Qkids 2021 Application Process and Pay – Apply To Teach ESL Online for Qkids

Qkids 2021 Application Process and Pay  – Apply To Teach ESL Online for Qkids


Pay: $16 – $20 per hour
Certificate: Preferred
Degree: Required
Qkids Overview


Qkids Overview

About Qkids

Qkids is a leading online education platform that connects North American English teachers with over 300,000 Chinese students from ages 4 to 12 years old. Using a narrative game-based curriculum, teachers guide students through fun and dynamic learning experiences while in the comfort of their own homes.

Qkids’ unique patented platform is user-friendly and engaging for teachers and students alike. Founded in 2015, Qkids has become a national leader in cross-cultural online learning and established offices in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Guangzhou, and Beijing. The company has completed its Series B financing round led by IDG Capital and is poised to build lasting growth across the world.

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Qkids Job Overview

– Teach English to young learners between 4-12 years of age through Qkids’ online Teacher Software
– The Class Coordination Team will handle scheduling and student assignment for you
– Teachers will be teaching classrooms with up to 4 students
– The curriculum is preset, no lesson planning required
– Each in-lesson time is 30 minutes
– Coaching and support provided

Position Details

Position title: Online English Teacher
Contract type: Independent Contractor
Rate: $16-20 USD/hr (2 lessons)
Location: Remote, online (U.S. and Canada)
Start date: Immediately
Contract term: 6 months

How Does Qkids Compare to Other Companies? (Qkids vs SayABC)

When comparing Qkids to other online teaching companies such as SayABC, Qkids exclusively hire North Americans and have stringent location requirements. These may severely limit teachers travel, which is one of the main perks of working online.

However, if you are a North American or Canadian teacher with no intention of moving around, Qkids is still a great alternative, and better than most other platforms out there.

Qkids Requirements

– Eligible to legally work in the U.S. or Canada

– Currently reside in the U.S. or Canada (due to the internet restriction)

– Earned a Bachelor’s degree or currently enrolled in a university program

– Able to teach 6+ hours weekly

– Prior teaching experience or equivalent in education, tutoring, mentoring, or homeschooling

– English teaching certificates (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, etc) is highly preferred

– Digital literacy and the ability to lead an engaging learning atmosphere

– Technical requirements: a computer with stable internet connection and clear audio/video capacity

Don't meet the requirements? Continue your job search here.

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Qkids Available class time slots (19 hrs)

7 days a week (AM – EST):
5:40-6:10, 6:20-6:50, 7:00-7:30, 7:40-8:10

Plus Friday and Saturday (PM – EST):
7:40-8:10, 8:20-8:50, 9:00-9:30, 9:40-10:10, 10:20-10:50

Qkids Pay and Incentives

Base pay: $8 base pay for full lessons. $4 base pay for standby lessons (approximately 10 minutes with no teaching required).

Incentive: eligibility for $1 Performance Fee for each lesson based on family review. Eligibility for $1 Attendance Bonus for each lesson once a minimum of 15 lessons are taught in a week.

Limited Attendance policies requiring 24 hour notice for schedule changes and minimum 5 hour notice to maintain eligibility for overall attendance fee.

Qkids Application Process

  • Apply with all required materials
  • Initial screening
  • Demo Interview 1
  • Demo Interview 2
  • Trial Classes & Background Check
  • Contract

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