Skillshare Vs Udemy – What’s The Best Option For Teachers and Students?

Skillshare Vs Udemy – What’s The Best Option For Teachers and Students?

It’s happened to everyone.

Being desperately in need of help for a subject you are studying in school or college but cannot find a tutor because it is too expensive and inflexible.

Perhaps the solutions you never thought to apply were online course platforms.

That's exactly why this article will delve into Skillshare vs Udemy – two of the leading platforms in the E-learning space.

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These platforms are places where educators and teacher around the globe can create and sell course content to people who want to learn about any subject they want to. 

Because the courses are verified and peer-reviewed by members of the sites, the courses are certified to help you in your studies and excel in the classes you are having trouble in. The courses offered are also not just academic. They can offer a range of skills useful in any situation, from the workplace to the kitchen.

Though there are a LOT of sites with these similar goals in mind, among the two most popular for this form of education are Skillshare and Udemy, which have their own unique histories and advantages.


Skillshare began as a company in 2010, created by founders Michael Karnjanaprakorn, the CEO, and Malcom Ong. Even from the beginning, their purpose has been to keep education accessible to everyone, no matter their economic or social status. 

This would not only level the playing field for all students, but also help the perception of teachers as available to everyone and willing to share information as their passion. It is clear that Skillshare’s formula has worked, and the website currently boasts over four million students, who have all contributed to help teachers earn more than five million dollars.

Here is my personal earnings report below:

Skillshare vs Udemy
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Skillshare for Students

This online learning platform attempts to keep their education environment as tight as possible. It is easy to say that the entire set up of the website allows for a sense of community between the educators releasing videos and the students, with interactive methods for contact. Not only do students complete simple tasks to check for understanding and completion, Skillshare also allows teachers to add assignments under their respective videos. 

The projects assigned are generally long-term and meant to be completed throughout the full course.

Learners can then post their final products to other students, who can rate them and give feedback. However, it doesn’t stop there. There is also a huge “Class Project”, which gives all the students of a single course to work together and pool their knowledge to create a crowd-sourced product that is extremely refined and advanced. 

These final creations are recognized on their own separate page on Skillshare, providing exposure and further feedback from peers. The site will also not be a burden for money-strapped college students, as it is completely free for basic use. However, a small monthly subscription gives you access to much more content and features.

There is also a 2 month free trial for the premium features, which you can sign up for below:

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Skillshare for Educators

A common question for prospecting teachers looking to make some extra cash off sharing their expertise is, “how much do Skillshare teachers make?” Due to the community-based nature of the website, payment is based on how many Premium students enroll in your class through your referral link after the first 25. 

This may seem complicated and difficult for some, but keep in mind, if you are truly passionate about your subject and provide high-quality courses, it is only a matter of time before learners stream in to your classes. Educators also have the advantage of an extremely large membership count which makes it even easier to reach the milestone. 


Udemy started a long ways before many other similar sites, and this gives the veteran an upper hand in streamlining the process of getting students and educators together. 

Its outreach is massive, with 24 million students who together have engaged in about 80,000 courses. Topics of study can range from Programming to Lifestyle, with thousands of teachers in each category assigned. 

Udemy for Students

Students are faced with a massive selection of teachers waiting to teach learners. Students may be pleasantly surprised at the options available for all aspects of the learning process, from providing different ways of learning the content to giving feedback on how or what they learned. 

In the duration of the course, instructors can give out quizzes and manual assignments for students to finish, turn back in, and receive feedback on how to improve. 

Udemy does not share the same “Project” feature as Skillshare does, so it is considerably less interactive between the learners.

Udemy can also come across as overwhelming, as there are simply way too many people on the site, and it is difficult to find exactly who is your right fit in terms of how the content is taught. In addition, though creating an Udemy account is free, learning is not. You college students have to bust open your wallets again to pay for the subjects of your choice, with prices ranging from a few dollars to over 20.

Udemy for Educators 

Educators certainly benefit from the wide pool of students, and are therefore forced to produce meaningful classes that truly help the learners engage and retain the information.

Udemy teachers earn 50% of their listed price for the courses, but this can go up to 97% if students come due to the educator’s specific referral.

 It can also be easier for you to create courses to your liking, with Udemy providing PowerPoints as well as PDFs, and videos as acceptable course material. This site may fit educators who wish to find a way to market their skills without creating their own advertising or website. 

Skillshare vs Udemy

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for: which site should I use, either as a student or educator?

Though Udemy has a veteran status and a gargantuan community, Skillshare has the advantage of an extremely tight-knit community of learners and teachers. This bond is created by the very interactive projects and group projects set forth by coursemakers.

In addition, Skillshare also diversifies into the realm of self-improvement of non-academic skills, while Udemy gears towards the highly technical field. 

This is not to say that Udemy is subpar. Their content and user interface are simple and easy to navigate, a pro further amplified by a wide pool of content and people eager to learn.

However, I consider Skillshare to be better for the average student, who simply wants to save money, connect with other learners just like them, and learn just as much as you could on other sites like Skillshare.

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Or if you would like to explore other online education opportunities like Skillshare, take a look at Outschool below:


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