The Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC as an Online Teacher

Apply to be an Online Teacher! The nature of teaching part-time for DaDaABC with a good hourly rate of pay, allows for a lot of flexibility with your time. Here is a video of me talking about the subject if you prefer video content: Whilst teaching online for DaDaABC with an average weekly schedule of […]

ManyCam ‘Simon Says’ Game For Teaching ESL Online

‘Simon Says’ is an absolute classic game for ESL teaching. But with ManyCam, it just got an upgrade! This version of the game where you instruct student’s to copy your movements after saying ‘Simon Says’ is perfect for keeping DaDaABC students engaged mid-class…or can be used as a warm-up or warm-down game as well! Here […]

6 Ways To Fill Spare Time After The Assessment Test [DaDaABC]

We’ve all been there in our time teaching for DaDaABC. 30 minutes for the assessment test; the student completes it in 10. With no courseware to full back on, is a 20 minute game of hangman the only option? Well it might have been until suddenly the pen disappeared from my options. So that’s why […]

Class Activity Idea For DaDaABC – ‘3 Questions’

Apply to be an Online Teacher! I know when I first started teaching online for DaDaABC, I relied on the courseware religiously and dared not to branch out with my own ideas. But I soon realised that blending your own class activity creations along with the courseware provided a much needed variety to the time […]

ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged

I know it’s happened to me more times than I care to mention. There you are, trying to teach the best online English class you can, when suddenly the student starts to yawn. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with you or your awesome teaching. It’s just very difficult to keep a student engaged in […]

4 Best Laptops For Online English Teachers 2021

  A big smile and an engaging class are crucial elements of teaching English online…but the most crucial element is actually having a laptop to teach on! What is the Best Laptop for Teachers? Online English teachers rely on online platforms which are ‘platform-agnostic’.  Thаt’ѕ just a fancy wау of saying thаt Wіndоwѕ, MасOS X, […]

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