Top 5 Ukulele Songs To Play To Your Online ESL Students

Top 5 Ukulele Songs To Play To Your Online ESL Students

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Keeping students engaged as an online ESL teacher with DaDaABC can get tricky sometimes.

That's why I always call upon the ukulele to help me out!

The ukulele is the perfect classroom prop when teaching English online.

Here is one I recommend to get started:


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Why Use An Ukulele Whilst Teaching English Online?

The bright and happy sound of the Hawaiian instrument always grabs the student's attention.

It can also be used to get the student singing along with English songs as a warm-up activity.

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So it is a fun, as well as an educational tool to regain the attention of the ESL student.

So what are some great songs to play on ukulele to your student?

Top 5 Ukulele Songs To Play

1) Old MacDonald Had a Farm

There are two universal languages…music and animal noises.

This classic song combines both of them! Also don't underestimate how fun it is to moo like a cow or cluck chicken no matter what your age.

E-I-E-I-O (Bonus vowel practice as well!)

2)The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Why stop at the farm when there's a whole jungle out there?

This song always gets the kids laughing when you break out the ‘Wimoweh wimoweh' vocal section…and especially when you attempt the high note.

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3) Goodbye Song (Bear in the Big Blue House)

This is a great song to play at the end of class. I have made it a staple of my classes, because it's such a catchy tune to finish on.

That big ol' bear knows how to write a song.

Check out my tutorial of how to play it below:



4) Wheels on the Bus

These two guys have really saved me a lot of time hunting down chords before a class. You can play so many songs with the two chords they teach you in this video.

‘Wheels on the Bus' is one of them, and it really is a great song because there are so many simple verses. It's always fun to say sound effects such as ‘Swish swish swish!'…and the kids enjoy it too.

The same chords of F and C7 also apply for this song…

5) Apples and Bananas

Who on earth is this chap?

This song is great because who doesn't love singing about food?

There is so much potential for keeping the song going by listing as many foods as you wish!

‘I like to eat-eat-eat- potato gnocchi and lobster thermidor!'

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Or for more ways to use the ukulele in your online classroom, check out the article below:



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