Teach English in Japan – JET Program Application Extensive Guide 2019

Teach English in Japan – JET Program Application Extensive Guide 2019

How to Pass the JET Programme Application and Interview to Become an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan

If you have always dreamed of living in Japan and have discovered the JET Programme (Program), then this guide has been written for you.

But what if you want to live in Japan but have no idea what the JET Programme is?


What is the JET Programme?

The JET Programme allows hopefuls to become assistant language teachers in Japan.

You are paid a great salary and are set-up with accommodation to live and teach in the land of the rising sun!

A wonderful chance to do a job that makes a difference, as well as the opportunity to live in a country you have always dreamed about.

However, the selection process is incredibly competitive.

And the application process is a long and dense one.

That is why this guide was written to give you the best chance of making your dream of living and working in Japan a reality.

In this guide you will receive detailed help with:

1) The JET Programme application.
2) The character references.
3) Writing your Statement of Purpose (Personal Statement) – including an example of a successful Statement of Purpose in full!
4) The interview and possible questions to prepare for.
5) Various other details such as how to decide where to live in Japan, and how much money to save for the JET Program.
6) Also included is a vast selection of incredibly helpful resources.

(Please note, that this guide was from the viewpoint of someone who applied through the UK consulate. The fine details in things such as documentation may differ from country-to-country. Please keep this in mind and always consult the documentation from your respective consulate and country).

A Review From a Former Teacher on the JET Programme

“The JET programme experience is an amazing and enriching one, but the application process is lengthy and the selection criteria notoriously opaque. This excellent and useful guide breaks down the process, with real examples from a real and successful JET participant. Guiding you through the application questions, essay and interview, arming yourself with this knowledge will greatly increase your chances of being selected by the JET programme.”

Sam Baldwin, author of For Fukui's Sake, Two Years in Rural Japan, and JET participant 2004-06.

Teach English in Japan


JET Guide Contents

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Application Guidelines

Filling Out the Application

Two Character References 

Statement of Purpose 

Visit a Local Open Day

Location Choices 

The Interview 



Highly Recommended Resources

Teach English in Japan


Introduction – How Can This Guide Help You Pass The JET Program Application Process?


Congratulations on making the great decision to read this guide.

When I applied to the JET Programme as an ALT in 2016, I obsessed meticulously over every detail of the application.

I had read that the programme was incredibly competitive and hard to get selected for, so I wanted to create an application that was 100% guaranteed to get accepted – and it worked!

Teach English in Japan

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I was unable to go through with the JET Program. However, I felt very strongly that I didn't want all of my hard work to go to waste. I knew this whole experience could be so helpful to others.

So now I have gathered together all of the fruits of my obsessive effort into an easily digestible guide just for you!

Here is a list of the things you will benefit from by reading this article:

  • Detailed deconstruction of my Personal Statement to help you write the most optimised version of your own.
  • An insight into the exact kind of applicant JET are looking for.
  • The fruits of all of my research into creating an application with a massively increased chance of success.
  • Tips on how to prep for your interview based on possible questions you might get asked.
  • Tips on how to select where you want to live in Japan.
  • Tips on how to find out answers to all the burning questions you have.
  • Guidance from a successful JET applicant.

My aim for the end of this guide is to have taken you from the first steps of reading the JET website, to receiving your acceptance letter from the Japanese Embassy.

I spent a month of intense work trying to craft the perfect application and personal statement. From all of this work, I picked up a few tricks that will make it ten times easier for you than it was for me.

But before I start giving you all of my knowledge of how to get on the JET Programme…I better tell you what the JET Programme actually is in brief…

[If you already are aware, then please feel free to skip on to the first chapter]

The JET Programme is an opportunity for university graduates to live and work in Japan for at least a year. You can work as an Assistant Language Teacher within junior schools and high schools, which will involve you providing support to a main teacher.

You will also be issued accommodation and a salary that covers the average living costs within Japan.

It is a truly wonderful, once in a lifetime opportunity to live in the unique and fascinating nation of Japan…so I completely understand why you have decided to increase your chances of being selected by the JET Programme by seeking out more information.

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