache off, but then making it constantly reappear after you have done it…always gets a laugh or two!

And now your student is full of life and energy once again, ready to work their way through the courseware.

What Are The Benefits of ‘ManyCam Simon Says’?

The benefits of this ManyCam version of ‘Simon Says’ is that you don’t have to constantly think of actions you can do for them to repeat. So you won’t have to dance around like a maniac to keep them engaged…

…just click the button to put a top hat on your head and that will do the leg work for you!

If you would like to download ManyCam for your online classroom, then simply click on the image below:

6 Ways To Fill Spare Time After The Assessment Test [DaDaABC]

6 Ways To Fill Spare Time After The Assessment Test [DaDaABC]

We’ve all been there in our time teaching for DaDaABC. 30 minutes for the assessment test; the student completes it in 10.

With no courseware to full back on, is a 20 minute game of hangman the only option? Well it might have been until suddenly the pen disappeared from my options.

So that’s why I came up with this list of of ways to make the most of the spare time after the assessment test:

1)  Review The Questions The Student Got Wrong (And Help Plan Your After-Class Report)

By going through these questions, the DaDaABC student can learn from their mistakes and you can go into detail as to why their answer was incorrect.

You can also make note of this in the chat box to help you fill out your class report.

For example, if they got a lot of the comprehension questions wrong, then you can put an example of the question they got wrong in the chat for later. Copy and paste this into your report and set it again for them as homework so they can perfect it.

For more Homework Assignment Ideas for teaching English online with DaDaABC, click the image below:

Assessment Test DaDaABC | DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

2) Engage in Free-Chat or Use the ‘3 Question’s’ Class Activity

If your student is more advanced and quite the chatterbox, then you don’t have too much to worry about when it comes to using the time to engage them in free chat.

However, if your student isn’t quite that advanced, then simply use the ‘3 Questions’ class activity! You can read all about this method by clicking the image below:

Assessment Test DaDaABC| Class Activity Idea For DaDaABC - '3 Questions'

3) Use Any of DigiNo’s ManyCam Games or Tips and Tricks

I really cannot imagine a world without using ManyCam in my DaDaABC online classroom anymore.

I was always quite anxious about the Assessment Test  before I downloaded an endless supply of digital props at my fingertips. Now I know, I can quite comfortably keep my students entertained and engaged using ManyCam, without dancing around like an idiot for 20 minutes.

Here are a few video examples of games and tricks for you to use with ManyCam:

You can get ManyCam for your online classroom by clicking on the image below:

4) Sing Some Fun ESL Songs Together

If you have a musical instrument, or my personal recommendation…a ukulele, then you can engage in a good ol’ hearty sing-song with your online student.

I always find music and ESL to go perfectly together. It is the perfect blend of educational and fun!

Click the image below to discover 5 great ukulele songs to play with your DaDaABC student:

Assessment Test DaDaABC - '3 Questions'| Top 5 Ukulele Songs To Play To Your Online ESL Students

5) Use Flash cards To Substitute The Courseware

Flash cards are a great tool to have in your belt. They are essentially courseware in your pocket.

You can use them to brush up on your student’s vocabulary, or even use them as conversation topics.

Here are some great flash cards on the DigiNo Shop:

US Shop:

PlaySkool Flash Cards (US)

UK Shop:

Orchard Toys Flashcards (UK)

6) Play an ESL Video Through ManyCam

I always like to use ManyCam to play educational YouTube videos through if there is time after the assessment test as a reward for a job well done.

There is always an opportunity to make an activity out of it if you choose the right kind of video.

Click the image below to read about one of the ‘Mr Bean’ videos I use as a class activity:

Assessment Test DaDaABC | Lesson Plan For DaDaABC

And there’s few ways to help fill the spare time after the DaDaABC Assessment Test !

I hope this has been helpful. Now there is no need to fear that you and your online ESL student will be left twiddling your thumbs after they finish the test in record time!

If you have any ideas for activities to do after the DaDaABC Assessment Test, feel free to share them with the DigiNo community in the comments below!



ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged

ESL games

I know it’s happened to me more times than I care to mention. There you are, trying to teach the best online English class you can, when suddenly the student starts to yawn.

ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged

Don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with you or your awesome teaching. It’s just very difficult to keep a student engaged in this modern technological age.

Thankfully, that is now a thing of the past in my DaDaABC classroom…well, mostly.

There is no easier way to keep your DaDaABC online English student engaged than by using these ManyCam Tips and Tricks!

ManyCam is multi-tasking camera effects tool, also known as a virtual camera. It can be used to create various visual effects, as well as provide multiple cameras at once within your DaDaABC online ESL classroom.

Click the image below to download the free version of ManyCam now:

(Affiliate link)

Video of the ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged

Before I you read about the ManyCam Trips and Tricks in detail, here is a video for those of you who would prefer to watch them in action!

Put Virtual Glasses On Your Face [ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged]

This is just something out of the ordinary to wake them up and break the cycle of boredom.

You can even slip in a bit of a vocabulary exercise whilst you do it:

‘What are these? Glasses!’

Always an opportunity for a lesson to be learned!

Use a Distortion Effect [ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged]

Similar to the glasses, it just breaks up the class and gets your online ESL student’s eyes to open up a bit more!

It can also be pretty entertaining for yourself to see yourself on camera looking absolutely ridiculous…sometimes teachers need a little pick-me-up as well as the students!

Flip Yourself Upside Down [ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged]

This one is great as you can turn it into a little game.

Once you have flipped yourself upside down by clicking on the ‘Flip horizontally’ button in the ‘Video’ tab, you can then ask the DaDaABC student to help you get back the right way up.

Simply instruct them to say ‘1-2-3-Back to normal!’ and then press the button again to flip yourself back.

Or for less advanced students: ‘1-2-3-‘ and then tell them to click their fingers.

Use These ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep Things Fresh!

You can pull any of these three tricks out of the bag all throughout your class.

It’s great for keeping things fresh! You don’t want to find yourself just reading through the courseware constantly, as a lot of kids just don’t have the attention span for that.

I always find that after I have done one of these tricks, the student always gets right back to the activity in the courseware with a fresh perspective and raring to go…well, mostly.

If you have any tips and tricks for keeping students engaged, then feel free to share them with the DigiNo community in the comments below!


If you want to read more about using ManyCam for your DaDaABC online classroom, then clicking the image below would be a fine choice!

ManyCam Trips and tricks | Use ManyCam For Your Online ESL Classroom

DaDaABC Class Activity: ‘Mr Bean’ Animation [ManyCam]

Mr Bean ESL

If you are like me and sometimes struggle to come up with activities related to the courseware, I’m here to share with you a video and lesson plan to teach to your DaDaABC students!

The lesson plan is built around a great animation from YouTube below that is relevant to multiple topics in the courseware.

[Please note: watching a video with your students requires the virtual webcam software ManyCam, which you can download for free by clicking this link].

The video is a clip from the ‘Mr Bean Animated Series’:

What Happens in The Video ‘Mr Bean – Food Shopping with Teddy’? [Lesson Plan For DaDaABC]

In this video, Mr Bean is shopping at the supermarket with his teddy bear and is deciding between all the different foods he wants to buy. He then notices a baby stealing apples.

The baby and his mother turn out to be bad guys in disguise and they steal his teddy bear. He chases after them in his car and eventually finds his bear.

[However, I stop the video just as he sees the silhouette of his bear up in the tree as it turns out not to be the right one. I stop it early to provide a happy ending for the video.]

Lesson Plan For DaDaABC - Teddy Bear

So What Teaching Topics Can You Expand On From This Video? [Lesson Plan for DaDaABC]

The video covers:

  • Good and bad behaviour (stealing apples and toys)
  • Toy animals (teddy bear)
  • Living and nonliving things (Mr Bean treats the teddy bear like a living thing when it is nonliving)
  • Food types (great for pausing and asking the DaDaABC student what food he is holding in his hand)
  • The setting of the supermarket

Very relevant to the courseware and such a fun video!

It is perfect for an exercise of comprehension and pausing and asking the child what is happening frequently.

Why is the Mr Bean Animated Series Perfect for Online English Teaching? [Lesson Plan for DaDaABC]

The Mr Bean Animated Series is great for ESL teaching because there is very little spoken language…

…wait, hear me out.

This is good because it allows for younger children to comprehend what is going on without having to concentrate on translating the dialogue in their minds.

It communicates mostly through body language, expression and music to tell the narrative. This gives you a lot of opportunity for your own narration…and for a good bit of discussion with your online English student.

You watch more of Mr Bean on Amazon Prime here.

Or there are plenty of clips and full episodes on YouTube here.

How Do I Show This Video To My DaDaABC Online Student Using ManyCam?

You can stream the video through ManyCam within your online classroom by right-clicking your camera and selecting the YouTube URL function (or the media file function if you download the video).

To read more about using ManyCam in your DaDaABC online classroom, click the image below:

Use ManyCam For Your Online ESL Classroom

If you have any more lesson plan ideas you want to share with the DigiNo community, feel free to discuss them in the comments below!

ManyCam Fruit Guessing Game For Teaching English Online

ManyCam Fruit Guessing Game

The virtual webcam software ManyCam has made teaching online for DaDaABC an even more enjoyable experience. One example of this is the ManyCam Fruit Guessing Game.

But first, if you don’t know…

Read more about what ManyCam is by clicking this link.

When teaching English to Chinese students online, it is so important to have warm-up activities or tricks for keeping the student engaged. If your lesson plan only consists of the courseware, then some students may start to lose interest and not absorb your teachings.

You may find yourself constantly scrambling for puppets or a ukulele if you notice your DaDaABC student start to yawn – but there is a much more dynamic way to bring their attention to life!

DigiNo have come up with an incredibly simple game using Many Cam to spice up your online ESL classroom using the virtual camera effects installed already within the software:

ManyCam Fruit Guessing Game [For Teaching English Online with DaDaABC]

So as you see, the ManyCam Fruit Guessing Game involves the child guessing the fruit effects on the screen to improve their vocabulary. Add a bit of humour in there and there you have a great all-round educational experience.

Such a simple game and it never fails to get the students laughing and engaged.

Then they are ready to get right back to work with a fresh perspective and a smile.

ManyCam Fruit Guessing Game

Using the virtual camera and effects in this way has really saved me so much time and money on finding props to improve my online classroom. Although, I still use my trusty puppets, ukulele and flashcards, it’s always good to have ManyCam to switch things up.

Nothing wrong with having too many options!

If you want to download ManyCam for free, or get the 12 month standard subscription (which I am using in the video) then click the image below (affiliate link):

Click Image To Download ManyCam

ManyCam Fruit Guessing Game

Have fun DaDaABC teachers!

Benefits of Regular Students with DaDaABC

DaDaABC Reviews
One of the best parts of teaching English online with DaDaABC is your regular students.
As the weeks go by your schedule will fill up with regular students, so each time you teach you are gradually building a connection with them.

Below is an accompanying video to this article:


Build a Connection and Sense of Humour [Regular Students and DaDaABC]

It’s great to make your online ESL students laugh during class. If they are having fun learning then they will look forward to learning more – that’s the way I see it!
Seeing a student regularly allows you to create a sense of humour with them and get to know what gags make them laugh the most. As opposed to trial classes where you never know if your puppet routine is going to produce tumbleweed.
It’s good to realise that the child has already been to school that day, so it’s important to inject a bit of fun to keep them engaged.

Gauge Their English Ability To Help Craft The Lesson [Regular Students and DaDaABC]

You can also get a grasp at what the student’s strengths are in English and what areas need more work. This helps you to craft your lesson plan around this knowledge.
For example, if your regular student’s pronunciation isn’t quite there, then you can plan a phonics activity for each class to get them up to scratch!
Or if their vocabulary for things such as fruit isn’t as strong, you can play the ManyCam fruit guessing game like in the video below:

 With trial classes being 14 minutes long and no guarantee that you will see the student again, it’s harder to cater for their educational needs.

That’s why regular students are a fantastic aspect of being an online teacher with DaDaABC.


Click the image below to get ManyCam for your DaDaABC classroom! (Affiliate link)
ManyCam | Regular Students and DaDaABC

A Sense of Security With Full Pay Hours [Regular Students and DaDaABC]


Regular students also give you a sense of security that you will get your full-pay hours each week as they are less likely to cancel last-minute than a trial class.
As you are only paid your full hourly rate for the time that you are teaching in your contracted hours.
So having a dedicated student that has signed up to see you at a routine time each week gives you confidence that your monthly income will remain a similar number on pay day.

Final Thoughts on Regular Students and DaDaABC

So those are the benefits of having regular students with DaDaABC. Ultimately, like with any job, it’s great to build connections.
And having regular students allows you to have a familiar face to build a fun connection with and to create a wonderful education environment.
If you want more tips on how to become the best DaDaABC online teacher that you can be, then click the image below:
Regular Students and DaDaABC

Use ManyCam For Your Online ESL Classroom With DaDaABC

DaDaABC and ManyCam

Teaching English online can be exhausting. Thankfully ManyCam exists to make the online teacher’s life a lot easier…and the student’s class a lot more fun!

Using ManyCam with DaDaABC

Having multiple classes in row where you must think up games and songs to keep the student engaged can take its toll. With ManyCam you can project a video or image to the student through DaDaABC’s teaching software.

You can display a sing-a-long YouTube video, or animal counting game whilst still remaining present on the screen!

Here is a video of a DaDaABC teacher…(well, me) using ManyCam in action:

What Exactly is ManyCam?

ManyCam is a video switcher/webcam software allowing you to use your webcam on most applications whilst simultaneously live streaming or using video chat.

Click the image below to get up to 30% off ManyCam:

Use ManyCam For Your Online ESL Classroom With DaDaABC

(Affiliate link – DigiNo will receive a small percentage of each sale to help keep creating content!)

It can be used on applications such as YouTube, Skype, Twitch or Livestream.

You can record your screen, alter your background, add cool effects and much much more.

Benefits of Using ManyCam with DaDaABC

With ManyCam you can improve your online classroom by:

  • Putting filters over your face to make the student laugh. For example, you can become a cat.
  • You can play a song on YouTube and have the lyrics up so the student can sing along.
  • You can project guessing games on YouTube so you don’t have to spend countless hours gathering props for your own game.
  • You can project visual reward systems.

Click the link below if you want super-boost your online classroom with these ideas:

Download ManyCam here for free!

(Affiliate link – DigiNo will receive a small percentage of each sale to help keep creating content!)

Setting up ManyCam with Windows

ManyCam with Windows

Setting up ManyCam with Windows is fairly straightforward. You can begin this process by clicking on this link.

Setting up ManyCam with Mac

ManyCam with Mac

However, setting up ManyCam with Mac is not as straightforward.

Fortunately,  here at DigiNo, we have created a post explaining the step-by-step process in detail. Click the link below to find it:

How To Set-Up ManyCam With Mac For Your DaDaABC Online Classroom

Get ready for your DaDaABC online ESL classroom to get a turbo boost with ManyCam!


Using ManyCam With Mac For Your DaDaABC Classroom

ManyCam with Mac

ManyCam is the perfect addition to any DaDaABC online English teacher’s classroom. But can you use ManyCam with Mac?

If you are unsure of what ManyCam is, read our previous article below:

Use ManyCam For Your Online ESL Classroom With DaDaABC

How To Set-Up ManyCam With Mac For Your DaDaABC Online Classroom

Click the image to download the free version of ManyCam!

(Affiliate link – DigiNo will receive a small percentage of each sale to help keep creating content!)

Can I Use ManyCam With Mac?

You may have already discovered that ManyCam’s compatibility with Mac for your online classroom leaves a lot to be desired.

ManyCam with Mac

But don’t fear!

There is a way…

Here is a Step-by-Step Process on How to Set-Up ManyCam with Mac Computer or Apple MacBook

ManyCam with Mac

But before you begin, make sure you have everything you need:

    • An Intel-based Mac – Click the image below to find a suitable Mac on Amazon (affiliate link):

  • A Microsoft Windows installation media or disk image (ISO) containing a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 8 or later

Download the Windows disk image from here.

  • At least 55GB of free disk space on your startup drive

Go to here to discover how to free up space on your startup disk.

  • A blank 16GB or larger USB 2 flash drive

You can find a 16 GB USB 2 flash drive on Amazon by clicking the image below (affiliate link):

  • Make sure your Mac is installed with all the latest updates.

Follow These Steps To Set-Up ManyCam with Mac

  • Back up your mac onto and external hard drive through Time Machine if you don’t have it backed-up already.

Here is a walkthrough on how to back up through Time Machine

Click the image below to find an external hard drive on Amazon (affiliate link):

  • Go to Bootcamp Assistant in your Applications

Instructions on how to use Bootcamp Assistant

If these aren’t clear enough, then there is more detailed instruction here.

  • After following the Bootcamp Assistant instructions, you now have to create a partition between Mac and Windows on your hard drive.

Here are instructions for setting-up a Windows partition on your Mac.

  • Now Windows will be installed on your Mac after following the on-screen Windows installation instructions.
  • You can switch between Mac and Windows by holding down the ‘Options’ key after restarting.
  • Now that you are on Windows you simply have to go the ManyCam website and download ManyCam. (The free edition won’t have enough features for your DaDaABC online classroom).

You can purchase ManyCam from the official website by clicking the image below: