5 Best Headsets for Online English Teachers 2021

5 Best Headsets for Online English Teachers 2021

As an online teacher, the quality of your equipment will differentiate you from the ordinary teachers to those teachers who are professionals in their ESL field.

Your teaching tools must allow you to speak to and hear your students with clarity and reliability.With a top-notch headset, you can focus on your students and the elements of your lesson instead of whether they can hear you, you can hear them, or interference from background noises.

Unfortunately, most teachers don’t invest much time in making sure they have quality equipment.In regards to headset quality, it might be a good ideas to make sure you have a quality headset!Your online lesson is only as good as what your students can hear and how well you can hear them.

Best Headsets for Online Classes

Purchasing a quality headset will definitely have a great impact on your students. Additionally, a great headset will show others that you are a teacher who stays up-date with the best technology, instead of one who uses sub-par equipment that might be outdated, old technology. A quality headset, which integrates state-of-the-art technology, will allow you to be heard clearly and maintain focus.

Unfortunately, not all headsets are designed to optimize performance for teaching English online.

However, there are a wide array of headsets that offer great function and low-cost.You don’t have to spend much to go from ordinary to professional.

Regardless of whether you are searching for the best headsets for DaDaABC, or the best headsets for VIPKID…

…follow the links below to check out our recommendations for the five best headsets for online teaching.

1) Logitech USD H110 Stereo Headset [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

Logitech USB H110 headset is a great headset for the budget-minded teacher. It ispacked with high functionality. This headset has a universal serial bus jack and is compatible with any computer. It is easy to set-up and use right out of the box.There is no extensive training or software installation.This model does include a 6-foot cord that you plug into the computer.As an online teacher, you have plenty of cord to move freely and continue to give your students an awesome lesson.You will still be able tostand, sit and reach items for referencing.

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best headsets for online english teachers



2) Plantronics PLN AUDIO 478 [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

This is another super headset for online teaching. If you travel with your headset, this set folds for packing and safe-keeping. PLN AUDIO 478 has an in-line remote that is fixed to the cord of the headset.The in-line remote allows you to easily adjust volume while you are teaching.It is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms and offers HD sound quality.Overall, this headset is quite impressive.

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best headsets for online english teachersCHECK PRICES


3) Logitech H390 [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

You may have heard about this headset due to its popularity. This headset not only offers clear communication between the teacher and students, but it also has a noise cancellation feature to reduce the amount of background noise that is picked up and transmitted by the mic. Also, the headset has an adjustable headband and earpads making it very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

This is actually one of the headsets recommended by DaDaABC.

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best Headsets for online english teachers



4) MPow PC Headset [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

This headset is greatly versatile. It has a 3.5mm jack with a USB that allows for use on computers, tablets, or smartphones. It has noise canceling ability and can be used on both Macs and Windows without any additional configuration. The headset is made of flexible materials and connects to your device with a lengthy cable that allows you plenty of mobility when teaching your class.

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best Headsets for Online English Teachers



5) Sony Mdr-Xb950/b [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

This extra bass headphone has a nice cord length of about 1.2m with a moderate weight of 245g, exempting the cable. The extra “groove” that this headset delivers really makes teaching fun. Not only are they affordable, the bass levels are excellent.Your voice will carry to your students exceptionally well.

These are also the headphones I personally use for teaching English online for DaDaABC!

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best Headsets for Online English Teachers



And One More for Luck!

Plantronics Blackwire 500 C520-M [Best Headsets for Online Teachers]

This USB, Binaural and Microsoft-Certified Headphone is a bonus addition to the list! Purely because of it's high recommendation from Amazon, as well as great reviews.

As a USB headset, it meets online teaching requirements, as well as providing dynamic controls on the USB connection.

Great comfort for those long teaching shifts and here's the best part…

Smart Sensor Technology

You can answer phone calls simply by putting the headset on your head. This is great for teachers who use Skype to stop the frantic multi-tasking of getting the headset ready and answering calls before they are missed.

Check it out below!

Best Headsets for Online Teachers



If you would like to find more online teaching headsets, click the image below to discover the most frequently purchased headsets from Amazon:

ESL Headsets – 10 Most Popular and Frequently Purchased by Teachers


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