Wacom Drawing Tablet for Teaching English Online

Wacom Drawing Tablet for Teaching English Online

Teaching online means that you sometimes have the chance to rely on some tools that you may not necessarily need for normal classes.

Solving a puzzle by hand or showing your classroom a drawing technique could be so much easier if you were able to use a drawing tablet which could show a live or recording handwriting to your students’ screen. This is why the Wacom Drawing Tablet is a great drawing tablet for teaching English online.

Wacom Drawing Tablet

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Technical Specifications


The Wacom Intuos Pro has a nice 15.8-in screen that is quite responsive to the slightest levels of pressure and over 60 levels of pen tilt. The high resolution of the screen ensures that you always see what you’re doing. It contains 8 Express Keys that can be configured for use as well as a Touch Ring. It comes equipped with a Pro Pen 2 which you use for showing handwriting and notes over the screen to your class. It is a well-built tablet that is quite durable with a long-lasting battery. You also get the feel that it is just better looking and performing than any generic brand of Drawing tablet in the market.

The software is also extremely easy to customize. A few minutes on the settings page is enough to help you change most of the settings to suit your online teaching needs. The Wacom tablet is also compatible with the latest versions of both Windows and Mac Operating Systems which makes it quite versatile and easy to use with any computer setup you may have.

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Wacom Tablet Features


One nice feature that makes the Wacom Drawing Tablet suitable for online teaching is the portable size, light weight and the add-on kit that can easily allow you use it with a pen and clop. It connects to your computer easily using a USB-C cable connection or a wireless Bluetooth connection which allows you more flexibility. You also don’t need to charge the pen so worry about it dying during your online class.

Check out this innovative way to use a tablet for an online ESL class:

Wacom Drawing Tablet


Benefits and Advantages of Wacom Tablet for Online Teachers


Some of the advantages that the Wacom Drawing Tablet that make it ideal for online classes include the following:

  • Extremely responsive wireless connection with great battery life for longer teaching hours
  • Little lag when using the pen to the screen, producing nice smooth graphics for easy demonstrations
  • Powerful software interface that allows you to incorporate even more elements to your online teaching classes with calligraphy lessons, songs and drawings
  • Palm interactions are ignored by the tablet which reduces accidental motions and distractions during classes


Overall, the Wacom Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet is an excellent teaching aid for any online teaching that will help you increase your work speed with the smooth and customizable operation. The weight also makes it a good fit into any tote bag or laptop bag and easy to carry around. Teaching English online can be much easier today when you support yourself with the right tools like the Wacom Intuos Tablet to deliver even higher quality classes than ever before.


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