California Wildfire 2018 Statistics & Causes – A Safety Guide for Travelers

California Wildfire 2018 Statistics & Causes – A Safety Guide for Travelers

Due to the recent California wildfire tragedy in November 2018, here is an information piece and safety guide for travelers.

In case if you are planning to go on a trip to California, then you must know some of the important facts. California is quite infamous for its devastating fire incidents.

If you look at the California wildfires statistics, then you will see that 2018 was the most destructive year in the history of California wildfire. Over 7579 fires have destructed an overall area of about 1,667,855 acres of land area. This is surely the highest wreckage recorded in the history of wildfire in California.

2018 California Wildfire Statistics

It is important for you to know the statistics of California wildfire in the year 2018 so you can stay safe before you visiting the place.

According to National Interagency Fire Center and California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, 2018 has been one of the most dreadful wildfire years causing a total damage of more than $2.97 billion.

By the end of August 2018, the California fire department had spent over more than $432 million on different fire regulating operations. The Cal fire department stated that there are different reasons and factors that play behind these devastating fire incidents all over California.

Factors Causing California Fire

There are many factors that cause wildfires. Several factors like dried leaves, natural fuel and some atmospheric conditions make this fire so destructive in nature.

The increased amount of the natural fuel along with the increased global warming caused a series of terrible fires in California. One of the recent studies on these California wildfires which was published in August 2018, revealed that these incidents are caused due to climatic changes.

Another deadly contributor of the California Wildfire is the increased amount of dead tree fuel. Dead trees contributed to the fire assisted in spreading it.

According to a record on December 2017, there were more than 129 dead trees in California. These tree along with climate change causing increasing temperature and dryness is a likely cause of these deadly wildfires.

The dryness all around the state increases the risk of fire and due to higher temperature and very little rainfall, you will find a lot of draughts and dried landscape in California. These dry conditions act as a fuel to the fire. Hence whenever there is a fire in California, it gets stronger day by day.

Side Effects of The Fire

Undoubtedly, the devastating fire incidents in California cause a lot of side effects. Many parts of Northern California as well as Central Valley have seen an extreme increase in air pollutants due to the wildfire.

Even Southern California experiences a huge increase in the air pollutants due to the wildfire. The air quality gets affected and it becomes very poor. Besides that, California wildfires cause a lot of damages to the state. The evacuation is done everywhere as properties worth millions are often burned into ashes. Hence many residents lose their houses and belongings. Even in some cases, civilians are killed in the fire, besides thousands of people getting injured.

Most Tragic California Wildfire Incidents

One of the most devastating fire incidents recorded in the year 2018 is the Mendocino Complex fire incident.

Mendocino Complex Fire

Caused on July 27, 2018, the fire was so devastating and uncontrollable that it took several days to put it out completely. The fire was finally put out by the firefighters on September 18, 2018. This wildfire covered a total area of 459,123 acres of land.

In this incident, about 157 residential buildings were destroyed and 123 other buildings were completely charred. This devastating wildfire claimed the life of a firefighter and four others were injured.

November 8 2018 California Wildfire Incident

The most recent tragedy of California wildfire is the Camp fire incident. The fire started on November 8, 2018 and covered an area of about 109,000 acres (as of November 12). The fire was so wild and deadly that it destroyed over 6453 residential buildings along with 260 commercial buildings. It even claimed more than 42 lives of the civilians. Over 228 civilians and 3 firefighters were injured while fighting against the fire and controlling it. The fire has forced more than 50,000 people to evacuate their houses and buildings.

Safety Measures for California Fire

If you are planning to travel to California, then it is always better to take preventive measures in case of such wildfire. Looking at the California wildfires statistics, it is pretty clear that one must be well-prepared with the safety measures. So, in case there is a wildfire in California, or anywhere in the world, you can save yourself and other people.

#1: Emergency Kit: It is important to have an emergency kit in case of a fire breakout. This kit must contain all essential items like 3 to 4 days of food supply, some gallons of water, important medication, clothes and first aid kit along with flashlight.

#2: Have a plan: You must be ready with a proper plan in advance while you visit California. In case of quick fire, you can get panicked and planning at that moment can be impossible. Hence, make sure that you have a proper evacuation plan with proper knowledge about all the exits.

#3: Proper clothes: You must carry a set of proper clothing to save yourself from fire. You must cover yourself with long trousers, shirts with long sleeves and boots. It is always better to have a hat and glass too to cover your face.

So, these are some of the essential points that you have to keep in mind before you visit the state of California. Get enough information about the California wildfires 2018 before you go ahead for a trip there. You must make sure that you have taken all the safety measures to save yourself during a crisis moment. One thing that you have to be aware of is that the wildfires continue for more than a day or two. Hence, if you are visiting there make sure to have a lot of foods and water in stock.

The main safety precaution is simply being aware and doing your research, so hopefully this article has given you some knowledge to get you started.


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