24 TPR Actions for Online ESL Teachers! (Free Full Size Samples)

24 TPR Actions for Online ESL Teachers! (Free Full Size Samples)

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One of the most popular questions I get asked is more info about is TPR (Total Physical Response), and with it being such vital part of online teaching, it’s not surprising.

Although most actions are basic, they can be easy to forget while teaching.

TPR Actions can be considered fairly obvious, but it’s crucial to remember to be consistent when using them.

If you are going to assign a gesture to an action, word, or sound, make sure
you use the same one every time. Below I’ve listed 24 TPR actions I use that are the most effective.

Hopefully, this quick picture guide will help you guys remember what to use and when to use it, and get your students understanding and engaging.

TPR Actions Picture Guide

TPR Pictures

  • Hello – 2 hands exaggerated wave
  • Me – 2 hands point yourself
  • You – 2 hands point to them
  • Good job – 2 thumbs up
  • Wrong – make and X with your arms
  • I don’t know – 2 hands in V shape with puzzled look


TPR Picture

  • I don't know – scratch the head with puzzled look
  • Celebrate – raise your hand and pump
  • Heart/love – make a heart shape with fingers or hands
  • High 5 – Do a high 5 to the screen
  • Handshake – Do a handshake to the screen


TPR Picture

  • Look – pointing to your eyes and then the screen
  • Can you see? – make binoculars
  • I’m listening – hand to the ear
  • Speaking – point to mouth
  • Think – Point to head
  • Please talk/read – hand mouth flapping thumb to fingers


TPR Picture

  • Waiting – tap fingers on chin
  • Circle – circle with 1 finger or 2 fingers
  • Cry – 2 fists twisting near eyes
  • Eat – do motion of lifting food to mouth and bite it
  • Drink – do motion of tipping drink into mouth
  • Hot – fan your head


And one for luck!…

TPR Picture

  • Cold – shiver you body and rub your arms

Become a DaDa Teacher!

Obviously there’s loads more, but this is a good foundation for you!

If your’e still confused on how to put it in to practice, try my course..
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If you want more help on how to put it into practice, try my course:

TPR Actions


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