Letter-Sound Associations (Phonics)

How To Teach Letter-Sound Associations (Phonics)


To equip students with a solid understanding of letter-sound associations, fundamental to phonics, thereby enhancing their reading and spelling skills through the recognition of phonetic patterns in English.

Introduction to Letter-Sound Associations (Phonics)

  • Define phonics as a method of teaching reading and spelling that emphasizes the relationship between letters and their sounds.
  • Explain the importance of phonics in developing literacy skills, particularly in recognizing words, sounding out new words, and understanding the structure of the English language.

Real Life Examples

  • Provide examples of simple word families and common phonetic patterns (e.g., -at family: cat, hat, mat) to illustrate how letter-sound associations work in practice.
  • Highlight the role of phonics in everyday reading tasks, such as reading signs, menus, and storybooks.

Interactive Activities

  • Organize a ‘Phonics Fun' session, where students engage in games and activities that involve matching letters with sounds, creating words from phonetic patterns, and identifying sounds in spoken words.
  • Conduct a ‘Sound Hunt,' where students find objects or pictures that correspond to specific phonetic sounds, reinforcing their understanding of letter-sound associations.

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