Interpreneur – Book Review (The Secrets to Becoming an Internet Millionaire)

Interpreneur – Book Review (The Secrets to Becoming an Internet Millionaire)
Simon Coulson is the author of the mind-blowing book ‘Interpreneur – The Secrets of My Journey to Becoming an Internet Millionaire', published in 2016.
This book was such a huge inspiration for me when building up the website you are on now, so I wanted to do a review of ‘Interpreneur' and to spread all the inspiring online income information within its pages.

So Does Simon Coulson Share His Secrets to Success in ‘Interpreneur'?

He certainly does! Throughout ‘Interpreneur' he details how he went from working to exhaustion in his 9-5 office job at British Telecom, to flying on a helicopter to Richard Branson's Necker Island.
Simon Coulson's internet businesses have earned him £20 million to this day….but how did he earn so much from just using his laptop?

Luckily ‘Interpreneur' Explains All!

‘Interpreneur' Meaning

Interpreneur is simply a combination of the two words ‘internet' and ‘entrepreneur'. Simon Coulson coined this term after becoming a self-made millionaire business man through the net!

What was Simon Coulson's first taste of internet business success in Interpreneur?

After accepting redundancy at British Telecom, Simon Coulson received £20,000. He spent £15,000 of this on a tour van to pursue his love of music with his Coldplay tribute band – ‘Coolplay' and leave behind corporate life.

He soon realised he needed a backup financially. He wanted to invest in property, but had only £5000 left of his redundancy money.

Bulgaria Real Estate

He discovered that houses in Bulgaria were selling for immensely affordable prices. So he began frantically researching online about the practicality and legality of buying property in Bulgaria.
This was before Bulgaria joined the European Union. This meant that house prices were low – but Bulgaria were right on the cusp of joining Europe…and those low house values were about to skyrocket!

So Simon Coulson bought a house in Bulgaria for £5000…that he never visited.

Simon never actually went to Bulgaria, his friend made the impulsive purchase on his behalf with his remaining £5000. And after all his research, he felt that he knew enough about Bulgarian Real Estate to write a book.

The Bulgarian Property Guide

This was Simon Coulson's first ebook. He sold it online for £20 a copy…and it started selling 20 copies a day.

Simon first step into being an Interpreneur was making him £400 a day…completely passive income.

Because he solved a problem in such a high value niche, people were buying the ebook in droves. The PayPal payment confirmation emails were flying into his inbox non-stop.

And considering he was now an expert on Bulgarian Real Estate without ever setting foot upon Bulgarian soil…he figured why stop at just one country.

He soon discovered that information could be more valuable than a house in Bulgaria.

You can click the image below to find ‘Interpreneur' on Amazon:





Interpreneur Review

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I found myself getting inspired by every single page of ‘Interpreneur'. Simon's writing style is so relatable, that by the end of the book you are convinced that you too could become an internet millionaire – And why not, ey? Someone's got to do it!
It was so fascinating for me as an internet business beginner reading ‘Interpreneur'. Every other book I read about making money online made it seem like this highly technical procedure.

Interpreneur made it feel so achievable, just by simply telling the story of how Simon Coulson went from redundancy to riches.

He explains it all how it is, with no fluff. It feels just like he is letting a friend in on his secrets to success. You can see for yourself in the video below:

Simon Coulson sharing tips at the National Achievers Congress alongside Richard Branson & Alan Sugar:

Any ‘Interpreneur' Negatives?

The only slight negative I found in the book is the end of chapter selling of Simon Coulson's Internet Business School. However, you can't really argue too much with a millionaire's selling strategies.

And it didn't bother me that much, as you can see…

Here is a picture of me and Simon Coulson at one of his talks. I made the trip to London after being so enthralled by his book:


What Inspired Me Most About ‘Interpreneur'?

His growing internet riches allowed him to focus on his passion for music.
His Coldplay tribute band ‘Coolplay' was the unlikely start of a journey that led him on his path to success…as it was a driving force in him accepting his redundancy to focus on them.
If he didn't follow his passion for music, he never would have discovered the money-making methods to fund his passion for music.
I guess you never know where you might end up once you take a leap!
In fact, Simon's band ended up on a very big stage indeed – as you will see from the below video:

I bet he doesn't miss working at British Telecom!

If you are interested to find out more about the journey of an ‘Interpreneur', then you can check out Simon Coulson's book below:




And check out how I have used what I learned from ‘Interpreneur' to create my own internet business. Click the image below for my complete niche website guide:


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