Rainbow Scratch Paper (Using Scratch Art For Teaching)

Rainbow Scratch Paper (Using Scratch Art For Teaching)

I discovered rainbow scratch paper after one of my online students used it to draw a portrait of yours truly:

I wasn't too sure about my nose, but I loved the way the colors looked on the black paper. This magic scratch paper is essentially black paper with rainbow underneath. So when you scratch it away, it makes a really unique aesthetic.

So as soon as I discover something new, I do what I always do…

…I research it. I think how it can be useful for teaching. And then I share it with the DigiNo Community.

How Can You Use Rainbow Scratch Paper for Teaching Online

You can create some pretty impressive flash cards with the rainbow scratch paper.

Or simply supercharge a game of Pictionary.

When I used it with my student, we simply took it in turns drawing pictures and used it as  a way to enhance free-talk.

Where To Buy Scratch Art Paper

Amazon has a lot of it of course. Here are some I found for you to make your own scratch paper drawings:

rainbow scratch paper
Click to find on Amazon
rainbow scratch paper
Click to find on Amazon
rainbow scratch paper
Click to find on Amazon

There are plenty more on rainbow scratch art kits on Amazon, so have a browse by clicking the images above! It makes a great art gift for kids!

If you want to check out more ideas for art gifts, here is a good list by the Iespandi art store.

Scratch Art Examples

Scratch Art Acrylic Block

Rainbow Scratch Paper

Scratch Art Flower

Rainbow Scratch Paper

Scratch Off World Map

This one is great for traveling teachers to scratch off where you've been around the world!

You can click the image to find it on Amazon.

Rainbow Scratch Art

Final Thoughts on Rainbow Scratch Paper

I just really love the rainbow effect on the black paper so I thought I'd share it with teachers who love to inject some arts & crafts into their classes!

I had so much fun with my student creating our own scratch art…and I hope you do too!

For more teaching tips, simply click the Toucan below!

Rainbow Scratch Paper

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