Best Free Paraphrasing Tool? – Rephrase and Generate English Sentences Online

Looking for a free paraphrasing tool online? You’ve come to the right place. ‘Paraphrase’ is one of those lovely little words that seem to have a rich history, having made its way into the English language some time during the early 16th Century via the Greek, AND the Latin, AND the French languages – which […]

Anki Robot Sidekicks – Anki Cozmo and Anki Vector

Robots are cool. At some point or another many of us have dreamed about having a robot sidekick in our lives. And now it is possible with Anki Robots Cozmo and Vector! “What do you mean by ‘Robot Sidekick’?” From undertaking chores to scheduling, Anki robots are an advanced AI that surprisingly simulates human characteristics […]

We Bare Bears Merch (Ice Bear Plush Will Protect You!)

We Bare Bears is a very popular children’s animation about three bears (a panda, grizzly and polar bear). Here is the catchy theme song: In teach from home jobs, it’s popular to make use of props such as puppets. However, sometimes for younger students, the best way to get them engaged in class is use […]

Higher Order Thinking Questions (What is Higher Order Thinking?)

What is Higher Order Thinking? Higher order thinking, often abbreviated to HOT, is a concentrated attempt to reform public education by focussing on what it calls ‘taxonomies’, or classifications. It has a focus on how you learn, not just what. This is great news for those who find the traditional ‘write and recall’ system to […]

Guiding Questions – What Are They? (Examples of Using Them in Teaching)

Guiding Questions Overview When learning a new skill or subject a student will be encouraged to consider a specific topic, but in an impersonal sense. Take, for instance, a traditional school curriculum. A student will be told to study the Normans, or the Vikings, or the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. Each ‘topic’ will consist of various […]

6 Reading Comprehension Strategies – Help Students To Read Between The Lines!

The following article will explore reading comprehension strategies for ESL teachers to use in the classroom or for teach from home jobs like Cambly or Preply. Online teaching is one of many side hustles from home, but it is also a great opportunity to make a difference to students’ education. So let’s start this article […]

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