5 Ways To Make Money From Travel Blogging

If you’ve been pondering, ‘what are the ways to make money from travel blogging?’, then this article may just shed some light. To you, blogging may have always been a way to chronicle your travels for friends and family. But make money? That’s a nut you’ve never been able to crack. Having one’s site pay […]

What is the Maria Montessori Philosophy of Education?

This article will dive in to the Maria Montessori Philosophy of Education in detail. Maria Montessori worked for much of her life to develop a guiding philosophy intended to better teach young children. It makes for a fascinating approach to education, and its implications in the classroom are far-reaching. Those of you teaching English as […]

8 Best Teacher Tote Bags (The Perfect Teacher Tote?)

Welcome to this list of best teacher tote bags. We all know teachers are busy people, often moving from work to leisure and often carrying a mix of work and personal items. A teacher’s bag must be multi-functional, working as both a handbag and a supply carry-all for the work-related items. So, what are the […]

10 Best Teacher Planners (Keeping Teachers Organized)

Why would someone need to research a list of best teacher planners? Well, a teacher has a series of essential commitments that they can’t afford to miss. Those of you teaching in classrooms need to remember times and dates, meeting with parents, covering classes – it’s never-ending.  Many of you will be teaching online, via […]

10 Best Teacher Quotes (Get Inspired for Class)

Before we jump into the 10 best teacher quotes, let’s think about the perception of teaching. We can sit here all day and argue about what a good teacher ‘should’ do or ‘shouldn’t’ do or ‘should’ be or ‘shouldn’t’ be. But, as with many arguments: it’s been had a thousand times before.  So rather than […]

5 Best Shoes for Teachers (A Varied List of Unique Teacher Shoes)

If you’re looking for the best shoes for teachers, then you probably already know that a teacher is on their feet from dawn ‘til dusk. Running around, place to place, class to class; it’s enough to burn a hole through even the most dependable of shoe. Luckily for all you teachers, aspiring lecturers or would-be-educators, […]

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