What is Revolut? And How Does The Revolut Card Work?

What is Revolut? Revolut is a UK based online bank, complete with app and debit card. Their ethos is to be one app for all things money. Therefore it includes things such as: Easy money management Travel perks Savings Investments Money transfers And more However the focus of this article will be the Revolut Card […]

10 Funny Riddles (with Answers!) Will You Crack a Smile?

If you’re looking for funny riddles (with answers), you’re in the right place. A simple scroll below will lead you to ten humorous riddles, designed to put a smile on your face, or your friends and family when you re-tell them. Or if you’re a teacher or work in teach from home jobs, you may […]

5 Rhyming Riddles (With Answers) – Can You Solve Them All?

Scroll below to find a list of 5 Rhyming Riddles, whether you’re here just for fun, or seeking ideas as a teacher. We know it can be difficult to keep lessons fresh when you’re teaching multiple classes a week in teach from home jobs. It’s easy to feel like you’re running on steam, or like the […]

10 Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Welcome to this list of teacher appreciation gifts. If you’re a student in any form of education, you’ll know that the most invaluable part of the classroom is your teacher.  When they’re giving up their time and energy to help you achieve the best results possible, sometimes you feel like you want to give a […]

5 Ways To Make Money From Travel Blogging

If you’ve been pondering, ‘what are the ways to make money from travel blogging?’, then this article may just shed some light. To you, blogging may have always been a way to chronicle your travels for friends and family. But make money? That’s a nut you’ve never been able to crack. Having one’s site pay […]

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