Lexical Resource Enhancement

How To Teach Lexical Resource Enhancement


To expand students' vocabulary and lexical knowledge, enabling them to express themselves more precisely and understand a wider range of language in both spoken and written forms.

Introduction to Lexical Resource Enhancement

  • Explain that enhancing lexical resources involves not only learning new words but also understanding their usage, context, synonyms, antonyms, and nuances.
  • Discuss the importance of a rich vocabulary in effective communication, academic success, and deeper comprehension of texts and conversations.

Real Life Examples

  • Use examples from literature, journalism, and academic texts to show the power of a strong vocabulary in conveying complex ideas and emotions effectively.
  • Highlight the practical benefits of an enhanced lexical resource in various real-life scenarios, such as job interviews, academic exams, and daily interactions.

Interactive Activities

  • Organize a ‘Vocabulary Expansion' challenge, where students learn and use a set number of new words each week in their writing or conversation.
  • Conduct a ‘Word Workshop,' involving activities like word mapping (exploring related words and concepts around a central word) and context quizzes (using new words in varied sentences).

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