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Pay: €7-€14 per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not required
Twenix Overview


Twenix Overview – About Twenix

Twenix serves as a robust online platform for English language learning, catering specifically to working professionals in Spain and Italy. Originating from various corners of the world, the platform's eclectic group of instructors offers students a distinct advantage in honing their English conversational skills. Distinguishing Twenix is its tailored, straightforward, and enjoyable teaching approach, which has transformed the landscape of language education. This methodology ensures immediate engagement and efficacy for business professionals eager to attain fluent English communication skills from the outset.

What Makes Twenix Different?

No Profile Required:

Twenix eliminates the cumbersome chore of crafting complex profiles for attracting students. Instead, the platform assigns classes to instructors based solely on their availability. This strategy allows educators to concentrate solely on delivering high-quality instruction, circumventing the need to establish and nurture a student following. The focus is on maintaining consistent educational excellence without the added pressure of marketing or relationship management.

Global Flexibility:

Twenix provides the means for educators to configure a schedule that harmoniously integrates with their lifestyle and other commitments. The platform imposes no minimum hour requirements. Given that its student base is located in Spain and Italy, Twenix enables teachers, especially those in North America, to teach at times that naturally suit their waking hours.

Penalty-Free Transfer System and Last-Minute Bookings:

Acknowledging life's uncertainties, Twenix offers a no-penalty system for transferring classes, thereby allowing instructors the flexibility to rearrange sessions as unforeseen circumstances demand. Additionally, teachers can opt to make themselves available for last-minute class bookings, ensuring that their schedules remain optimally filled.

Other Benefits of Teaching for Twenix

Short, Engaging Classes with Prepared Content:

Classes on Twenix last a mere 26 minutes and focus on engaging dialogues. Students choose a pre-established topic, facilitating active involvement and eliminating the instructor's need to invest time in lesson planning.

Effortless User-Friendly Platform:

Twenix prioritizes ease of use with a platform that simplifies the teaching experience. This streamlined interface not only enables smooth interactions with students but also offers teachers adequate time for recuperation between sessions.

Diverse Student Base:

Twenix is dedicated to delivering consistently high-quality education to a diverse student body. Whether interacting with professionals in Spain and Italy or with proactive B2C learners, instructors have the chance to engage with a wide array of motivated adult students, thereby enriching their educational endeavors.

Comprehensive Support and Training:

Twenix boasts a specialized teacher support department that offers ongoing training and resources. Optional webinars and ‘Tweacher' meetings are available weekly, enhancing instructor skills. Additionally, regular newsletters keep educators abreast of platform updates, important announcements, and Twenix-related news.

Payment System: 

Twenix streamlines monthly payments for instructors through an invoicing system in partnership with Wise.

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Massive Hiring Opportunity:

On a fast track of expansion, Twenix aims to onboard hundreds of additional instructors between September and December 2023. Despite this rapid growth, their focus continues to be on becoming the go-to platform for remote ESL educators.


Twenix Application Process

 3 simple steps:

  • Submit your application (CV in English & a short questionnaire).
  • Deliver 2 video tasks showcasing your teaching skills based on a scenario provided by Twenix.
  • Register on the Twenix platform & complete the onboarding course (1-3h)

Twenix Requirements

  • Stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 4 MBs for both download and upload (cable connection recommended).
  • Teaching using a laptop or desktop computer (smartphones are not permitted).
  • Google Chrome as the preferred internet browser.
  • Functional camera, microphone, and speakers.
  • Demonstrated conversational and active listening skills.

Nice to have:

  • ESL certification
  • Online teaching experience
  • willingness to expand business sector knowledge
  • Tech-savvy mindset

Twenix Pay

Twenix pays teachers:

€7 – €14 per hour.

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