How to Make Money Hiking (And Make Money Talking About Hiking)

Before we dive in to how to make money hiking, here is a quote to set the wanderlust mood: “See I’m so far off the map the sun is shining,While it’s raining and I’m draped in silver lining.And I can row, row, row my boat back to shore someday.So are you coming with me?Anchors away” […]

10 Inspirational Quotes for Students

Inspirational quotes for students are up there in the list of things that people use to get themselves into the right headspace at the start of their journey. Some of the most viewed blog posts on the internet are compilations of meaningful quotes, designed to give the reader a little boost of self-esteem before setting […]

10 Benefits of Tablets in Schools

With the modern age comes modern gadgetry, and we are fast learning that schools don’t need to be an exception to this rule. E-readers are as ubiquitous as the paperback, and an Amazon Kindle or Kobo E-reader is a more likely part of a daily commute than a cumbersome hardback. So as tablets find their […]

64 Interesting Subjects To Learn About (Whilst Working Part-Time) Flying Cars?!

Here, we’ve gathered together a list of 64 interesting subjects to learn about if you are seeking out ideas on how to challenge yourself or create a new career path. When earning online through teach from home jobs, many use the new found freedom of part-time income to build side hustles from home. The flexibility […]

How to Draw Anime Eyes (And How To Earn by Teaching Anime Drawing)

Believe it or not, Anime eyes are one of the most requested drawing lessons on the internet right now. Anime has seen something of an explosion in popularity over the last decade, and you may suppose it was inevitable that the explosion of Anime and the explosion in Online Teaching would eventually meet, in some […]

10 Best Laminators for Teachers 2022 (Ultimate Worksheet Protection)

If you’re looking for best lamintors for teachers, then you’ll be aware that part of being a teacher is printing off endless worksheets you find online.  Often these sheets will be torn apart, folded, dirtied and otherwise destroyed by the children in your class. It’s just the law of the jungle. A surefire way to […]

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