Cat 8 Ethernet Cable (And How It Will Improve Your Online Teaching)

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable (And How It Will Improve Your Online Teaching)

So remember a few years back when ‘fiber optics’ was the new future of internet connections?

Yeah… so, that never really happened.

Google are still trying to push it through and make the dream a reality, but many people are still choosing to stick with what they know works.

An ethernet cable is still proving to be the most reliable means of connecting to the internet quickly and dependably.

When you’re teaching online you need to know that your connection isn’t going to dip out and drop half way through a class – you need to be able to trust the kit you’re working with.

This is why it might be worth considering a switch to a Cat 8 Ethernet Cable.

Alright, so what is a Cat 8 Ethernet Cable?

Throughout the last few years you’ve probably seen previous Cat models littered around homes and workspaces.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the Cat the better the connection, supporting higher levels of data rates.

So the Cat 6 was superior to the Cat 5, and so on.

Some of you may have even seen the elusive Cat 7 if you worked in data-rich environments, and will probably remember how much of an advancement they were on the previous generation of cables.

Cat 8 jumps through multiple layers of improvement, providing us with the greatest increase in quality in a single ‘generation’ of tech we’ve ever seen in this field.

The Cat 8 used 2 Ghz signals to move your data from 25 Gbps (the Cat 8.1) up to 40 Gbps (the Cat 8.2).

It’s not an incremental improvement, just enough to justify a new release (looking at you, IPhone) – it’s a whole new generation.

The Cat 8 allows for a standard bandwidth of 2000Mhz, with a max data range falling anywhere between 25gbps and 40gbps, depending on the model you choose.

The 2 Ghz signals allow for an unprecedented 2 billion signals to be exchanged between you and your internet in every second.

This means it’s 400 times faster than what you’d expect from a Cat 5.

Fibre Optics need to step up their game or get out of the business – because this is a real game changer. 

Of course, if you’re looking to make some decent money through Teaching English online then you’re going to need the best connection you can achieve.

Check out this review on a popular broadband provider for online teachers:

So this will improve my teaching? 

OK, so it’s like trying to get to work in the morning, right? We’ve all got various ways and means of getting from A to B.

You can cycle to work and you’ll get there on time, sure. It’s reliable and it always gets you there. It’s not the quickest means of transport, but it’ll do. There’s nothing wrong with cycling, and if it works for you then go for it.

But you’d get there faster in a Ferrari.

This is a Ferrari… 

If you’re teaching a class through your webcam then you need to know that your internet connection isn’t going to fail you. 

Some companies operate on a system of attendance – if you take fewer classes, you’ll be disinvited from the company. 

Of course, the fewer classes you take the less money you make… so it’s in your best interests to keep turning up on time.

A dodgy internet connection is just another hurdle that’s going to trip you up.

The thing is, it’s a completely unnecessary hurdle in this day and age. 

If you’re experiencing lag and slow-down when talking to your students then it’s going to impact on your bottom line – and you’re there to make money, not throw it away because you got stuck buffering…

Many online teaching companies require you to pass a standard bandwidth test as part of the application process, and your ability to transmit 2 billions signals a second is going to put you heads and shoulders above the rest.

Whether you like it or not, you are competing with other online English teachers. It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s the truth. You need to stand out, and anything giving you the advantage is definitely worth some consideration.

That sounds amazing! How can I get one? 

Well, the good news is that they’re easy enough to find.

A quick Google search will send you in the right direction, or you can always stop in to an electrical store and take a look around. Anywhere that sells electronics should sell Ethernet cables.

Remember they come in different lengths, so don’t buy one that’s only 5ft if you need it to stretch across a room. 

It’s also worth double-checking that you actually have access to the internet router in your property, whether through a hard-connection or an Ethernet port… if it’s stored in the basement and you’re on the fifth floor with no ethernet port, then the fastest cable in the world isn’t going to be any good to you… 

For those of you in a rush, or just looking to get an idea of price, we’ve assembled a few choice selections for you to take a look at before you commit. Take a look at the differences and compare it to some of the others on our list – the differences between Cat 8s and their predecessors is unreal:

Glanics Cable

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
Check price on amazon!

The Glanics Cable stretches to 5ft, and is advertised towards gamers or those looking to make a living online. 

If you’re teaching English online then guess what? That’s you, buddy. 

Take a look at this cable and compare it to some of the others on our list – you’ll find the differences genuinely surprising.

Vandesail Cable

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
Check price on Amazon!

This 6.5ft cable is competitively priced and viable for all of your internet needs. 

It’s not top-end but it gives you an idea of what can be achieved on a budget.

DbillionDa Cable

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
Check price on Amazon!

This 6ft cable is regarded as being at the top of its kind, often chosen by those in tech-heavy industries and the go-to-cable. 

Aspiring online teachers will benefit from the promised ‘hyper speed’ afforded by this cable.

Amazon Basics Cable

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
Check price on Amazon!

This 10ft cable gives you an idea of what’s available at the bottom end of the pricing ladder.

As with all things in the tech industry, it’s very much a case of ‘you get what you pay for’… But, this isn’t to say it won’t do the job. It’s the bicycle to the Ferrari.

Veetcom Cable

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable
Check price on Amazon!

This high performance cable stretches up to 50ft, which is why the price tag stretches to meet it. 

But as we’ve said before in this article: you get what you pay for. 

This cable provides a helpful backwards compatibility, so you don’t have to worry about it not playing nice with Cat 7s or 6s – it’s real high-end stuff, and your classes will benefit from the real-time presentation. 

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