26 EdTech and Education Startup Companies Hiring on Angel List (VIPKid and Cambly Included)

26 EdTech and Education Startup Companies Hiring on Angel List (VIPKid and Cambly Included)

‘EdTech’ is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with demand increasing on an almost minutely basis. 

It’s set new personal records for growth each year for the last three years, and it’s desperate for some new talent. 

Luckily for us, Angel List have compiled a helpful list of potential employers. If you want to check out their original article you can find it here: https://angel.co/job-collections/education-jobs 

Angel List is probably the world’s largest platform for technology companies and internet-based start-ups, with the ability to connect you to over 3000 employers.

So without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look at what exactly Angel List has to offer an aspiring ‘EdTech’ savant.

1 – Course Hero

Course Hero gives you the ability to access over 25 million resources to help you study in a field of your choice.

The resources are contributed by fellow students and educators, all with the intention of making you feel more comfortable in your area of expertise.

They specialise in the sciences, particularly in technology and computing – but there’s a real flair for teaching languages within their community, with an abundance of resources available.

2 – Schoology

Schoology is a bright and innovative platform with a real passion for online education.

Over 1950 talented professionals pool their resources, calling on over twenty years worth of experience.

This is all  to ensure that online education remains at the forefront of their vision.

3 – Wonderschool

Wonderschool chooses to focus on online education aimed towards younger children, particularly elementary or primary school age.

They have a strong focus on making sure the lessons are fun and informative, but also casual and relaxed for the more nervous children.

This is definitely one to consider if you’re looking to teach online, but want to work with young children.

4 – IVY

IVY styles itself as the Social University, and it really is Education in a modern style.

They focus more on teaching you how to teach, rather than providing you positions to be the teacher.

Outside of teaching, they offer real potential to develop your understanding of business or writing, even offering some work as brand ambassadors. 

5 – Teachable

Teachable allows you to create and sell your own courses online, essentially generating your own curriculum. 

With 22,000 acting teachers, Teachable is at the forefront of online education.

This is a service which would work perfectly with the more creative among us, who look to add their own flair to whatever they’re working on.

6 – BetterUp

BetterUp advertises itself as ‘executive coaching for everyone’, and they’ve really cornered the market on mobile-based online education. 

They emphasise the more social aspects of the workplace, encouraging employees to develop more of a ‘coaching’ relationship with their bosses. 

They also provide one-on-one coaching themselves, which is an added bonus.

7 – VIPKid

An old favourite here at DigiNo, VIPKid is the giant of online education in China.

With a focus on using cutting edge technology to the best of its abilities, VIPKid focuses on making education ‘modern’, priding itself on overhauling a model which hadn’t seen significant alteration for centuries.


Pay: $15 – $22 per hour
Certificate: Required
Education: Bachelor's
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8 – Cambly

Cambly is the other giant in the arena of online education, providing its user base with one-on-one lessons as needed.

24/7 video chats mean you can learn whenever you like, and however you like.

They also have a great track record with their employees, and consistently pay generously.


Pay: $10.20 per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not Required
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9 – Securly

Securly wants to make the internet a safer place for children of all ages, and they’re always looking for reliable people who are prepared to help them do just that.

It helps to keep children away from potentially harmful material, and even talks about developing an AI to identify children at risk of self harm as a consequence of online bullying.

It isn’t strictly education, but it’s definitely making the world of education a little safer.

10 – General Assembly

General Assembly has an emphasis on what it calls ‘coding boot camps’, wherein it hopes to show younger children the benefits of learning to code.

It’s main focus, though, is in using adult workers to employ their own knowledge of code to get through university-level courses. 

Their impressive Alumnus network also provides support for graduates looking to ply the tools of their trade outside of education.

11 – Future Learn

Future Learn provides access to high level qualifications and degrees from strong universities across the world.

It focuses on learning through conversation, providing you with a firm basis of theoretical knowledge on which to begin building a practical understanding.

12 – A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru advertises itself as the Netflix of cloud training, with a staggeringly large variety of courses available – everything from engineering to teaching.

Over 1.5 million people have learned to ‘cloud’ through the efforts of A Cloud Guru, and they’re always looking for able bodies to help them deliver their vision.

13 – Exec Online

Exec Online provides online leadership training, with the intention of developing your leadership skills above and beyond any competition.

Often selected by Forbes to appear in their rankings, Exec Online is a strong candidate for one of the best startups hiring online today.

14 – Busuu

With over 60 million users, Busuu advertises itself as being the largest social network for learning languages.

25 thousand users sign up to their platform each and every day, with a strong user base in places like China and Turkey. 

It affords students the ability to practice languages in their with natural speakers, as well as allowing them to be sure they’re getting the best possible help.

15 – Top Hat

Top Hat is an application aimed at professors, to help you engage your students all the better.

Students use their own mobile phones or laptops to interface with the professor’s lesson, allowing the professor to get real-time feedback from their students.

16 – Thinkful

Thinkful emphasises a one-on-one learning environment, and hopes to network aspiring students with the most ambitious teachers.

With a particular focus on web development and data sciences, Thinkful should definitely be on the list of anyone looking to get into online startups. 

17 – Genius Plaza

With the intention of ‘igniting the genius in every child’, Genius Plaza provides high quality educational content to children of all ages.

With a variety of games and quizzes available to all teachers and students, even developing nations can benefit from membership with Genius Plaza.

18 – First Code Academy

First Code Academy aims to teach coding to children between the ages of four and eighteen, with the intention of getting the next generation ready for the modern world.

Operating mostly in the Asian Pacifici, they’re always looking for qualified online educators to help them turn their vision into a reality.

19 – Panorama Education

Based in Boston, Panorama Education has a passion for ensuring pupils and teachers of all ages achieve their best possible results.

Panorama Education is employed by thousands of schools across the globe, using a real-time data platform to map individual student needs as well as honing teacher skills.

20 – Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community with an emphasis on creative classes, like photography or freelancing.

Millions of people are using Skillshare to find resources that bolster their classes, ensuring they’re teaching to the highest degree possible.

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21 – Brightwheel

Brightweel is the first mobile platform aimed at early education.

They aim to save teachers valuable time by providing them learning tools, as well as providing systems to benefit administrators.

As the top reviewed and fastest growing education platform online, this is definitely worth your attention. 

22 – Jumpcut

Over 1.3 million people are currently using Jumpcut, each benefiting from the ‘binge worthy’ educational content provided by the platform.

With a keen eye on honing the future generations, Jumpcut believes the future of education is online. So if you’re interested in teaching online then Jumpcut is definitely one to check out.

They also encourage their alumni to start their own businesses, so if that’s something that appeals to you then you’re in safe hands with Jumpcut.

23 – Osmo

Osmo provides a variety of game based lessons to keep younger children engaged with more difficult learning content. 

They pride themselves on engendering a more ‘fun’ atmosphere, believing that enjoyment is the best way of ensuring a young child internalises the lessons you teach them. 

If you want to teach online but like the idea of a younger crowd, then Osmo is one for oyu to take a look at.

24 – NovoEd

NovoEd focuses more on what it considers to be the ‘modern’ workforce.

Trusted by over 1.3 million users, NovoEd really taps into the more social aspects of educating. One on one training allows you to quickly and accurately use relevant teaching skills, inside the classroom and online. 

If you want to be in the first wave of the new generation of ‘modern’ educators then NovoEd might be worth your time and attention. 

25 – Newsela

Newsela prides itself on the support it provides to traditional schools, as well as pushing the system forwards with new and exciting strategies.

They publish content daily at five different reading levels, ensuring maximum reach for children of all ages.

With over 20 million users in more than one 150 countries, Newsela is a name we’re going to be hearing a lot more often from now on.

26 – Code Galaxy

Code Galaxy aims to teach children of all ages the benefits of coding. They hold seminars Monday to Friday, with select classes on a Saturday.

They feel strongly about education the next generation of computer scientists, and have developed a custom game based learning platform in the hopes of making the children of tomorrow a little more comfortable with binary.

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