4 Best Tablets for Online Teachers 2021

4 Best Tablets for Online Teachers 2021

Teachers used to be known by the size of the textbooks and notebooks that they carry around as part of their profession. Times are fast changing, and a lot of teaching goes on online.

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There are many tablets in the market that will allow a teacher to deliver advanced learning methods and better organize all required paperwork for classes. With so many tablets in the market, we will be looking at some of the top tablets that any online teacher should consider.

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (9.7-inch)


Tablets for Online Teachers

Samsung makes some of the best tablets in the market and the Galaxy Tab S3 stands out from their current set of tablets.

The tab comes with a stylus pen that makes it easy to take notes on the crispy super AMOLED screen. This 9.7-inch tablet runs with the help of a powerful Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 processor that delivers all apps with speed and fluidity.

The stylus allows you to take notes with minimal effort and Samsung Cloud gives you up to 15GB of free storage to save all your teaching notes and projects. It costs $599 at most retailers.

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2) Apple iPad Pro 11-inch


The only reason why we do not rate the iPad Pro higher for teachers is because it costs extra to buy the Apple Pencil which also needs to be charged regularly.

The iPad Pro is powered by a blazing-fast Apple A10X Fusion chipset that gives it enough juice to run all the apps a teacher would need for online teaching. The LCD screen of the iPad Pro is also illuminated by back LED which gives it a vibrant screen that is perfect for image, text or any content that you need to view. The price starts from $869 for the 64GB storage version with only Wi-Fi.

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3) Microsoft Surface Pro 4


Tablets for Online Teachers

A lot of teachers who prefer to have a laptop to a tablet can get the best of both worlds with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Priced at a starting price of $899 for the 32GB storage model, it runs the latest Windows 10 operating system and packs a 12.3” screen that delivers quality images and readability.

This beautiful and stylish gadget is light, portable and can be combined with a full keyboard accessory to give the functionality of a laptop. The powerful processor beneath the hood also ensures that you never have to worry about running any app or creating any content.

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4) Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Tablets for Online Teachers

Amazon makes one of the best tablets for teachers in the market that is well-suited to teaching purposes.

One of the cheapest tablets on our list coming in under $250, it runs on Amazon’s Fire OS. The 10.1-inch screen does its job really capably and comes with a lot of free software and storage if you have an Amazon Prime account. The touchscreen is fluid, extremely responsive during usage and bang for its bucks.

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Any of the tablets on this list are reliable enough to satisfy anything that you may need as an online teacher. You can compare these according to your budget and unique needs.

Click the image below to discover the best laptops for online teachers:

Best Tablets for Online Teachers

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