10 Best Teacher Websites – List of Resources for Educators

10 Best Teacher Websites – List of Resources for Educators

The modern age provides teachers across the globe with more resources than they could ever reasonably manage.

One of the many benefits to the online community is its willingness to make the life of a teacher that much easier.

Whether you’re teaching English or Maths, Geography or Science, there are tools and programs which exist specifically to help you teach smarter.

Look below to find a list of our highly recommended assets, and you should find something to help make your job a little bit easier.

1. Scholastic teachables

This is a great place to start when looking for teaching resources.

This website provides a series of lesson plans and worksheets which all work together to enhance your teaching experience.

Never again will you have to stand around scratching your head, desperately trying to think up something for your students to do. 

2. Google Earth

Google Earth might be an odd one to see on a list like this, but it really is an invaluable tool.

If you’re talking to your students about a different country then you don’t have to quickly google stock images online. You can actually show them what it looks like.

You can walk them through the streets, really immerse them in the look of a place, all from the comfort of your classroom.

3. Book Wizard

When you've set a book to be read by your students, whether in class or on their own time, it’s important to follow up with an in-depth discussion.

This website will provide key points of discussion, as well as an overall review, of many of the books you might expect to be required reading for students of all ages.

4. Daily Starters

Daily Starters provides teachers with ideas for quick lesson plans, giving your students a fifteen minute exercise to warm them up before the learning begins.

It could serve as a refresher for something you’ve covered in a previous lesson, or it could provide an easy introduction to a new topic.

5. Underlined

This website serves as a kind of ‘community’ of shared work, allowing your students to upload work to a database to be peer reviewed.

This could be beneficial in a creative context, as your students can write a story or a poem and submit it to be reviewed by children of their own age.

It won’t help them improve their spelling or their grammar, but it will make them feel like they’ve got an audience full of people prepared to listen to what they have to say.

6. Flocabulary

This innovative little website provides an abundance of teaching materials, as well as lessons delivered exclusively through rap.

it’s certainly unique in the world of education, and you’re unlikely to encounter anything even close to being similar.

We know a rhyme sticks in your head and won’t fall out for days, sometimes – maybe this could prove an effective way of instilling those lessons you just can’t get them to digest otherwise?

7. TeacherTube

Like YouTube, TeacherTube is a video-based platform – unlike YouTube, there are no memes or scary political movements.

This website exists purely to further education, and aims to do that by showing rather than telling.

It provides an expansive collection of videos on all topics, and serves as a grand taking-off-point for any given subject.

8. Teaching Tolerance

This website focusses on providing resources to help you teach sensitive subjects that might require a bit of extra cultural awareness. 

Topic like the Civil Rights Movement or expressions of sexuality and identity are of particular interest to this site, and might prove useful to teachers looking to make sure they know all the facts before passing along misinformation. 

9. Glogster

This is a handy little tool for making posters online.

The fully interactive system allows you to create posters inside your web browser, which will prove ideal for creating those visually appealing displays that the students love so much.

It can also be a place for your students to create their own posters, showing you just how much they’ve learned, and giving them a fun way of doing it.

10. ReadWriteThink

This website provides a series of interactive tools that prioritise lesson planning, activities, and even apps.

This one really is bringing teaching into the modern world, with a focus on how technological advancements can be put to use in the classroom.

And of course…

…there is also this website! (sorry, had to mention it)

But you can check out how DigiNo can help teachers by clicking the image below:


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