How Much Do Skillshare Teachers Make? [My Skillshare Revenue Report]

How Much Do Skillshare Teachers Make? [My Skillshare Revenue Report]

2 Month Free Trial of Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform that allows teachers to make online video course on a range of subjects. This is a platform where you can earn passive income by revenue calculated through watch-time of your course.

This is a different form of online teaching compared to online ESL tutoring – which is a live video chat experience, that many teachers are turning to as a source of income compared to classroom teaching.

Skillshare Student Referrals

Much like how you can earn money from online ESL teaching referrals

…Skillshare teachers also have the opportunity to earn extra income through Skillshare student referrals.

For example, I can offer you a 2 month free trial right now if you sign up through this link for my niche website course.

Once you sign up for the free trial, I would receive $10. It's as simple as that.

So what is the earning potential of Skillshare?

I think the best way to explain how much money you can make with Skillshare is to show you my most recent earnings:

Skillshare Earnings Breakdown

How much do skillshare teachers make

So as you can see, most of my earnings come through referrals through offering the free trial.

Royalties are the revenue from minutes watched of the classes.

I only currently have one class that I promote which is the ‘Get Hired as an Online Teacher' course, which is why my revenue isn't as high as it could be if I produced one class a week.

How much revenue per minute watched on Skillshare?

How much do skillshare teachers make


So let's do the math!

I have had 4,732 minutes watched.

$743 earned, but we need to minus the referral income of $530.

So this leaves us with $213.

213 divided by 4732 =


Rounded up this is 5 cents a minute.

So you see, Skillshare will be only be a good source of revenue if you make a lot of classes and have a decent promotion strategy.

Become a Skillshare Teacher!

My Skillshare Promotion Strategy

For my one active course, I simply created a landing page on this website and got it ranking on Google using keyword research with Long Tail Pro.

This allowed for passive traffic…and passive income.

You can learn exactly how I made my website here.

But you can also share your Skillshare referral link in the same methods that I stipulate for online ESL teaching referrals.

More referrals equals more royalties for minutes watched of your course.

2 Month Free Trial of Skillshare

And once you have a good number of students watch your course, it will begin to rank in the Skillshare discover page. So you will start getting organic traffic watching your course and earning you revenue.

So if you make one class a week and define a good promotion strategy then there is a huge potential to earn a lot of money on Skillshare.

Here is a great book about earning money online..

So if you would like to start earning as a Skillshare teacher, then sign up through DigiNo below:

Become a Skillshare Teacher!

Or you can explore a potentially higher paying teaching opportunity through Outschool below:

how much do skillshare teachers make


Or if you'd like to learn more about Skillshare, here is how it compares to a similar platform:

How Much Do Skillshare Teachers Make


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