4 Benefits of a Standing Desk for Teaching English Online

4 Benefits of a Standing Desk for Teaching English Online

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As an English teacher online, there is a good chance that you will be sitting down a lot since you do not have a traditional classroom to walk around in. Also, when streaming online English classes, you have to stay in a position to prevent distractions and poor quality of the feed. This extensive sitting has a lot of health issues which affect a lot of online English teachers. That’s why getting a standing desk for teaching English online is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


A standing desk is one that lets you stand upright with ease when you are working. By combining it with a tripod, you can teach English online without the negative health effects of sitting for long periods. In addition to that, here are some benefits of using a standing desk for teaching English online that has been scientifically proven;

1) Standing reduces the risk of weight gain


Sitting for long means your body burns less calories compared to your intake and this leads to weight gain. A standing desk will increase your calorie burn rate by over 1000 calories. This could help save you from possible obesity and undue muscle strain from sitting too long.

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2) Reduces blood sugar levels


If you are teaching English online and suffer from type 2 diabetes, studies have shown that by using a standing desk for up to 2 hours after lunch time, blood sugar levels could drop by as much as 43% from just sitting down in that same period of time. There is also a reduced risk of health issues

3) Reduced back pain and muscle spasms


Anyone that works in an office will tell you how many people complain about pains in the lumbar areas and how annoying it is. This is a side effect of being seated on one spot for a long period. Studies carried out by the CDC found that a standing desk can reduce neck pain and upper back pains by more than 50%, just a month after converting to a standing desk. This is an incentive for those who spend a lot of time sitting down to change their patterns and get a sit-stand desk instead.

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4) Better posture


Eye strain and bad posture are two things that come with sitting at a desk for long hours. A major benefit of using a standing desk if you are teaching English online is that it helps to keep your computer above your resting eye position so that you have to look up a bit just to see it. This helps to keep your eyes away from the glare of the screen significantly more than a regular sitting desk will. You are also able to increase your core strength by standing and this helps your posture over time.

Final thoughts…

When considering a standing desk, make sure that you also take some time to sit if you need to concentrate. You can also a gel mat on the floor so that your feet are really comfortable while you’re standing. Also, make sure that your computer screen is correctly setup at eye level so that you can work conveniently.

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