Become a Tutor for Cambly 2021 – Teach English Online with No Experience Required!

Become a Tutor for Cambly 2021 – Teach English Online with No Experience Required!


Pay: $10.20 per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not Required
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Work from Home with Cambly

ESL Tutors can work from home, as little or as much as they like. They require tutors to work from a computer/laptop. You will be unable to complete your application or tutor from a tablet or smartphone.

Cambly Requirements

  • Native English speaker
  • Computer/laptop with good webcam and audio capabilities

No degree, teaching certificate or experience required.

What is the Job with Cambly?

ESL Tutors are all native English speakers and get paid to have casual conversations with English learners from all over the world via video chat, thereby helping students practice English.

How Much Does Cambly Pay?

It can be a great way for you to talk to people from all over and learn about their cultures! They pay $0.17 per minute ($10.20 per hour). It's not huge, but it's a really fun way to earn a little extra and learn about other parts of the world at the same time. No experience is required.

What Is the Format of Cambly Classes?

All Cambly classes are personal, one-on-one digital sessions between students and users that take the form of video chats. Classes run day and night, 24/7, so there is always work available on the site. 

How Can Teachers Connect With Students on Cambly?

When you join Cambly, you will be given access credentials to log into the site whenever you are available and ready to deliver instruction. Students, likewise, can log into Cambly whenever they please. 

Once on the site, Cambly matches teachers with students for one-on-one teaching sessions. 

How Long Do Classes Last on the Cambly Platform?

When students book their class with Cambly, they have one of three options: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or a full hour. You will receive this information upfront before the class begins so you can manage your time appropriately. 

As a tutor, also, you can set your availability so that the class you get fits into your desired schedule. The goal of Cambly is to make the process of connecting with students for one-on-one learning as smooth as possible.

How Does the Cambly Platform Accommodate the Communication Barrier With Non-Native Speakers?

Cambly uses an automatic translation feature. Using this, students can type their queries into the chat box in their native tongue. Software then translates the content into English. 

What Type of English Do Cambly Instructors Teach?

Different learners have varying interests in terms of what they hope to learn from their time using Cambly. The areas that you can expect to cover as a teacher on the platform include:

  • Business English
  • “Survival English” for tourists and new arrivals to English-speaking countries
  • Job interview prep
  • Basic conversation
  • Exam prep

Must Instructors on Cambly Be Professional Teachers?

No. The beauty of working for Cambly is that anyone can do it – provided that they have a working internet connection and are a native English speaker. 

In fact, the majority of instructors that use Cambly do so as a side project. In their “everyday jobs,” Cambly instructors are cooks, doctors, entrepreneurs, and other working professionals. 

Is Cambly Open to Non-Native English Speakers?

No. While many other online English-teaching platforms require teachers to hold degrees and advanced teaching certificates, Cambly is open to anyone who speaks English as their mother tongue.  

The states considered to be “native” English-speaking countries include:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

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Does Cambly Record Lessons?

Yes. Cambly records all instruction sessions so that students can go back later whenever they need to review the content discussed in the lesson. 

How Old Are the Students on Cambly?

This is one of the most common questions that potential teachers have before joining the platform. The main Cambly English teaching program is accessible to all ages, from the youngest learners to degreed working professionals. 

However, there is a Cambly Kids program that is dedicated entirely to teaching minors. 

When Is the Cambly Platform the Busiest?

Many teachers want to know about the “peak time” on Cambly to grab teaching work. The fact is that, because Cambly is an internationally-oriented service, learners log on steadily 24/7 from various parts of the world. Accordingly, you can always expect to find teaching work when you are looking for it. 

What Is the Application Process to Join Cambly?

Cambly tries to make the application process as straightforward as possible. If you think that you might be a good fit with Cambly, follow these steps to complete your application:

  • Fill out the information form provided
  • Upload a 2-minute intro video to the site
  • Receive approval to join
  • Create your profile


Pay: $10.20 per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not Required
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What Personal Information Is Visible on the Cambly Site?

In the digital age, we are all more aware of the data that we share with online entities and how it is used. When you create your public profile on the site, the following information is displayed for prospective students to take a look at before booking a class with you:

  • 2-minute intro video
  • Spoken languages
  • Home country
  • Specializations in ESL (if any)
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Available times to teach

How Does Cambly's Pay Structure Compare to Other Online English Instruction Platforms?

Teachers who work for Cambly generally earn less than the industry average for online English teaching. In general, individuals with degrees and/or TEFL certification can expect to earn at least $15/hour online. Teachers who sign up with Cambly, by comparison, earn $10.20/hour. 

However, it's worth keeping in mind that Cambly's lower pay rate results from the low barrier to entry – anyone can join Cambly's network of teachers if they are fluent in English and have an internet connection. 

How Long Do Applicants Wait Before Hearing Back From Cambly?

Everyone likes to get quick replies to their applications. Unfortunately, due to the enormous number of applications that the company receives, Cambly makes teachers wait a few weeks before hearing back about the success of their applications and acceptance into the program. 

Cambly does not respond to candidates who do not meet its requirements. 

Also, the company recommends re-applying from a different email address in cases where a teacher doesn't hear back. 

How Does Cambly Pay Teachers?

Cambly pays its teachers every Monday via PayPal. If you don't already have an account, signing up for the service is easy – all you need is a valid ID, internet connection, and a bank account to route money to. 

To receive a payment from Cambly, you must have at least $20 of credit on your account. If not, you must wait until the next pay cycle to collect. 

Does Cambly Require a Minimum Time Commitment From Teachers?

Because many of the instructors who teach on the Cambly platform have “9-to-5” jobs, one of the most common questions about working for the site pertains to time commitment: is there a minimum number of hours that teachers are required to teach to keep their account on the site open?

There is no minimum time commitment – teachers on Cambly are free to work as much or as little as they please. 

Do Teachers on Cambly Need to Prepare Lessons?

As anyone who has taught English professionally will attest to, planning lessons can be extremely time-consuming and mentally taxing. Oftentimes, in fact, planning a lesson takes nearly as much time as actually delivering it in the classroom. 

When you teach at Cambly, all the lesson planning is already taken care of – all you need to do is show up with your best foot forward and dive into the teaching. 

Can Cambly Teachers Use Smartphones to Deliver Instruction?

No. Applicants to Cambly will be barred from using smartphones to apply. Teachers are required to have a laptop with a speedy internet connection to make the learning experience as optimal as possible for the learner and as enjoyable as possible for both teacher and student. 

How Do Teachers Who Have Worked for Cambly Rate the Company and Its Services?

Whenever considering a new company to go into business with, it's worth taking a look at the reviews that it has gotten from past employees. 

Here are the scores on the biggest review sites that former Cambly teachers have given:

The positive reviews generally emphasize the flexible nature of the work and the ease of the application process. On the other hand, the negative reviews focus on the relatively low pay compared to other online English instruction sites and the lack of upward mobility in terms of increasing the money that you can earn on the site. 

How Long Has Cambly Been in Business?

Cambly was founded in 2012 by co-founder Kevin Law and Sameer Shariff, two San Francisco-based entrepreneurs who previously worked with Google. Since then, with seeding from investors, Cambly has grown into one of the most recognizable names in the ESL industry. 

What Countries Do Cambly Students Come From?

Cambly, operating on its business model of providing high-quality English education across borders, attracts students from every corner of the globe – East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Americas, the Pacific, Africa, etc. According to the company, it has users from over 130 countries. 

For whatever reason, Cambly is particularly popular with clients from the Middle East, with Saudis representing a disproportionate percentage of Cambly users. 

What Expectations For Teachers Are Laid Out in Cambly's ‘Code of Conduct'?

Like any employer, Cambly has requirements that teachers must adhere to while working on the platform. Many of these are common-sense proposals that are required in everyday work life at “regular jobs,” such as:

  • “Treat everyone with respect.” That means “any discrimination based on race, culture, religion, physical appearance, or sexual orientation.” This standard applies to both teachers and students on the site; violators are kicked off the platform. 
  • “Appropriate dress.”  You don't need to wear a business suit to teach with Cambly, but you must be fully and appropriately clothed. The standard that Cambly uses is “dress like you are going to a university class.”
  • Avoid discussion of religion or politics
  • No substance use during class
  • No sharing outside contact info with students
  • No solicitation of services outside of Cambly

Cambly Reviews

Cambly have gotten lots of positive reviews on blogs and lots of positive press in general. Here's a review from DigiNo: 

Become an online tutor for Cambly

Here's a video compilation of real ESL tutors speaking about Cambly:

It's easy to apply and try it out for one hour, just to see if it's something you'd want to pursue!

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Pay: $10.20 per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not Required
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Become a Tutor for Cambly

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