Best Ukuleles To Buy (5 Good Ukulele Brands)

Best Ukuleles To Buy (5 Good Ukulele Brands)

Ukuleles are small four-stringed guitars that are mainly originated in Hawaii.

It can produce a sweet melody and is becoming quite popular these days. It is one of the more unique stringed instruments that you can learn to play for fun…or even for work!

If you are looking for one of the best ukuleles to buy then you are at the right place. Finding a perfect one is not an easy task. These instruments are available in different types, materials, sizes as well as brands. Unlike guitars, finding the right ukulele for your need can be slightly tougher. So, here is a complete guide that will help you to know every detail about this instrument and how to find the best one.

Different Sizes Available

The Ukuleles are available in 4 different sizes. These are:

  1. Soprano
  2. Concert
  3. Tenor
  4. Baritone

The Soprano is the smallest size. It is only 20 inches i.e. 50 cm in height. This type of ukulele is the most common type and most of the people use this one. It can produce the typical classic sound of ukulele.

The slightly bigger one than the Soprano is the Concert Ukulele which is 23 inches in height i.e. 53 cm. In this case the body is much bigger and the neck is longer with more space between the frets. So, it is much easier and better for handling. Just like Soprano, it can also produce the typical classical sound of the ukulele…but a bit louder than Soprano.

The next size is the Tenor which is 26 inches in height i.e. 66 cm. The sound that is produced from this instrument is much deeper just like the classical guitar. Many professional ukulele players choose to play this size.

The largest ukulele is the Baritone. It is 30 inches or 76 cm in height. Obviously, it produces the deepest tone and louder sound than that of the other ukulele sizes.

Best Materials for Ukulele

Whenever you are looking for a good quality ukulele, then you must look for the best quality wood by which the ukulele will be made up of. Different types of woods like mahogany, Koa, cedar and rosewoods are used for making ukuleles. Among these types of wood, the Koa is the most common type of wood that is used in most of the ukuleles made in Hawaii. It is quite sturdy and a great quality wood. It is mainly used on expensive ukuleles. The mahogany, on the other hand, is used for medium quality ukuleles. Undoubtedly, this wood is also great and sturdy too.

Which Brand To Buy?

When you are looking forward to buy the best ukulele, you must consider some of the best brands available. If you have no idea about the brands that are available in the market, then here are…

5 Good Ukulele Brands

1. Kala

best ukuleles to buy

This is by far the most popular and best brand for ukulele. They have a great collection of this musical instrument. Whether you are looking something for a beginner or a professional, you will get everything under this brand. This brand used to manufacture the ukuleles in Hawaii. But now they manufacture the instruments in Vietnam with the Hawaiian woods. This brand offers great durability, sound as well as quality. If you are looking for something great for the beginners, this is the brand you must consider.

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2. Lanikai

best ukuleles to buy

This is one of the best Hawaiian Ukulele brands and is very popular. Apropos to their motto, ‘Makes me happy’, they make people happy with sweet and classic melody and sound it produces. This is an affordable brand with various types of products. You can choose one for your needs and requirements. Whether you need something for the entry-level or something for a professional need, they have everything for beginners as well as high-end products.

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3. Mahalo

best ukuleles to buy

Another experienced and versatile brand of ukulele is the Mahalo. It is one of the best and it has some amazing collections. This brand put a lot of efforts in producing some of the best ukuleles for the customers. This brand is ideal for the beginners. Hence, when someone is learning to play ukulele, they buy from this brand. It is the best brand with decent build quality and excellent craftsmanship. They offers basic ukuleles with good tone quality and very affordable products.

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4. Hola!

best ukuleles to buy

Hola is one of the good ukulele brands available in the market right now. It is gaining a lot of popularity lately because it offers high quality instruments for the entry-level players. It produces some of the best quality products with decent craftsmanship. They use high quality woods like mahogany and cedar to manufacture these ukuleles. They are highly affordable in price and comes with great tone quality.

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5. Luna

best ukuleles to buy

Luna is one of the well-known brands which comes with different types of ukuleles. It has a good reputation in the market with solid build. They provide great products with excellent craftsmanship. Compared to any entry-level ukulele manufacturer, they provide a good build quality. Their products also come with a nicer aesthetic detail. Though a bit pricey in nature, it is complete value for money. In terms of craftsmanship as well as tone, this ukulele is definitely a good option.

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Choosing The Best

When it comes to choosing the best one for your need, you need to consider a lot of important factors. These are – build quality, tone quality, craftsmanship and balance of tone. If you are looking forward to buying the perfect ukulele that has all these factors and meets all your criteria, then the Kala Ukulele is the best brand. It has ukuleles with great build quality and good tone quality. Each and every product also has a perfect balance of tone.

The best part is that all these are available at a very reasonable price. So, now you know how to choose the best Ukuleles to buy is not that simple. But with this detailed guide, you will be able to find the best one for you. You need to look at the purpose for which you are looking for one along with the quality of the ukulele as a whole.

Check out how I use my Kala ukulele in the online classroom:

Best Ukuleles to buy

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