DaDa Hiring Freeze (When Will DaDa Start Hiring Teachers Again? Answer Inside!)

DaDa Hiring Freeze (When Will DaDa Start Hiring Teachers Again? Answer Inside!)

There have been some changes at DaDa.

The company is under new management and this has affected teachers, mentors and applicants.

Keep reading, as I will provide alternative opportunities for hopeful teachers…as well as disillusioned current DaDa teachers.

But first, let me explain.

Here are some recent changes that has led me to create this update. These changes have all seen a downward spiral in the reputation of the company…and the morale of the teachers:

DaDa Time-off Policy

This is where it all started to go wrong. DaDa introduced a policy that punished its hardest working teachers. This policy changed the penalty structure for taking time-off. It morphed from penalties for days off and changed it to per classes missed.

This meant that if you were a teacher that was dedicated enough to take on a large number of classes in your working days…you would lose a lot of money for unforeseen absences.

I explain it all in a lot more detail in the article below:

DaDa Hiring Policy

DaDa Hiring Freeze

DaDa stopped hiring teachers around the end of October 2018. From inside information, I know that the company was under new management and were looking to cut costs dramatically.

This either meant that they were taking on too many teachers or paying out too many referral fees of $100 per teacher for their liking.

This would be good news for current teachers, as it would mean that there would be more work opportunity for them with no new teachers coming in.

However, this was not the case…

TESOL Certificate and Criminal Background Check in 2 Weeks…or Contract Termination

New legislations in China meant that online ESL was to be monitored more by the government due to its increasing rise in popularity.

This meant that any new applicant for DaDa (shortly before the hiring freeze) would now require a teaching certificate and criminal background check.

This is completely understandable, as anyone who is interacting with children professionally should have the correct documentation to do so.


…DaDa also required this change from their current teachers. And everyone was then given 2 weeks to sign a new “agreement” (wording changed from “contract” after the modification of contracts during the new leave policy) and also to produce a TESOL or TEFL certificate and evidence of a background check.

Failing to do so would result in termination of your contract.

DaDa Hiring Freeze


Removal of DaDa Rookies Go!

The Facebook group for new hires and applicants of DaDa, was archived and closed in November 2018.

This was a place for new teachers to ask questions and get support for all queries to do with DaDa…and also to slowly integrate themselves into the world of online teaching.

However, it was seemingly removed due to it becoming a place for teachers to share their referral links to other companies. This is due to the hiring freeze and because of the disillusionment of current teachers within the company.

Dada Hiring Freeze


The removal of this group was a big indicator that the hiring freeze wasn't ending any time soon.

But the DaDa hiring freeze did not only affect recruiters, teachers or hopefuls….


Removal of the Mentor Team

This was the most recent change as of 5th December 2018. The sudden removal of the mentor team theoretically makes sense. No new applicants gives them no new apprentices to give mentoring sessions to.

However, the DaDa mentor team had received a new responsibility during the hiring freeze.

They had just been asked to complete a month long task within a two week deadline. This task was reviewing 40 classes of current teachers and writing performance reports by the end of November.

Then as soon as the task was complete, the mentor team were let go.

The Future of DaDa

These changes create an atmosphere of uncertainty in the world of DaDa. I felt this article was necessary to share all the significant events that has led to this uncertainty. I hope from reading this that hopeful applicants seek an alternative in their employment prospects.

There is currently no end-date in sight for this “DaDa Ice Age”.

DaDa Hiring Freeze

However, this does not mean an Ice Age for all of online ESL. The industry is still in a state of progression.

And that is why over this period, I have worked very hard to find…

My Top-Pick Online ESL Alternative

During the DaDa (formerly DaDaABC) hiring freeze, I have been heavily researching every other online teaching company. I have been interviewing with current teachers, writing comparison articles, and even having meetings with management of all the top companies.

The Online Teaching Wars

I wanted to find which company was to be the “Facebook” of the online ESL world, as opposed to DaDa's seemingly current status to that of “Myspace” or “Bebo”.

DaDa Hiring Freeze

By this I refer to the Social Media Wars where early adopters fought to become the premiere social media platform. Much is the same in the world of online teaching.

So Which Online ESL Company Do I See as the “Facebook”?

After all my research, DigiNo's top pick is…

DaDa Hiring Freeze


Why SayABC?

The company are owned by VIPKID (the undisputed current leader in the Online Teaching Wars)…however, VIPKID's hiring policy excludes those from outside North America.

SayABC expands their hiring policy to include all other native English speakers. They also have a great pay and teaching structure and most importantly…happy teachers.

So I have gathered together three articles about SayABC with all the most important information:

SayABC Pay

DaDa Hiring Freeze


SayABC Hiring Process

DaDa Hiring Freeze


SayABC PROs and CONs (Review from a SayABC Teacher)

DaDa Hiring Freeze

And you can click the button below if you'd like to begin your SayABC application:



Final Thoughts…

Honorary mentions for online teaching alternatives goes to PalFish and Cambly. These two are really innovating the online teaching world and earn the monikers of “SnapChat” and “Instagram” in my Social Media Wars metaphor.

The DaDa Hiring Freeze is not the end of earning money teaching ESL online or passive income from teacher referrals. It is merely the beginning. There are so many companies that offer so many different things to suit every hopeful teacher.

Even if you get rejected by one, there is another great company waiting for you to apply.

You can find the list of the best companies by clicking the image below:

DaDa Hiring Freeze


Update – 18th February 2019

As of this day, I can finally say with evidence that the hiring freeze is over. I said previously that I would not consider it over until I saw an applicant get contracted on my referral record, and today, it happened:

DaDa Hiring Freeze

The DaDa Hiring Freeze is over.

Be sure to spread the news around and share this article using the social media bar!


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  1. AvatarMark says

    I started working for Dada back in March and up until the new agreement, i was a few months into a second six months contract.

    After a turbulent few weeks learning the software – writing reports and coping with all kinds of trial classes, i started getting a lot of regular students. Up until last Friday, i still had around ten regular students, some of which who had studied with me for more than 40 plus hours.

    I was contracted to teach 14 hours a week. If you were to look at my salary break down over the last 8 months or so you’d see that i average around 11 hours of teaching and 2- 3 hour of stand by time. The statistics within the new Dada app shows that I taught around 850 classes and about 200 or so different students.

    Everything was fine, i did my job and i was never late. They awarded me a second contract. Dada seemed to be happy with me, never contacted me with any negative feedback and awarded me plenty of stars (whatever they mean).

    The new agreement was forced upon me. I had no option but to sign it or face termination of contract. i was subsequent then sent an email and my existing contract altered. The email stated that any free slots in my contract – i.e. standby time, would be erased – thus reducing my contract hours to almost half.

    I don’t even want to go into the nonsense surrounding the documentation. I will leave that to a separate entry

    I resigned once my salary was paid. This company has caused a great deal of stress and literally made me sick to my stomach.

    I have had two e-mails since yesterday. Dada has been begging me not leave. I do wonder how many teachers have also left in similar circumstances.

    I am sad I never got to say my goodbyes to my regular students.

    Thank you – Oscar – Eric – Jerry – Lucy – Max – Jerry – William – Yuan – Evan AND Aaron to name but a few.

    A good gig turned rotten. Do not work for these vile creatures.

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