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Welcome to DigiNo's Resources Section. Here you will find all the top resources and tools on the site that can be used to optimize teaching online.

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Online Teaching Tools


A laptop is essential for teaching online. Check out the most popular choices through the Amazon affiliate link below…


A headset is another essential for teaching online. Check out the most popular choices through the Amazon affiliate link below…


A good quality webcam is essential for teaching online if your laptop webcam isn't up to scratch. Check out the most popular choices through the Amazon affiliate link below…


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The digital prop toolbox. Make your online classes exciting for students and effortless for you with this webcam software.
15% of paid versions using the affiliate link below:

Home Office

Online teaching turns your home into your place of work, which means having a good setup for mind and body is important.

Here's a list of ergonomic desk chairs on Amazon (affiliate link) which is one of the most crucial things in a home office:


A free graphic design solution for making so many useful online teaching resources including flashcards, printables and even professional looking resumés.
Try out Canva from the affiliate link below:

Getting Started Teaching Online

Beginner's Guide

Download the free guide with the steps required to become an online teacher.
Great for complete beginners who don't know where to begin.
Simply click below to grab your copy.

‘How To Teach Online Students' Guide

Grab all the fundamental and top methods from DigiNo compiled into one easy to read ebook guide.
These are methods designed to help online teachers take all the mystery away from how to teach students online with ease…as well as be prepared for demo classes.
Some of this guide is free to read, yet scattered all over the site…so it has all been edited & pieced together to save you time, for a small price.
Click below to purchase your copy and download for just $0.99

DigiNo JobMatch

Use the free tool to find a hiring online teaching company that's perfect for you and your qualifications.
DigiNo only lists companies that are actually hiring, so it is the most efficient and quickest way to find a company to apply for…

Teaching Certification

International Open Academy

The 120 Hour TESOL Certification by International Open Academy is accredited and one of the most affordable courses on the market. This certification comes at a discounted price and helps teachers to apply for online English teaching positions.
Learn more at the affiliate link below:

Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL courses provide you with all the training you need to confidently teach Online ESL as well as in classrooms abroad. They ensure that your lifelong Ofqual regulated level 5 course makes you stand out in the global job market.

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Learn more at the affiliate link below:


BridgeTEFL offers premium options when it comes to all classifications of teaching certification. These are the higher end certification courses for teachers looking for advanced qualifications.
Learn more at the affiliate link below:

Online Payment Solutions


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Fantastic for receiving international payments with low conversion fees.
The TransferWise bank card holds multiple different currencies, perfect for location independent teachers.
Try it out now with the affiliate link below:


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Organise your online income ready for tax time with one of the easiest accounting softwares to use.
Online teachers are freelancers and therefore are responsible for paying their own income taxes.
So let FreshBooks do all the organizing for you.
Free trial by using the affiliate link below:


Read our guide here
DigiNo's #1 choice for receiving online pay. Low fees and reliable transfers.
Get $35 for free (once you receive your first $1000 in pay) and use the affiliate link below:

Independent Online Tutor Tools


Your own website is the best place to start as the home of your independent tutoring business.
It's incredibly easy to get started with a free domain and
1-click WordPress install.
You can also host multiple websites on your Bluehost account. Check it out now through the affiliate link below:


Build email lists and set up automations to make processes passive and effortless.
So user-friendly for absolute email marketing beginners who want to build up a loyal audience of students for an independent tutoring business.
You can use ConvertKit for free up to 1000 subscribers through the affiliate link below:

Canva Pro

Great for creating professional looking lesson presentations to screen share over Zoom when independently tutoring adults or kids.
You can try the free version of Canva through the affiliate link below:

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